Is Relocating For Your Career Worth It?

By Arnab Dey

May 14, 2022

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Moving to a new town or city can be an exciting prospect, but it is a big life change that needs to be carefully considered. Some people might choose to move elsewhere because they would like a change of scene or to live somewhere that can provide them with a lifestyle that is better suited to them.

Others might choose to relocate because of career opportunities, and while this is certainly something worth considering, you do need to decide whether moving simply for the sake of a job is worthwhile for you.

If you have recently been offered a position in a different part of the country or the world, or you have been struggling to find the right employment where you currently are, this is a decision that you might be contemplating at this time in your life.

There is a lot to think about before you make that choice, and if you are still on the fence about whether or not this is the right move for you, the following considerations might be useful in helping you to make up your mind.

What Does This Job Offer Mean to You?

If you have been offered a position elsewhere, think about what this new role would mean for your career. Is it a position that is going to move you up the career ladder and offer a better salary and more responsibility? Will it challenge you both personally and professionally in the way that you are seeking?

If you have applied for the position rather than been head-hunted, you likely wanted it enough to accept the idea of moving elsewhere, in which case, this could be the right choice for you. If you think you could get the same career opportunities where you currently are living or there are other offers of this kind on the table, you need to think about whether moving to a new location can offer you more than just a step forward in your career path.

For example, is the company offering you this job one that has a particularly good reputation in your industry? If so, working for them might come with other perks and put you in a better position later in your career.

What Are the Expenses Attached to the Move and Who is Covering Them?

What Are the Expenses Attached to the Move and Who is Covering Them?

The job you might be pondering a relocation for could be a fantastic opportunity, but there are expenses attached to moving to a new place that also needs to be figured out. Some companies might offer to help you with these and even provide temporary accommodation for you until you find something more permanent. It is worth asking about this to see if you can negotiate some help, as this will make your move easier.

If they can’t provide you with this assistance, it’s time to crunch some numbers and figure out whether or not the logistics of the move are going to be feasible and worthwhile for this new job.

You’ll need to search for somewhere to live at a rent that you can afford in an area that is easy for your commute but also a pleasant neighborhood where you will feel safe and have access to other amenities, such as grocery stores, medical centers, and bars, restaurants, and other places you can enjoy your leisure time.

It would be more sensible to rent a property rather than purchase one, at least for the first year or so, particularly if this is an area that you have never visited or lived in before. This way, you can get a better idea over time whether or not this place is a good fit for you to turn into a more permanent residence.

In addition to finding somewhere suitable to live, you’ll also need to figure out how to ship your belongings to this new place. If you can reach your new home by car, even if it is an overnight journey, leasing a van that is big enough for you to drive your belongings there is an option.

If you are taking larger items with you, or you don’t want to drive, contact moving companies and get a few quotes. Using a moving company can make things much easier for you, so it is certainly worth considering.

If you are relocating overseas, this process becomes slightly more complicated. You will need to arrange for any belongings that you want to take with you to be shipped to your new destination. You will need to lookup international shipping companies in advance, so this is another point of discussion with your new employers concerning your start date.

It is recommended that you book your shipping at least two months in advance to make sure you get the dates you want and aren’t left without for weeks on end. You should also double-check when your belongings are expected to arrive at your destination, and make arrangements to ensure that you are home to greet the moving company and move your items into your new home.

How Long Will You Be There For?

Often, people do relocate for permanent job roles, but this isn’t always the case. If you have been offered a job in another part of the country or abroad but it is only a temporary contract, you will need to weigh up whether or not this opportunity will be worthwhile.

If you are happy to take it, you might want to think about sub-letting your property if you can, or notifying your landlord that you might have to end your current contract early.

If you own your home, leaving it vacant while you’re away might not be the wisest idea, as it could leave your property vulnerable to thieves and vandals. Unless you have a close friend or relative who is willing to check on your property regularly, you might want to consider leasing your property out to tenants while you are away.

This can be a great way to boost your income and help cover mortgage payments, but also allow you to have peace of mind that your property is being cared for while you aren’t there. You will need to draw up a tenancy agreement for the duration of your contract for peace of mind for you and your tenants, and perhaps even use a management company to help take care of any issues your tenants might have while you are away.

