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Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment – What Does It Mean?

Published on: September 2, 2021

Last Updated on: February 24, 2024

Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment

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The Courier service in the United States is undoubtedly one of the best courier services on the planet. However, at times, there are certain features that people face while tracking their USPS shipments and get messed up. One such potential tracking status is “Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment.” 

Do you know why it appears or what to do while you see this while tracking? We have detailed everything about this shipping in this guide. To learn more about it, read till the end. 

Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment – What Does It Mean?

Origin Post Preparing Shipment

I hope you have come across the message “Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment,” which brings you here today. You are not very clear about this message, right? To be precise, this prompt means that your package is fully prepared and is about to ship out from the origin post

Do you know what the origin post is? It is the country from which the package was shipped originally. The postal service provider of the original country sends the information electronically to the destination courier. This is the main reason behind the appearance of “USPS Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment.”  

The inexperienced customers often get into the doldrums upon seeing this notification. Although the post office sends this message for a wide range of reasons, leaving you in chaos – what’s actually happening? 

What Is The Reason Behind “Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment For A Month?”

Are you still hanging on to that reason which we told behind the message? – the funda of source and destination? Oh, Come on! There can be a plethora of other reasons that most of you are not aware of.

In the section below, we will be digging into some other barriers for which USPS Origin Post Is Preparing For Shipment may appear. 

1. Complications In The Transportation

Complications In The Transportation

One of the best answers to “what does origin post is preparing shipment mean?is transportation issues. 

The most pathetic part is that you can do nothing about any of these reasons as they are completely out of your control. The transportation issues include but are not limited to tropical storms, lightning storms, hurricanes, tornados, snowstorms, aircraft maintenance issues, etc.

2. The Arrival Scan Was Not Done


If you say why you are seeing “</span>origin post is preparing shipment stuck” status, it may also mean the USPS facility center missed the arrival scanning. Nevertheless, it is not very common and still not absurd. 

However, this issue connects to the high pressure of packages. In USPS facilities, the workers sometimes forget to make arrival scans when the package flow remains high. This is, although a matter of callousness, during festivals and peak seasons, the package pressure really remains super high. 

Worry not; if this is the reason for your “USPS Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment” message, contacting UPS customer help is the best option. 

3. Overflow Of The Packages

Overflow Of The Packages

Another reason for showing “</span>origin post is preparing shipment for a week” is the excessive pressure of the packages in the USPS pre-shipment

Over the last few years, USPS has been handling many packages at a particular time. This is hampering their shipping operations to a small extent. Eventually, the result is a wrong shipment status or a stuck shipment message. At times, the emergency packages replace your package on a flight, which causes more delay.

How Long Does The Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment Take?

As we have already mentioned earlier, USPS is a global leader in terms of postal service. Its fast delivery, hassle-free policies, and on-time package shipments are praiseworthy everywhere. But oftentimes, millions of customers come across “&amp;lt;/span>Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment,” which keeps them in utter confusion.

Is “Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment” Only For The International Shipments?

The answer to this question is Yes! You will see this message only for your international packages. In order to generate this message, the source has to be in a different country, and the destination must be somewhere in the United States. When the US post office has not received the foreign package, this prompt may appear suddenly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment Mean?

That indicates it isn’t in possession of the US Postal Service. It may not have been shipped, or the item has not yet been delivered to the US by the foreign post office.

Q2. How Long Does Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment Take?

Mostly, this status stays up to 3-5 working days. In that situation, your package or mail might be delayed for 2-3 days. In the worst case, it may persist up to 1 week or even a month. But those events are tremendously rare.

Q3. Is Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment For A Week Common?  

Generally, this message often appears for international shipments. But, nowadays, it is getting wrapped up with 3-5 working days. The pre-shipment USPS operation exhibits such complications that are not so uncommon. We have found from our research that several customers are complaining about this in different American Provinces. 

The Final Takeaway

Now that you know what the &lt;/span>Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment means, you should not panic upon seeing this prompt. Furthermore, if it shows </span>“origin Post Is Preparing Shipment for a month,” then without wasting time, contact the USPS Customer service. Be assured your problem will be solved after a few follow-ups.

The message &lt;/span>Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment primarily relates to the package source and package destination. It means the originating country’s postal service is getting ready with the documentation procedure for transferring it to the US Postal Service. 

Has this article satisfied your intriguing mind? Please leave your feedback or opinions in the below area if you have any; we will be more than happy to hear you out. 

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