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Sell or Sold

Sell or Sold – Capitalism depends on the creation of services and products as well as the identification of several needs. In order to meet these needs, the business persons “sell” them to the buyers as profitably as possible. Upon selling a service or product, it becomes a “sold” one. 

In this era of globalization, the term sell or sold is more relevant and important for business success. This is the reason you need to understand the key comparisons between them. So if you want to master the basics of business governance, read the guide to get more insights on sell or sold. 

What Do You Mean By Sell?


To understand “ sell or sold ” you need to have a proper grip on their individual meaning. The word “Sell” is a verb that means handover or give something in exchange for money. If you plan to sell a service or product, you have to understand whether the buyers want to buy it from you or not. I hope you have noticed here, a “Need” or demand is closely associated with selling. 

In this regard, needs could be of different types like luxury needs, necessities, or imminent needs. For example, selling a piece of diamond jewelry does not revolve around a necessity. Whereas selling groceries is based on necessity plus imminent needs.  

What Do Mean By Sold?


To be very simple, “sold” is the past and past participle of “Sell.” Yes, that’s grammatical logic, but it makes major differences in the concepts. For example, to be sold means something has already been sold. The discussions that would follow it are: How was it sold? For how much money was it sold? How much revenue did it bring after being sold?…. In essence, you have already given something to someone in the past in exchange for money- this refers to “ being sold.”

Now that you know what does sell and sold mean let’s proceed towards the sell or sold – the comparison chart. The per    

Sell Or Sold? What Are The Key Differences?

Sell Or Be Sold

Not much information you will get on the Internet about Sell Or Sold. These are just two simple terms yet two main pillars related to trade and commerce. However, for your better understanding, we have noted down here some key comparing points between sell and sold. 

Parameters  Sell Sold
Grammar It is a verb and a simple present tense  It is also a verb but a past tense and also used as past participle tense. 
Meaning  Sell means to make money in exchange for a product.   Sold also means to give someone any service or product, but this event has already happened.

I sell renewed mobile phones.

This means a person sells refurbished smartphones for money. 

I sold a renewed mobile phone to a person that day.

Here it means that the phone was already sold to a person in the past. 

Sell Or Be Sold: How To Get Your Way In Business And In Life

There is a very popular book in the market that elaborates the concept of Sell or Sold in a much better way. It’s Grant Cardone’s sell or be sold: how to get your way in business and in life. Not only this but also you will learn about every priority in life you can consider as a sale. Starting from following a healthy diet to selling a product, everything you will get here from the perspective of “selling.” Are you a retired dad or a housewife? Not an issue; you can still check the book out. 

Sell or Be Sold How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Did You Sell Or Sold?

The answer is – “ did you sell? ” The verb sell is in present tense while Sold is in the past and participle tense of Sell. On the other hand, “did” is the past tense of “do.” When you place any verb beside did, it takes the patsy tense after conjugation. Hence, it’s “did you sell.” and not “did you sold.” 

Q2. What Is The Difference Between Sell And Sold?

Sell and Sold, both the terms are related to business or commercial activities. Sell refers to the transfer of services or goods for money or any financial resources. Grammatically, “Sell” is a verb in the present tense, while “sold” is a past and past participle tense of sell.

Q3. Sell Or Be Sold: How To Get Your Way In Business And In Life – Should I Buy It?

The book Sell or be sold by Grant Cardone is not only for salespersons. Be it anyone, teachers, managers, leaders, or even parents can gain valuable insights from this book. If you want to enhance your personal and professional skills, this book is curated for you. 

The Final Takeaway

Sell or Sold have not only different spellings, but also their individual meanings are also different. Their key difference is based on Grammatical aspects. However, in terms of business as well, the concept of “ sell or sold ” has to be clear. In addition, the book, Sell or be sold is a perfect resource for applying innovative ideas in business and personal life. 

Was the difference between “ sell and sold ”  clear to you? Is there anything left that we didn’t cover? Do let us know in the comment area below; we will try to solve your queries as soon as possible.  

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