Is A Citation A Ticket? Difference Between Citation & A Ticket

By Shahnawaz Alam

January 3, 2024

Is A Citation A Ticket? Difference Between Citation & A Ticket

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Is a citation a ticket? These are two words that we use interchangeably. They have the same basic meaning. But sometimes, people use one word for the other. Also, both a ticket and a citation are very troublesome.

They have different effects and consequences on your experience as a driver. A citation can cause a car owner to pay a fine; sometimes, they even have to go to jail. One of the worst-case scenarios involves a negative impact on car insurance rates.

But, you may often confuse yourself with the meaning of a ticket or a citation. Do not worry. We are here to clear that. This article includes all you need to know about citations and a ticket.

Is A Citation A Ticket? 

Is A Citation A Ticket

Yes, citations and tickets are the same things. However, there are several situations where people use one word for the other. Here is a complete overview.

Imagine you are driving your car at night, and you see lights flashing from behind. Oh, it’s the police. They ask you to pull over and ask you for a license and registration. The officer tells you that you are driving beyond the speed limit. What’s the result? You get a citation.

You can get a citation for various reasons. For example – speeding and street sweeping are among the most common reasons why people get a citation. However, getting a citation is not funny. It is a real downer, and it ruins your day.

But, people are often confused about citations and a ticket. They often do not know if a citation is a ticket or not. Read the sections below to understand if a citation is also a ticket.

When Does A Police Use A Citation?

A police officer may hand you a written record of the violation of a traffic law. They can hand you a citation in both conditions — when you are driving a car or when it is parked. Also, it is a legal term for a ticket, and you have to use it when you go to court.

Also, when the police write for your reference, you may see this term appear at the top of the paper.

Here are the things a citation may include –

  • The citation number.
  • Description of a violation of the traffic law.
  • Description related to the time and place of the violation.
  • The citation will also include the driver’s license number and license plate.
  • A court appearance date will be documented.
  • The amount, process, and deadline for paying your fine.

When Does A Police Use A Ticket? 

When Does A Police Use A Ticket

A ticket is also a citation. But it is a more informal version of a citation. Sometimes, the officer may pull you over for the violation of a traffic rule. People usually hear the term called “speeding tickets.” It is related to driving fast and beyond the speed limit.

So, is citation a ticket? This is not as important as getting either a citation or a ticket. Whether you get a citation or a ticket, you have to pay a fine. In some cases, you may even have to visit the court if you want to contest it. Also, you can even go to jail.

Different Types Of Citations Or Tickets

Here are some of the most common types of citations and tickets. Citations can usually fall under two different categories –

  • You can get a citation when the vehicle is on the move. This is a moving violation.
  • Also, there are non-moving violations of traffic laws. You may get a citation or a ticket for non-moving vehicles as well. But this occurs when the car is not moving.

Citation/Tickets For Moving Violations 

Here are some conditions under which you may receive a citation ticket.

Speeding tickets: When drivers are driving above the speed limit, they may get a citation. Every state has its own speeding limits. So, when the driver crosses the limit, the police can hand them a citation.

Not Stopping at a red-light spot: sometimes drivers miss red-light spots and cross the area. A driver not stopping at a stop sign can also result in them getting a citation or a ticket.

Not putting on the turn signal: sometimes, the driver takes a turn without putting on the turn signal. When drivers fail to use their turn signal, they might end up getting a ticket from the police officer.

Reckless driving: police can hand the driver a ticket because of careless driving. There are many instances of the driver putting on makeup or texting while driving. These situations also end up in car accidents.

DWI/DUI: a driver can get a ticket if they are under the influence or intoxicated in any way. This is one of the most serious scenarios. Also, the driver may lose their insurance. Sometimes, a license suspension can also happen.

Citation/Tickets For Non-Moving Violation 

  • Drivers or car owners can get parking tickets for parking cars in non-parking areas.
  • Citation or tickets can be issued if your vehicle registration date is not up to date.
  • Car repair issues like broken headlights or turning lights are also key indicators to police officers that you are getting a ticket.
  • Also, not having car insurance is also another reason for getting a citation.
  • Drivers can get a ticket for not wearing seat belts. This also comes under the following, even though you may not be wearing a seat belt while driving.

So, you can already see that there are different types of citations and tickets. You can get a ticket or a citation both while driving the vehicle or while the car is not on the move. Either way, a citation or a ticket brings trouble with varying degrees of severity and consequences. Also, the aftermath of the citation or tickets will vary accordingly.

Bottom Line

Is citation a ticket? Well, hopefully, you have found the answer you are looking for. Whether you are a new driver or have been hitting the road for years, always remember your traffic rules. Stay updated with the state traffic rules. This way, you will avoid getting both a ticket and a citation.

Did you find the answer you were looking for? Let us know through the comment section. Thank you for reading.

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