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5 Tips on How to Be a Salesperson

By mashum.mollah

July 1, 2019


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Having the skills to be a great salesperson can help you in so many aspects of your life, if you want a career in business then you can utilize these skills even more and the ability to sell is a fine art which needs to be worked on.

A salesperson is not only a person who sells products, but you are also the representation of your company. Your behavior will decide the reputation of your company in good ways. This is one important factor you got to learn to know how to become a salesperson.

There are natural born salespeople in the World, people like Mark Stiffler who uses his business knowledge and his ability to sell to go on to become a CEO of his own company. Sales always teach you something. If you add on to online marketing, then the days of your field sales job will really prove to be fruitful.

A salesperson only becomes eligible for a sales manager job when the teamwork and communication of him with his team is up to the mark. Not necessarily, you have to be more functional, but you got to the most active in your batch.

There are others who are not necessarily born to sell but can work hard on their salesmanship in order to go on to become a great seller. If you want to be a better salesperson then read on for some great tips on how to do so.

5 Tips on How to Be a Salesperson:

1. Customer First:

A sale is not about you, it is about the customer and if you want to make a successful sale then you need to put them first. It is important that you make the customer feel special, strike up a bond with them because you need them to trust you in order for them to sell whatever it is that you are buying.

Ask the customer a little about their wants an needs, this will give you a sales angle once the crunch comes. You will have to be more hitting their pain points rather than blabbering on your brand’s efficiency. People like to be addressed not being told. For example, you will often see that the sales manager job often calls for more efficiency in communication skill.

2. Be an Expert:

You need to really know what you are talking about to be a great salesperson, you need to be able to fully inform the customer about what they are buying and you need to be on hand to answer any questions that they might have. You may be able to get so far with a little BS but most people will see straight through it and if you don’t know what you are talking about then you cannot expect to make a sale.

3. Look The Part:

It is vital that you are dressed in a  way that makes the customer respect you, consider you as honest and believable. If you turn up dressed like a dog’s dinner then you cannot expect anyone to trust you to give them a great product. Your appearance says it all about yourself as a person, with proper dressing and proper presentation of yourself, you can create a sense of trust in between you and the prospect.

The dress is about being appropriate, if you are selling skateboard goods and you turn up dressed in a three-piece suit it will not work, make sure that you dress accordingly. If you want to learn how to dress appropriately and groom yourself for effective field sales job then, you can visit any website which deals with grooming. Some will also show you videos related to how to be a salesperson.

4. Watch the Body Language:

A customer will make certain body movements if they are unsure or want more information, you need to hone in hone in on this and work out what the signs are, and when you need to jump in and be assertive. But do not put much stress on the customers as it can scare them away. Instead, you can choose careful counseling on your field sales job.

Selling is like a game of chess, at times you need to be patient, at times you should be aggressive, working out how to act and when can be done based on the customer’s body language. In fact, most of the sales manager jobs are given to those people who can well reason with their customers. It is because they use intellectual interaction and try to know about their inclinations and preferences.

5. Put Them On The Spot:

You shouldn’t just present your product and what for the customer to decide whether they want to buy or not, it will be up to you to put them on the spot and force their hand. Have you ever made them dream something? You will see that most of the insurance agents are not less than a salesperson.

It is because they do their job in another way. If you can somehow make believe that without your product they will be in trouble or they can regret later, you will get more sales. Instigating emotions is a big part of the field sales job.

Asking them directly if they want the sale will get you far more traction and very often customers will say yes simply because they feel a little uncomfortable. It is not fair to push someone to buy something from you. If you want to know how to be a salesperson, first learn how to sympathize with the person. It is so that even if your product gets rejected, you do not push that person to buy from you.


Being a salesperson is not easy. You need to have a dual character within yourself. One who becomes a friend to a stranger and the other which slowly instigates the need to buy his or her products. So, prepare yourself mentally, before you get onto sales field job.

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