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Micro Vs Macro – Know The Differences With Comparison Chart

By mashum.mollah

October 5, 2021

micro vs macro

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There are many words in the world that sound similar but largely differ from each other. One such pair of words is Micro vs Macro. Several writers across the world face immense issues regarding Micro and Macro as well as their usage. Especially in fields like economics, literature, technology, biology, etc., the usage of macro and micro is more prominent.  

Are you also the one dealing with the Micro vs macro dilemma? Then you have arrived at the right place. Today, we will talk about macro and macro vs micro definitions and the difference between macro and micro in detail. Stay tuned and keep reading!

What Is Micro Definition?

What Is Micro

In order to understand micro vs macro from a greater depth, you need to clear your concept of the two related terms. So let’s start with Micro… 

Micro refers to something that is “ extremely small or less. ” Will some examples give you better clarity about Micro vs Macro? Check out the below Micro examples:

What Is Macro Definition?

What Is Macro

The word Macro comes simultaneously with Micro. Macro means anything that is “ large or massive. ” As an antonym of Micro, it is used in sentences with a sense of vastness or “big.” Some macro examples are as follows:

  • Macroeconomics
  • Macro-level 
  • Macro images
  • Macro Environment or external business environment

How Can You Remember The Differences – Micro Vs Macro?

I know it could get really messy while remembering both the words at the same time. Here is a small trick. Just remember two simple lines:

Macro means large things 

Micro means small things

That’s it… This is the thumb rule that you have to keep in your mind while you are in the loop of Micro vs Macro. 

Micro Vs Macro – What’s The Difference?

Macro VS Micro

One of the most popular questions we have received is “ what’s the difference between macro and micro. ” I hope you are now well aware of micro vs macro definition. Hence, it is possible to proactively identify the difference between macro and micro, isn’t it? So let’s check out the key dissimilarities between macro and micro – the “ macro vs micro. ” from the comparison chart below:





Micro is a prefix in English that means “big.” 

Macro is also an English prefix that means “small.” 


The word Micro is used when something is viewed from a specific depth or a greater depth.

Macro is a term used when you want to consider something from a broader or wider level. 


In terms of marketing, micro-marketing is a process that targets a particular group in a niche market. 

Macro marketing, on the other hand, considers the external environmental factors in business. For example, strategies, marketing policies, business objectives, etc.


In economics, the word micro is used for “ microeconomics.” This branch studies behavior of firms and individuals and their decision-making for resource allocation. 

On the other hand, macroeconomics revolves around large-scale economic factors like economic decisions making

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Is Micro Vs Macro?

Macro and micro or micro vs macro are two contrasting terms. The shortest answer to micro vs macro is Micro refers to something very small. On the other hand, the macro is something large or broader. Each of these terms has a specific usage in sentences. 

Q2. What Is The Difference Between Micro-marketing Vs Macro-marketing?

Macro marketing is a branch of marketing, concentrating on the interrelationship between purchasing behavior of consumers and the production process. Whereas micro marketing’s primary focal points are more refined and smaller areas like customer base or internal business environment. 

Q3. Which One Is Bigger Macro Or Micro? 

The names themselves answer this question. The term Macro means ‘bigger’  while Micro means smaller. Both of these terms, macro vs micro, occupy essential positions in technology, economics, health, marketing, and every other field.   

Q4. What Is The Difference Between Macro And Micro Economics?

Micro and macro economics are two separate branches of economics. Microeconomics deals with markets, goods and services production, price determination, and resource allocation. Oppositely, macroeconomics is all about broader perspectives like the economy, aggregate, policies, and reforms, decision making, performance, structure, etc.  

The Bottom Line

Now that you know Micro vs Macro very well, I hope you won’t find any challenge regarding it in the future. Whatever industry to select for your academic purpose or career, you will come across Macro vs micro again and again. So, in this, we have tried to provide you with as much information as possible in detail.

How was this article micro vs macro? Let us know your viewpoints in the comment box below. Do you have any more unique viewpoints about macro vs micro definition? Leave it in the comment area below; we can’t wait to hear your quirky ideas! You can also check out the similar guides on Sale vs Sell and Asset sell vs Stock Sell

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