Signs You Need To Ramp Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

A robust online presence is key to a brand’s success in the current landscape. After all, it gives you visibility and outreach to the audience on the internet.

Not being visible or accessible means the buyers will surely move to other brands, even if they are loyal to your business. While an actionable digital marketing plan gives you a good start, you cannot take a set-and-forget approach to it.

Here Are Five Important Signs You Need To Ramp Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy

You must pay attention to the outcomes of your digital campaigns to ensure optimal results. Also, consider ramping up your digital marketing strategy if you notice one or more of the following signs.

1. Your website has traffic but conversions are low

 set up a website

When you set up a website, you definitely want it to get high traffic. A solid SEO plan gets the traffic flowing, but it is only a part of the project.

You cannot consider your campaign successful unless you get an optimal conversion rate for your website. After all, conversions lead to the actual ROI because they generate revenue for your business. Fortunately, you can tweak your site a bit to optimize it for conversions and set things right. 

2. Your Paid Ads Have Low Returns

Paid Ads

Besides website traffic and conversions, paid ads are another parameter determining the success of your digital marketing strategy. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads generate more leads fast, but they can be a massive expense if you fail to manage them well.

Low returns from your PPC ads are a surefire sign to reconsider your tactics. You must double-check the audience and content of your paid campaigns and rework them if the results are not good enough.

3. Your Social Campaigns Are Erratic

Social Campaigns

Social media marketing is a game-changer for businesses, but it is not as simple as scheduling posts and leaving things to chance. Experts at Nimble Digital recommend targeting the right channels to reach the relevant audience.

Timing your posts is equally crucial if you want to make the most of them. For example, B2C brands get good outcomes by targeting platforms like Instagram and Facebook, while LinkedIn is ideal for B2B businesses.

You must definitely consider a change in your strategy if the results of your social campaigns are erratic.

4. Your ROI Is Not Matching Expectations


Marketers expect tangible results and optimal return on investment (ROI) from their campaigns. The cost per acquisition (CPA) is the key parameter to measure success.

A high CPA is a reason to worry because it indicates that you must look for areas or channels that aren’t performing well enough. Typically, you may see some channels doing better than others, but the overall ROI is the factor to consider.

5. You Do Not Have A Cohesive, Multichannel Strategy

Multichannel Strategy

Another sign that you must ramp up your digital marketing strategy is that you do not have one that is cohesive and covers multiple marketing channels. You cannot risk sticking to a single marketing channel because a slowdown can hit your business harder than you imagine.

Conversely, spreading your investment across different customer touchpoints keeps the business flowing even if one of them dries up. Also, ensure consistency across all channels to strengthen your online presence.

You cannot expect optimal growth without an actionable digital marketing plan, but implementing it is only a start. You must track its performance consistently and rework it if you notice something amiss. Following these signs keeps you a step ahead of expected outcomes.

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