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Top 6 Mobile Location Data Providers For Foot Traffic

By mashum.mollah

March 28, 2022

Mobile Location

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Marketers are reaching consumers in ways we’ve never seen before. A rising number of businesses are keeping track of actual foot traffic patterns. They’re putting up mobile advertising tactics that are hyper-targeted.

The vast majority of mobile targeting tactics used by brand marketers today are powered by the location data provider. Over the next two years, an amazing 80 percent of marketers say they aim to increase their use of location data, with location-based advertising spending estimated to reach $36.5 billion in the United States alone by next year.

Below are the few mobile location data providers for foot traffic that most businesses are using in 2022.

1. Foursquare

Foursquare, one of the most well-known companies in the location data industry, now operates its location data and technology platform for marketers and developers.

Businesses can estimate the impact of their media (using validated stops) and seek new audiences to aim with relevant advertising using Foursquare’s location data. Foursquare also offers a Places API and a Pilgrim SDK, which enable location discovery and real-time location detection inside apps and websites.

2. SafeGraph

SafeGraph provides several datasets that are made feasible by anonymized mobile device tracking and POI data. With over 8 million points of interest and mobility data for those locations, you can learn about mobility patterns as well as the places people visit.

Users can buy data in several methods, including bulk file downloads, an API, and interfaces with popular business intelligence software.

3. PlaceIQ

By using location-based analytics, businesses can use PlaceIQ to communicate with digital audiences. Advertising, measurement, analytics, and DaaS are the four key categories in which the company’s offerings fall. PlaceIQ uses mapping and location data to enable such solutions, which the firm integrates to fully understand the world via the “lens of location.”

One of its goals is to diversify its data, which means integrating the depth and quality of background data with that of front data by collaborating with other data sources. PlaceIQ developed its filtering technology to eliminate fake location data from the system.

4. Factual

Factual’s location data is primarily utilized to assist marketers in creating highly-targeted audiences and measuring the efficacy of their campaigns. Factual’s data asset is made up of over 3 billion references from over 100,000 different sources. Data for products and mobile apps, as well as location data for data science, are available from the company.

5. Bluefox

Bluefox is an out-of-home marketing solution that includes video camera surveillance, break beams and other infrared sensors, and WiFi network tracking devices, among other features.

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