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Tips For A Hassle-Free Moving

Published on: February 11, 2022

Last Updated on: September 12, 2022


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The long-awaited event is already approaching — you have already got the keys to the new apartment for moving, found a spot in the parking lot, and imagined in detail where you would put the coffee maker and where you would hang family photos.

But the hardest part is still ahead — moving. Even if the apartment has completely new furniture, you will still have to pack and take your life with you. We’ve put together some tips to help you move organized and without hassle.

Top 4 Tips For A Hassle-Free Moving:


1. Consider Finding Pros

This is a crucial recommendation for those who are pressed for time. If a new owner of your dwelling requires you to move out asap, the most sure-fire way is to entrust the process to a professional movers Los Angeles service.

Perhaps you will need not only the services of movers but also specialists in packing, furniture assembly, and cleaning. Check reviews and rates in advance, choose a company and book a day.

To save time and make moving cheaper and easier, you can contact companies that specialize in turnkey moving. They will disassemble and pack furniture, sort things, and assemble and install everything on site.

In this case, you do not have to think about packaging materials in advance and look for several contractors for different tasks. If you have decided to hire only loaders and movers, then you will need to do the following:

2. Conduct an Audit

Sort things in advance into those that will be taken with you to a new apartment, and those that are no longer needed. Look for new owners of things that are a pity to throw away:

  • Something can be sold on the Internet,
  • something can be given to friends, and
  • something can be disposed of.

Books that you do not take with you can be sent to the nearest bookcrossing. Moving is a good reason to conduct a global audit. You should have only those things that you want to have in a new life.

3. Pack Your Things


The hardest part about moving is packing your life in boxes. Start doing this in advance. Prepare cardboard boxes of different sizes, plastic containers, bags, bubble wrap and cling film, adhesive tape, markers, and scissors. Pack the items you use least often in boxes first. Get the boxes from your local moving services for the most convenient and affordable experience. For example, to get plastic moving boxes in San Francisco, you need to do thorough research and find trusted moving companies that will help you with temporary storage and box choices.

These can be books, linens, dishes, seasonal clothes, shoes, pillows, and blankets. Boxes should not be heavier than one person can lift.

Two to three days before your move, pack clothes, dishes, and other items that you won’t need shortly. Keep packing them, leaving only the essentials. Empty the shelves in the cabinets, remove the curtains and cornices, remove the pictures, and roll up the carpets.

4. Finally, Label Boxes Correctly


To make it easier to find what you need later, it is most convenient to sort things by the rooms. For example, stick red stickers on boxes with items from the living room, green stickers on kitchen utensils, and blue stickers on things from the bedroom.

Make an inventory of the items inside each container. Boxes with essentials can also be signed: “Open first”.

In this way, you will be better prepared for unpacking in a new dwelling. Good luck.

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