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Imply Vs Infer – Know The Differences With Comparison Chart

By mashum.mollah

October 20, 2021

Imply Vs Infer

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Have you heard of homophones? These are a pair or set of words that look or sound similar but spell or mean different. The English dictionary has so many words like this, it can confuse you at any time. One such pair of words is Imply vs Infer. Do you also mess up these two words? I hope you are eager to learn the comparison between them….then read the guide till the end to clear your concept about Imply Vs. Infer.

What Is Imply?

What Is Imply

Don’t you want to learn the meaning of the word imply before jumping on to Imply Vs Infer? It will make your understanding much easier. So Imply is basically a verb that indicates the existence or truth of saying something through suggestion. It is derived from the Latin word Implicare

The word Imply does not indicate any direct reference or proof. It is mainly applicable in the case of research works where you derive any suggestive result for the target audiences. Furthermore, this suggestion also involves logical consequences, so implying something is not suggesting anything random or irrelevant or even misleading. You have to be very logical and think constructively before you imply any suggestion. 

What Is Infer?

What Is Infer

The word Infer is also a verb and has rooted in the Latin Word Inferre meaning conclude or deduce something from real-life evidence. Here also, explicit concepts do not apply; rather you have to work on some topic or think about any topic by yourself before you infer. Some of the synonyms of Infer are Deduce, work out, conclude, reason, gather, figure out, collect, etc. So the Infer Vs Imply? Is the comparison becoming simpler for you? 

Example Of Imply

The Word Imply means suggesting or expressing any viewpoint, ideology, or opinion separately by involving it in something. Nevertheless, this involvement should be natural. Here is an example of using Imply in a sentence that would enhance your understanding of Imply vs Infer better.

Example 1:  What does her silence imply? 

Example 2: Now of them could understand what she was implying.

Example 3: The news report implies that the death was not an accident. 

So you see, a sense of suggestion or telling the truth and relating that to any particular context is depicted above. This is the first step of your understanding of Imply vs Infer.  

Example Of Infer

Example 1: After the research work, it can be inferred that the marketing industry is magnifying day by day

Example 2: From the secondary data, we can infer that 50% of the population was suffering from Diabetes. 

Example 3: I inferred she was lying by seeing her expression. 

I hope you are now able to decode the Imply vs Infer debate. However, to spike, your perception about Imply and Infer, follow the comparison chart we have presented below.

Imply Vs Infer: The Comparison Chart

Imply Vs Infer Comparison

I hope you have got a decent idea about Imply vs Infer from the above examples and analysis. Is Imply vs Infer similar to Sell or sold? Nope? Sell or sold has grammatical differences but Imply vs. Infer is two separate words with different meanings. 

However, here the battle begins, Infer Vs Imply! Read the Comparison chart below:





The word Infer has derived from the Latin word Inferre

The word Imply has derived from the Latin word Implicare


Infer means to conclude something through a summary of the findings and shreds of evidence. 

Imply means to suggest any true fact strongly with the help of logic and real facts. 


  1. I inferred from his statement that he was happy with his job
  2. It is possible to Infer from the reports that Global Warming would increase the earth’s temperature considerably in the upcoming years. 
  1. What do you imply by the statement?
  2. This would imply the sustainability of the environment for future generations.   

Who Does It?

Readers Infer generally 

Writers imply generally 

Some More Tips About Using Imply Vs Infer

Two of the most interesting points I would like to highlight from the imply vs infer comparison chart is who implies and who infers. You can see above the responsible persons for inferring and implying. Let me explain to you more about these: If you are still puzzled in the loop of infer vs imply, always remember that:

  • Writers Imply after a long paragraph or research or essay or thought 
  • Readers Infer at the end after reading or listening to something

Make sure you keep in mind these two short tricks whenever you are going to deal with Infer Vs Imply. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How Do You Use Imply And Infer In A Sentence?

Imply vs infer is a very common confusion as they sound similar. In case of stating something logically through suggestions, you can use Imply. Furthermore, whenever you are concluding something from a set of given facts, go for imply.  

Q2. What Is The Biggest Difference Between Infer And Imply?

The biggest difference between Infer and Imply is in their meaning. The word Imply refers to giving hints, while the word infers means concluding answers on the basis of evidence.   

Q3. Imply Vs Infer, Which One Is Correct? 

Infer vs Imply, both these words are homophones, but none of them is incorrect. You have to apply them in the sentences as per their meaning. For example, Infer is more suitable when you are trying to conclude something. On the other hand, imply is accurate during logical suggestions.   

The Final Words 

Imply vs Infer debate ends here. I hope this post was helpful to solve your doubts regarding imply vs. infer. Are you facing challenges regarding any other set of homophones? You can also take a look at some of the homophones here like Sale vs Sell, Payed vs Paid, Micro vs Macro, etc. Let us know in the comment area below; we will be creating posts like this on them.

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