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Protect Those Parcels, With an Impact Detector  

By Mashum Mollah

June 28, 2021


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There are a lot of ways parcels can be damaged before they reach their destination. Consumers don’t like to get damaged products, though, and receiving them can mean that they get frustrated with the company they bought them from. In some cases, that can also mean that they won’t buy from the company again because they don’t feel like they can trust it anymore.

That’s obviously upsetting for the consumer, who might have really liked the company or the product in the past. It’s also upsetting for the company, as it affects the bottom line, and the company may not understand why there are so many problems with its products. Now, there’s a way to reduce those kinds of issues. It all starts with a tiny device that measures the impact the parcels sustain during shipping.

How Can Measuring Impact Change The Game?

How Can Measuring Impact Change The Game?

Understanding the impact that a parcel takes during shipping is one of the best ways to make sure the items inside that parcel aren’t damaged. With an impact recorder, you can measure the strength of the impact on the parcels.

 If the impact is outside of a predetermined safe range, the recorder will activate. That will let you see that there was an impact on the box or other parcel, so you can take action to see if the contents of it have been damaged or destroyed by the impact.

The Advantages Of Using The Impact Detector?

The triggering of an impact recorder isn’t a guarantee that there’s damage to the contents of the parcel, but only that there could be because the parcel was handled more roughly than what was deemed safe for the interior contents. That’s important to remember since your company doesn’t want to assume that anything with a triggered sensor is damaged automatically. The goal is to find parcels that have had their impact recorders triggered, check out the contents, and also find out why the parcels are being mishandled to that degree.

Here are some advantages of using the impact detector.

  • Impact detectors reduce the problem with shipping and handling. 
  • If that’s where the issue lies, it’s better to find that and make sure it can be addressed. Then, anyone who’s concerned about the issue can focus on ways to adjust it.
  •  That, in turn, reduces the chances of having impact recorder problems for future shipments. 
  • This may help protect items in the parcels, but it can also help companies be more mindful of how they’re treating the packages they receive and those that they ship out to others.

Rough Handling May Be A Surprise To Companies

Rough Handling May Be A Surprise To Companies

It’s quite possible that the company shipping the parcels isn’t aware of how rough their employees are with the items that are being shipped. However, impact detectors are an excellent way to show them that they’re too careless with shipping from one point to another. 

Determining where along the line the impact recorder is being triggered is important because that can help narrow down the point in the shipping process where problems are caused. Changes made at that point may make a big difference for the entire shipping experience and the quality of the parcels that are being sent.

How The Detector Is Improving The Customer Satisfactions

How The Detector Is Improving The Customer Satisfactions

If a company doesn’t know that its employees are mishandling parcels and being too rough with them, that company can’t do anything to change that and make it better. 

Here are a few ways the company can improve its customer satisfaction level.

  • An impact recorder on each parcel is a great way to make employees more considerate and careful with their shipping parcels.
  • With the help of impact, detector companies can track how well their employees are doing at shipping items safely, correctly, and without damage. While most companies and employees are careful, there are always improvements that can be made.
  • It is possible to set a predetermined level for an impact recorder; companies can easily see if their parcels are being handled too roughly. That’s a meaningful way to gauge why products are showing up damaged upon arrival at stores or customer’s homes or why items shipped to the company may be damaged and unusable for the supply chain. 
  • The more knowledge a company has about these kinds of things, the more it can make changes so that its supply chain and customer shipments operate more smoothly.


Your company wants to be successful and also wants to take good care of its customers. It has more of a chance of doing both of those things when it uses an impact recorder on the parcels that it’s shipping and that can be easily damaged in transit.

Some shipped items are much more fragile than others, and even a box that looks like it’s in perfect condition can contain an item that’s been harmed through aggressive handling. Because of that, sensing the impact helps catch the problem early on, so it can be corrected.

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