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10 Benefits of Using a Mobile Billboard for Creative Advertising Options

By Sourav Ganguly

December 15, 2021

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Marketing is an extremely challenging function of any business. It’s no surprise why so many companies have entire departments of marketing professionals to handle their marketing.

You need to understand your ideal customer demographic and find a way of creating content they’ll find valuable if you’re going to stand out from your business rivals. As such, you need to think outside of the box and use creative marketing strategies to succeed in the highly competitive business landscape we operate within today.

One highly effective tactic of reaching out to your customers is through the use of mobile billboards.

What Are Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards are a form of Out Of Home (OOH) advertising where a printed or digital ad is mounted on the side of a truck or bus. The ads displayed provide high visibility of a brand’s promotional messaging to pedestrians, passing drivers, and other commuters.

Simply put, mobile billboards are simply billboards on wheels and are considered a highly effective advertising medium for many businesses.

What makes them so convenient is what they offer in terms of timing and location. They can be driven directly to locations where your target demographic likely is.

It could be industrial districts, residential areas, commercial spaces, and places with high foot traffic such as beaches and social events – all in a day.

All in all, a mobile billboard is a great way of putting your brand on the faces of your target audience at the precise moment when the ad will have a practical impact.

But are there any options that are ideally suited to your business, and just how effective are mobile billboards? What sort of businesses stand to gain the most from leveraging this form of OOH advertising? This article answers all those questions and more below.

Types of Mobile Billboards

If you’re going to integrate mobile billboards into your marketing campaign, you need to familiarize yourself with the options available. That said, here are a few common types of mobile billboards you can consider:

1. Trailer Billboards

Trailer billboards are ultra-thin billboards hauled behind a truck or pickup. Because they have two sides, trailer billboards have enough space for multiple ads on each side of the billboard.

Moreover, they are highly versatile in that they can be mounted and unmounted when necessary and are often equipped with LED lighting, making them more effective for night-time audiences.

2. Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are more common with small vehicles where the ad is printed on a vinyl sheet and pasted onto the car or painted directly.

3. Digital Mobile Billboard Advertising

This form of mobile advertising involves using LED screens mounted on either side of a truck to show digital ads. This versatile advertising technique allows multiple ads to be displayed throughout the day, allowing marketers to target different audiences at specific times, thereby reaching out to a wide customer base.

4. Truck Advertising

Truck advertising simply involves placing an ad on two or three sides of a truck that is usually used to transport goods. The ads are often printed on vinyl and plastered on the truck.

Benefits of Using a Mobile Billboard

1. It’s Very Cost-Efficient

Contrary to what you might think, mobile billboards are not as expensive as they may seem to be, which should come as great news for small businesses since they often operate with small budgets.

Mobile billboards are, in fact, cheaper than traditional methods of advertising that are very hard to track and don’t deliver a good ROI.

2. Reach a Wide Target Audience

A downside with many other types of marketing is that they are limited within a close area or only reach a small audience. For instance, an ad on local TV will only reach people who watch that station at a particular time. As great as they might be, online ads only reach people with internet access and visit certain websites.

However, mobile billboard advertising will allow you to put your brand on the faces of so many people since your ad will constantly move around high-traffic areas.

3. Variety of Options

The choice is key when developing an effective marketing strategy for your brand. It gives you the freedom to choose a solution that’s best suited to your business.

That said, as highlighted above in this column, there are different types of mobile billboards that businesses can consider depending on the format of their ad, how large they want their message to be, and how much they intend to spend.

4. You Can Use Timing to Your Advantage

Mobile billboards are very time-specific. This means that marketers can use them strategically to reach people at certain times of the day. For example, a taxi-hailing service can run a mobile billboard campaign advertising a special offer during evening hours when they know people are trying to make it home from work.

5. Marketers Can Scale Their Audience

Thanks to vehicle GPS tracking systems, marketers can reroute mobile billboards to go to areas where they can find the most valuable customers.

For example, GPS technology can reveal places with high traffic. Marketers can use this information strategically to target their audience better.

6. Audiences Can’t Click or Turn Away

Consumers are bombarded with ads every day, and a good bunch of them try to avoid ads as much as possible. They use Ad Blocker tools online, turn pages in newspapers, and mute ads when watching television.

However, mobile billboard ads are unavoidable. Audiences are not able to navigate themselves away from a mobile billboard and marketers see them as a unique tool for capturing and keeping buyers’ attention.

7. You Can Target Specific Locations

Another great benefit you can expect from mobile billboards is that you can target specific locations. You can plan the exact route the mobile billboard will take, making sure it goes to a specific region based on certain criteria such as socioeconomic factors, human traffic, and proximity to your business.

For instance, if you’re in the restaurant business, you can place an ad on special offers and have the mobile billboard target certain neighborhoods.

8. They Are Incredibly Versatile

Mobile billboards are rather dynamic compared to static billboards. Your messaging or target audience may change during your marketing campaign. Therefore, it falls within your best interests to use a marketing platform that can quickly and easily adapt to change.

If you publish an ad on a static billboard, it will cost you extra to replace the ad. As a small business, this might put a dent in your marketing budget. But with mobile billboards, you can easily change the content or put the campaign on hold altogether.

9.Mobile Billboards Have a Strong Visual Appeal

Mobile billboards are very conspicuous and hard to ignore. Because of their unique nature, people can’t help but stare at mobile billboards whether they’re sitting in traffic or walking by a parked mobile billboard truck.

They command even more consumer attention when the ad is creatively designed. For instance, digital mobile billboards allow brands to display interactive visuals on LED screens.

10. A Mobile Billboard Campaign Can Complement Your Marketing Strategy on Other Platforms

Running a mobile billboard campaign can boost your marketing efforts on other platforms, be they digital or traditional. Yes, you can use many different marketing platforms to grow your business, but including a mobile billboard campaign in your strategy can give you a real boost you didn’t know you needed.

For example, your audience might have seen your ad while checking their social media pages but did not pay too much attention to it. However, seeing your ad for a second time on a giant mobile billboard will prompt them to have a second thought and might be just what they need to trigger them into action.

Businesses That Can Benefit From Mobile Billboards

No matter your industry, marketing is vital to you achieving your business goals. Here is a brief analysis of businesses that can leverage mobile billboards to generate quality leads.

  • Hotels and Restaurants – Having beautiful pictures of dishes served on your menu, especially during lunch, will have mouths salivating all over town and through your doors in no time.
  • Financial Services – Financial institutions like banks can advertise attractive interest rates on their loans and mortgages.
  • Realtors – In a space as competitive as real estate, realtors can use mobile billboards to get their faces and brands all across town to increase their chances of attracting clients.

The Bottom Line

As a budding entrepreneur, be it a startup founder or a small business, you need an extremely effective marketing campaign to get the word about your brand to potential customers. How you go about your advertising can either make or break your success.

Although there are plenty of marketing techniques that guarantee a wide consumer reach, such as social media marketing, mobile billboard marketing can certainly complement your marketing strategy to help you achieve your business goals.

With the proper location planning, research, and creative design, a mobile billboard can help you communicate to a broad target market and generate quality conversions, all at a very economical cost.

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