Another thing to keep in mind if you are relocating temporarily is where to keep your belongings safe until you return. You might want to rent a storage unit for this, as these are often relatively low-cost and have flexible leases.

Choosing to relocate temporarily for a position can be a smart move career-wise, and it’s also a chance to experience somewhere new without making a long-term commitment. However, it will all depend on whether you believe that the opportunity this role presents will be worth all of the organization that goes into this move, or if it will take too much of a toll on your personal life.

What Can This New Location Offer?

What Can This New Location Offer

Whether you have been given a job offer or you are thinking of relocating to improve your career prospects, it’s important to think about what else this new location can offer you. Make sure you do your research into topics such as crime rates, school districts (if you have or intend to have children), rent and property prices, cultural highlights, healthcare, and so forth.

You want to make sure that you will have a great quality of life in your new location, not just the chance of a better job. You should also think about how the overall cost of living in this new place will reflect your salary and if this is a reasonable balance.

If you are thinking of moving elsewhere to improve your chances of landing a good job, you should also research the best places in the country or the world for careers in the industry you are interested in.

For example, for those who have studied business at college and would like to move into managerial or executive positions, this list of the best cities for MBA graduates could be useful to you. Considering up-and-coming areas is also worthwhile, as these locations might be ideal for someone who is starting and might have slightly less competition than areas that are already established as industry hubs.

Do You Know Anyone Else Living There Already?

A fresh start somewhere new might sound appealing, but if you aren’t relocating with a partner or family, then it can be a lonely venture. This isn’t an issue that bothers everyone, and if you are confident in your social skills and easily make new friends, then you might not be as intimidated at the thought of building a new social circle elsewhere.

However, it might still be beneficial if you knew at least one other person in this new location to help you ease into your surroundings and have some connection to the place. The reason this can be useful is that although you might be a sociable person, there is no guarantee that your new colleagues or neighbors will be, so making those new personal relationships might be more challenging than you first expect.

Not knowing someone else already in this new location isn’t the end of the world, though. You could still use social media, dating apps, or sign-up for an exercise class, arts and crafts group, or another hobby that you’re interested in to make new friends and connections if this is an effort you are willing to make.

Will You Be Moving with Family?

Will You Be Moving with Family

Relocating for your career can be easier when you are single and don’t have children, but if you do have a partner, kids, or both, this can make the decision a bit more difficult to make. This is because you will need to consider how this move will impact them.

For example, your children will have to integrate into a new school environment and might be apprehensive about leaving their friends behind. Your partner may not want to leave their job behind or have other connections to your current home that they don’t want to be apart from. If your relocation will require the family to come with you, you must discuss this with them first to see how they would feel about it.

However, you might find yourself in a position where you are being asked to relocate temporarily for a job role and your family doesn’t necessarily have to come with you. Again, this is something to carefully consider regarding how your absence at home might impact your children and relationship with your partner.

If this relocation is for a few months, it may be manageable, but it is another issue that you must discuss with your family to help you weigh up whether the career opportunity is worth it overall.

Will There Be Any Cultural Barriers to Consider?

If the job you are considering relocating for is abroad, you must also think about how easy it will be to fit into your new surroundings. If the citizens of this country speak a different language than you, learning to speak their native tongue will be essential.

You should also consider how much their culture varies from yours and learn about their customs to make sure that you don’t offend anyone and are making the effort to assimilate into their society. These are all extra steps that you will need to take to best prepare yourself for relocation like this, and only you can decide whether or not they are things that you are willing to do for the sake of your career.

It is important to find a career that you are passionate about and that can offer plenty of growth and exciting opportunities for you to explore. This is what will keep you motivated and provide the job satisfaction you seek.

Although your career might be important to you, if you do find yourself having to choose whether or not to relocate for work, this can be a life-altering change, which is why you shouldn’t make an impulsive decision. Think about the points listed above and use them to help you determine whether or not a relocation for your career is truly worthwhile for you.

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