Is Energy A Good Career Path? Growing Jobs In Energy Field

By Shahnawaz Alam

January 5, 2024

Is Energy A Good Career Path? Growing Jobs In Energy Field

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Is energy a good career path?

The world no longer relies on fossil fuels when it comes to generating energy. There are wind energy, water energy, solar, nuclear, and many other types of energy. Clearly, the energy sector opens up thousands of job opportunities every year.

Most of these jobs are in multiple sub-sectors of the energy field and can range between entry-level and senior positions.

If you want to work in the energy industry, you must know if it is the right career choice for you or not. Also, you must see if the opportunities are good enough or not. In this article, I have clarified different aspects of the energy industry jobs you must know before considering it as a career path. Keep reading.

Is Energy A Good Career Path

Is Energy A Good Career Path

There are both entry-level and senior-level positions opening in the energy sector. Also, job seekers from different fields of education can work in this industry.

The need for energy will be persistent in human civilization. Of course, the form of energy and the sources of energy will change as we start adopting new technologies. However, the availability of jobs in this sector varies depending on the growth of different sub-industries in the energy field. While some sectors are seeing a boom, some may go down with time.

Although energy will always be necessary, several sub-sections of the energy field are subjected to a fluctuating market. This has a strong impact on job security. So, the answer to your question, “Is energy a good career path?” is yes. But you must also take different risks and rewards into account.

What Does Working In The Energy Sector Look Like?

What Does Working In The Energy Sector Look Like

The day-to-day work responsibilities and tasks can vary from one sub-section of energy to the other. So, the experience will differ in most cases. Someone working in the thermal energy industry can have an entirely different experience compared to someone working in the gas energy site.

There are various subsections in the energy field, and many of the areas do not involve electrical engineering professionals. The energy field also needs software developers, chemists, financial analysts, medics, on-site operators, and the like. However, someone with an energy engineering background will be more involved in most phases of energy-related careers.

What Are The Benefits Of Working In The Energy Sector Jobs? 

What Are The Benefits Of Working In The Energy Sector Jobs

What are some reasons that make the energy field a good career path? Below are some reasons that justify the energy field being a good career path –

Job Security

Energy is an essential commodity, one that we cannot live without. That is why this industry sees less fluctuation than the others. You will find a stable job opportunity in the energy field. Most entry-level and senior-level positions in the energy field are stable and secure career options. Additionally, there are many entry-level and senior-level positions to opt for.

Growth Opportunities

The energy industry is a growing and evolving industry. Many new renewable energy sources are coming into play. So, professionals will see more opportunities for their career advancement going forward. There are also many specialized training and education opportunities to explore and expand your skills.

Competitive Salary

When asking, “is energy a good career path,” you must wonder if the Salary is good enough or not. You can rest assured that the energy field is one of the highest-paying industries. Even entry-level professionals earn a decent salary in the energy industry. However, as you add more skills to your arsenal and gain more experience, your earning capacity increases.

Positive Impact

People working in the energy industry serve a sense of purpose that binds them together. They work to develop and promote the use and development of sustainable energy. For many professionals in this industry, this social cause is a reward factor for working in the energy field.

Minimum Barrier of Entry

Energy jobs usually have very minimum barriers to entry. Many of the job roles require little to no educational qualification at all. Also, many of the job roles can require training that is easily available. However, senior-level positions requiring bachelor’s degree, or higher educational qualifications are also rewarding. More so, there are varieties of roles anyone can aim to fit themselves in.

What Do Energy Jobs Pay?

Well, you heard that energy jobs are quite lucrative and high-paying. But how much do they pay for energy jobs? Of course, the traditional thermal energy jobs are high in number. But, when it comes to the best-paying jobs in the energy sector, renewable energy jobs have the high ground.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that energy jobs provide employees with a salary package between $80,000 & $100,000 per year.

What Are The Fastest Growing Energy Jobs?

Do you want to work in the energy job sector? If yes, you must know about the growing and currently the highest paying jobs in the industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that the average growth rate for all jobs in the energy sector is around 8%.

Here are five opportunities that are growing as we speak. Most of these opportunities are in the renewable energy sector –

  • Wind Turbine Technician – employment growth projected for this role is 68% (2020-30).
  • Solar Panel Installer – employment growth projected for this role is 52% (2020-30).
  • Derrick Operator – employment growth projected for this role is 30% (2020-30).
  • Software Developer – employment growth projected for this role is 22% (2020-30).
  • Industrial Machinery Mechanic – employment growth projected for this role is 19% (2020-30).

Bottom Line

Is energy a good career path? Of course, the energy field is a good career path. The opportunities mentioned above are great when it comes to choosing a lucrative career option. Also, the number of energy jobs in the U.S. is nearing 9 to 10 million in a year or two. If you are in school and are aspiring to become a worker in the energy industry, it is time to start shaping your path toward your career path.

Hopefully, this article provided you with the answer you were looking for. Please let us know if your query was solved through the comment section. Thank you.

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