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The Power Of Visual Learning: Creating Engaging Educational Training Videos For Your Employees

By Shahnawaz Alam

December 20, 2023

Visual Learning

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Employee training plays a very important role in today’s fast-paced corporate landscape. If you want to maintain a competitive edge, you need to invest time, energy, and resources into different training programs for your employees.

Traditional training methods like boring PowerPoint presentations and lengthy employee handbooks are slowly being replaced by interactive training methods like engaging education training videos. Using the power of striking audio-visuals and immersive storytelling, these videos create a memorable and effective learning experience for your employees. 

In this blog, we will take a look at how custom eLearning videos can transform your learning program and how you can use the power of engaging in training video production to upskill your workforce.

The Science Of Visual Learning

Research has shown that visual learning is a highly effective tool for retaining information and improving understanding. The human brain is naturally wired to process visual information more efficiently than plain text.

According to studies, the human brain can retain up to 65% of the information when presented visually, compared to 10% when delivered through text alone. Animations and visuals have the ability to simplify complex concepts, making them easier to grasp and remember.

Why Engaging Training Videos Matter

Engaging training video production capitalizes on the power of visual learning by combining carefully crafted visuals, relatable scenarios, and crisp and concise explanations.

Here is why it matters:

  1. Enhanced engagement: Training videos can hold employees’ attention through a dynamic combination of visuals, animations, and narratives. This high level of engagement ensures that employees are more likely to absorb and remember the information that is being presented.
  2. Real-world context: You can simulate real-world scenarios that your employees might encounter at work through interactive videos. This contextual and relatable learning will help bridge the gap between theory and practice, making the training more applicable and meaningful.
  3. Consistency in delivery: Traditional training methods can lead to inconsistencies in content delivery, as different trainers may emphasize different points. With custom training videos, you can ensure that every employee receives the same information in the same manner, reducing knowledge gaps and misunderstandings.
  4. Time and cost efficiency: Traditional training methods often involve substantial costs related to printing materials, logistics, and trainer fees. On the other hand, eLearning videos, once produced, can be accessed repeatedly by employees, making them a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Engaging Training Videos

Visual Elements That Elevate Learning

Incorporating different types of visual elements in your training videos can transform your mandatory training sessions into engaging and enjoyable learning experiences. You can add a layer of fun and increased understanding to your videos with the following elements – 

  1. Animations: Break down your ideas and thoughts into visually engaging sequences to allow your employees to visualize how concepts work in action, thus enhancing their understanding and retention.
  2. Graphics and infographics: Numbers, statistics, and data-heavy information can often feel overwhelming when presented in plain text. This is where the magic of graphics and infographics comes in. Charts, graphs, and diagrams can help simplify complex information and make it easier to grasp.
  3. Interactive elements: Static learning experiences can sometimes lead to passive engagement. However, incorporating interactive elements into your training videos can change the game and keep your employees actively engaged in the learning process.
  4. Visual metaphors: Some concepts are so complicated that they might seem like a puzzle impossible to solve. By drawing parallels between complex ideas and more familiar concepts, you can make the learning process smoother for your employees. Visual metaphors will provide them with a relatable point of reference and will help them understand challenging concepts by connecting them to something they already understand.

Crafting Engaging Educational Training Videos

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you harness the power of visual learning at your organization:

  1. Clearly outline what you want your employees to learn from the videos. This will guide your content creation process. Map out the flow of the video and decide which elements will be used at which step to convey information effectively.
  2. Write a compelling script that works seamlessly with the visuals. 
  3. Create or source different visual assets like animations, graphics, and images, and decide if your videos will have narration, voiceovers, or on-screen text to complement the visuals.
  4. Assemble all the different elements and ensure that the final videos are engaging and cohesive. Editing fine-tunes the pacing and provides clarity.

Wrapping up

Creating engaging training videos can be time-consuming and requires technical know-how and resources. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Partnering with an engaging training video production company can simplify the entire process. By collaborating with professionals, you can ensure that your training videos are educational and engaging without having to handle every aspect of it in-house!

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