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All You Need To Know About Living In Salisbury, Nc

Published on: January 10, 2024

Last Updated on: February 19, 2024

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Salisbury, North Carolina, a charming city nestled in the heart of the state, offers a unique blend of small-town feel and modern conveniences. With a population of over 35,000, Salisbury is known for its rich history, vibrant community, and proximity to major cities like Charlotte and Winston-Salem.

The city’s vibrant community life is supported by a variety of local businesses and services that cater to the needs of its residents. Among these are reliable moving services in Salisbury, which play a crucial role for newcomers and locals alike. These services ensure that transitioning to or within Salisbury is a smooth and stress-free experience, whether you’re moving from across the country or just across town.

The presence of such dependable services is a testament to Salisbury’s commitment to accommodating the needs of its community, making it an attractive place for people from all walks of life.

Demographics And Population

Salisbury, NC, with its diverse demographic profile, is a melting pot of various age groups and educational backgrounds. This diversity is reflected in the city’s dynamic and inclusive atmosphere.

The city’s population includes a significant number of young professionals, families, and retirees. According to Niche, the age distribution spans from a youthful demographic (with 10% aged 18-24 years and 12% aged 25-34 years) to a considerably older population (17% aged 65+ years)​​.

The educational attainment levels, though slightly lower than the national average, show a good mix, with 17% holding bachelor’s degrees and 34% with some college or associate’s degree​​. Such a diverse population contributes to the city’s vibrant community life, influencing everything from local events to the types of services and businesses that thrive in Salisbury.

Employment And Economy

Employment And Economy

The job market in Salisbury offers a variety of employment opportunities, notably in the healthcare, retail, and education sectors. Major employers in the area include Food Lion LLC, Novant Health – Rowan Medical Center, and W.G. (Bill) Hefner VA Medical Center, indicating a strong presence in the healthcare and retail industries​​. Despite these opportunities, Salisbury’s median household income, at $44,656, is considerably lower than the national average​​.

This disparity may reflect the types of jobs available and the overall economic structure of the area. The economy’s focus on certain sectors like healthcare and retail could also suggest potential areas for future economic development and diversification.

Housing And Real Estate

Salisbury’s housing market is characterized by its affordability, with median home values and rent prices being significantly lower than both national and state averages. The median home price in Salisbury is reported to be around $247,300, which is 36.7% lower than the national average​​. This affordability extends to rental properties as well, with a two-bedroom unit costing around $990 per month, making it more accessible compared to many other locations​​.

The variety of housing styles available in Salisbury caters to different preferences, from historic homes to modern apartments. This range of options, combined with the city’s affordability, makes Salisbury an attractive destination for potential homeowners and renters seeking a balance between cost and quality of living.

Cost Of Living

Cost Of Living

Living in Salisbury is affordable compared to the national average. The median home value in Salisbury is $156,300, which is lower than the national median of $244,900. The median rent in Salisbury is $859, which is also lower than the national median of $1,163. The cost-of-living index in Salisbury is 94.5, which is lower than the national average of 100.


Salisbury has several public and private schools that offer quality education to students. The public schools in Salisbury are above average, with a grade of B-. There are also several higher education opportunities in Salisbury, including Rowan-Cabarrus Community College and Livingstone College.



Salisbury has a diverse economy with major employers in healthcare, education, and manufacturing. The unemployment rate in Salisbury is 4.9%, which is lower than the national average of 6.0%. The job growth rate in Salisbury is 2.5%, which is higher than the national average of 1.6%.

Safety And Crime

Safety and crime in Salisbury are areas of concern, as the city experiences crime rates that are higher than the North Carolina average. According to Area Vibes, Salisbury’s crime rates are 84% higher than the North Carolina average, underscoring the need for enhanced safety measures​​. Residents have expressed mixed feelings about safety, with some areas perceived as safer than others.

This variation in the perception of safety suggests that certain neighborhoods may require more focused attention and resources to improve their security. The community’s involvement in safety initiatives, like neighborhood watch programs, and the local police’s efforts in community policing could play a crucial role in addressing these concerns.

Potential residents and current inhabitants need to stay informed about the specific areas in Salisbury where safety might be a more pressing issue.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facilities

Salisbury is well-equipped in terms of healthcare facilities, offering residents access to a variety of medical services. The presence of several hospitals and clinics, including the Novant Health – Rowan Medical Center and the W.G. (Bill) Hefner VA Medical Center, ensures that residents have access to quality healthcare when needed​​.

These facilities not only cater to routine medical needs but also provide specialized services, enhancing the overall healthcare provision in the city. The availability of quality healthcare is a significant factor in the livability of Salisbury, contributing to the well-being and peace of mind of its residents. For individuals and families considering a move to Salisbury, the range and quality of healthcare services available can be a reassuring aspect of the city’s infrastructure.


Living in Salisbury, NC, presents a balanced mix of affordability, community spirit, and access to amenities, making it an attractive place for various lifestyles. While it’s important to consider aspects such as safety and local job opportunities, the city’s charm, and the quality of life it offers make it a compelling choice for many.

Whether you’re a family looking for a community-oriented lifestyle or an individual seeking a city with a small-town feel yet modern conveniences, Salisbury might just be the right place for you.

For those considering a move to Salisbury or simply exploring the city, understanding the nuances of what it offers is crucial. This guide provides a comprehensive overview, but exploring the city in person and talking to residents can offer deeper insights into the true experience of living in Salisbury, NC.

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