Proven Strategies on How to Create a Happy Workplace That Thrives

By mashum.mollah

December 29, 2020

Happy Workplace

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Are you worried about your employees? Want to reduce your turnover rate?

Focusing on employee happiness can help increase your profits and retain your workers. That’s why employee acquisition is critical – thinking of expanding to China? Hire a recruitment agency China and get the right people on your team. That’s why employee acquisition is critical – thinking of expanding to China? Hire a receuitment agency China and get the right people on your team.

Yet tackling the project of making other people happy is a tough one. Here are some ideas to get you started on creating a happy workplace for your employees.

A Happy Workplace Is an Active One

Creating happiness in the workplace starts with getting everyone moving.

It’s good for mental health when people move their bodies. Encourage exercise in the workplace for mental health reasons (the physical health benefits will follow).

Offer group activities and after-work exercise opportunities. Start a walking club at lunchtime or pay for a yoga instructor to come once a week before or after work.

Besides exercise, check out these 20 other ways to increase motivation for your employees.

Re-Style Your Office

If you want to encourage your team better, you need to give them the infrastructure that makes it happen. Start by investing in state-of-the-art modern office workstations that combine both aesthetic brilliance with cutting-edge functionality.

If you’re wondering how to create a happy workplace, it may help to redesign the office a little bit. Swap out existing pieces for ergonomic furniture and equipment.

Let your employees know that you’re more safety conscious, and demonstrate awareness of their needs. Provide more and better PPE, safety training courses, and bonuses for safe behavior.

The environment can have a big effect on employee engagement and happiness. Get some real plants in the office to help with air purification and oxygen levels. Replace curtains with sheers to let in more sunshine and daylight.

Use color theory to find a happier color for your office walls. Make room to add some comfortable furniture for meetings or a break room so that employees can relax.

Gauging Success

How do we go about measuring workplace happiness?

Studies show that unhappiness in the workplace is detrimental both to employees’ health and to the business bottom line. We know that we have to do something to keep our employees happy and healthy, but how do we know if we’re doing enough?

One of the easiest ways is simply to ask. Are your employees happy? How are they feeling health-wise?

Conduct regular surveys with your employees, and encourage them to complete them on the job so that they get paid for their time. You can offer other bonuses, too, if you feel it will boost the number of responses you get (like a $5 Starbucks gift card, or an extra deposit to their HSA).

Keep tabs on productivity and happiness initiatives you’re running. Then you can track any correlations.

Pay attention to your turnover rate. If you consistently have a lower turnover rate after you begin focusing on employee happiness, then you may conclude your efforts are working.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you want a happy workplace, starting with the changes suggested above can make a big difference. From exercise initiatives to restyling the office, employees will notice when you make an effort.

Don’t forget to keep track of how it’s working. It’s okay to make changes if the initial projects aren’t doing enough.

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