How to Lead Remote Work to Success With Technology

Remote Work

The days of everyone working in the same office are numbered and if you are ahead of the game, you already have a remote team that works together but from different locations. If you are looking to improve that collaboration and enjoy effective communication with your remote team there are some tech tools that can help you to do that.

Here is a look at a task management solution, a no-brainer file sharing base station, plus some ways to chat and communicate with other team members, including an illustrative way to get your point across. Remote work is often known to be very messy because it is rumored that most people go out of track.

However, if we closely look at the survey, we will find most of the people freelancing in the US. That means, that this is only a notion and that companies can survive with remote workers. Workers will also have to take total responsibility for their work, otherwise, they would have to face charges from their employer. These rues can be laid out through emails.

How to Lead Remote Work to Success With Technology:

Simple but effective:

The ideal scenario is to find software that allows you to do everything you want but in the quickest and easiest way possible. If you are looking to take control of your task management Wunderlist is one potential solution and it lends itself well to bringing your remote team together. Not only that, but some of the remote work apps also monitor the performances of the employee. However remote the work is, do not forget to keep an annual meeting. It is so they can meet each other in person.

The app will make it easy to track tasks and assign to-do lists that can also be graded according to their importance. The ability to follow a project through step-by-step is sometimes more of a challenge when you have a remote team in place, but not when you use a task management app that brings the team together. This also keeps the other group members in proper synchronization. Some very good apps for managing remote work are Trello, Google DropBox, and many other platforms like that.

File sharing options:

Another critical aspect that impacts the efficiency and success of your remote team is the ability to share files with each other and maintain them securely. That comes under managing remote work tools, and you will have to handle it very efficiently. An SFTP server allows your trading partners to securely exchange files with your organization using SFTP and SCP protocols.

Dropbox is not the only virtual storage system out there and you will no doubt know about this option already, but it is still worth mentioning because it can work well as the base system for your remote work team, allowing you to build other components around it. You can also set up a virtual office to make sure that the work is done on a daily basis.

You can auto-share Dropbox images on Facebook and integrate with a prototyping app InVison, amongst other things. This is the reason which is why a file-sharing service like Dropbox is a great collaborative tool and best for remote work.

Chance to chat:

Slack is probably not the best name for an app that is aimed at enhancing communication within your remote team and boosting productivity, but this team chat app can be a useful tool when used in the right way. According to some professionals who are managing remote work, chatting or a little digital pep talk does really a lot to set them for the target.

The app is a fun way of communicating with each other and is a great way of brainstorming, asking questions that need a quick answer from someone, or even holding a team meeting. Plus online alerts are always triggered whenever it is almost time and it is like a personalized alarm in remote work which tends you to do more work.

Another app that will be useful for remote workers is an automatic call recorder created by Apalon Apps for Android. Sometimes some business news also does the job, and we start on getting some extra money so that our investments do not drown. This gives us quick notifications on every move.

It gives you the ability to replay all your calls and take notes or review topics discussed during the original conversation. Having a record of what was said and being able to refer back to it whenever you want, does help as a backup and avoids any miscommunication issues. A virtual office also does the above jobs but it needs more manpower.

Get your point across in a visual way:

One of the potential drawbacks to working as a remote team comes when you are not in the same room as someone and you are trying to explain a point in a more visual way. Some online chatting apps like Skype and Google Duo are becoming a good medium to connect online, that too in a face-to-face conference. It is in short acts as an ideal virtual office. This mainly helps in proper group communication and better workflow.

An app like Skitch will help deal with that problem as you can sometimes articulate what you mean by using arrows, shapes, and other visual clues that can often communicate your idea more effectively than words. Also, make everyone aware that the4 meeting is recorded and that it will be played if anything at all goes wrong or any work gets stuck up.


Great communication and efficient collaboration are the keys to a successful remote team and the tech is out there to help you get there. Emma Snowe writes about being a remote worker and leading other team members who could be anywhere in the world. She herself has been a remote worker for several years. She is also the one not to hold any bad work record.

She also suggests that remote working actually balances the stress of daily life and a prosperous way of earning money. Mostly because you could work anytime. So, if you find this article appealing then do leave a comment in the comment section below. This will let us know how you feel about remote work.

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