3 Reasons Small Businesses Should Focus On Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

When you start a business, your main focus is how you can get the first clients through the door.

Most business owners believe that since they provide better products and services, it is just a matter of time before clients come to buy. Some might prefer traditional print ads, but digital marketing is the best way to go about it.

In the digital realm, content marketing has been a powerful tool for many decades, and more than ever, 2022 has proved to be more effective. For numerous reasons, content marketing is a reliable strategy for marketing your company online.

Today, most small businesses rely solely on their content marketing tactic to advertise their companies. Compared to outbound strategies like a paid advertisement, digital marketing costs less on average and generates 3 times as many leads.

Here are reasons why small businesses should focus on digital marketing.

Google Likes Content

Regarding style, Google isn’t picky, but the content is the real winner. Google’s love for content means that an exciting and frequently updated blog can work miracles for search engine optimization.

Blogs are always full of phrases and keywords that businesses want to rank highly during internet searches.

Readers frequently want improving and well-written content, just like Google. For all the right reasons, the digital marketing company Sonoma County provides the best strategy to gain leads. Most blogs feature web-appropriate content, and Google prioritizes it in its rankings.

Blogs have numerous links to other website sections with fascinating articles and further reading. Google likes content with such a connection. Blogs enrich your web of content and give Google sufficient information it requires to link you with search terms for high ranking.

Google Likes Content

Although blogs come in diverse sizes and shapes, you must follow certain guidelines to attract more viewers and Google. The digital marketing company in Sonoma county recommends that you use short words and keep your ideas in one paragraph and should not exceed two sentences.

You should write your blogs routinely and without procrastination. Blogs don’t need to be polished articles; you can add thoughts and follow up with other blogs at any time.

There is a debate about a perfect blog length, so don’t feel limited regarding word count. The accepted optimal word length is roughly 300-500 words, but longer blogs of up to 2000 words are becoming more common.

Google values longer articles because they are full of fresh and exciting content, so rock it if you have a lot to say. Image-based posts are popular with Google, so don’t forget to choose pictures carefully.

You can also consider basing a blog entirely around a set of images. If you want to improve your search rankings, update your blog regularly to stay ahead of the competition.

Content Drives Lead Conversions

Content marketing is the process of generating and sharing valuable, relevant, and consistent information to attract and retain a well-defined audience. Content creation attracts buyers and piques their desire for your products in a more gentle and nurturing way.

Content marketing gives your company authority in your space, assists with SEO efforts, and lets you target a buyer’s persona with appropriate content.

This phenomenon makes them spend more time on your site, giving you sufficient information about what they like. A conversion is the desired action clients take on your site and can be split into soft and hard conversions.

A hard conversion is the last click a visitor makes when they request discovery, demo, or check their cart in a B2C situation. These actions are essential because they directly contribute to revenue.

Soft conversions are the simple actions visitors take on your site, including subscribing to a newsletter or downloading a guide. These actions do not link to revenue directly but provide an insight into a client’s intent which could generate income in the future.

The digital marketing company in Sonoma county can help you focus on the soft conversions because they provide you with an understanding that allows you to nurture your prospects.

Lead Conversions

This encourages clients to make the final purchasing decision regardless of their position in the buying funnel.

The conversion rate at your site is calculated via a simple equation available for you to see on Google Analytics or other analytics platforms. The conversion rate shows the percentage of visitors converting to leads on your site.

Conversion Rate Optimisation means taking action to boost your conversion rate. When optimizing for conversion, there are numerous things you must do. The digital marketing company in Sonoma county can provide ways to maximize your conversion rates.

Content Increases Customer Engagement

In a competitive environment where clients have numerous choices, it can be intimidating for advertisers to defeat their competitors. By producing valuable and useful content, you can stay ahead of your competitors and attract clients to buy your products and services.

Content marketing has become more important for businesses that want to engage with their clients and generate leads. Companies can significantly increase customer engagement and information by creating high-quality content relevant to their target market.

Customer Engagement

If you want to reach out to long-time clients or generate new leads, email is a fantastic tool to help stay in touch with them. Lifecycle email marketing must be part of your strategy regardless of where clients and prospects are in the sales cycle.

Clients who like your content and the products you sell may want to reach out. They will pick your email address on your sites and reach out for any inquiries. This is one-way content that increases customer engagement.

To grow your business, attract new clients, and retain them, you must implement content marketing with an effective strategy. The digital marketing company in Sonoma county can help you achieve this.


In the digital world, content marketing is one of the most effective methods to capture and retain clients.

There are numerous benefits associated with digital marketing that most small businesses enjoy.

Google likes content, so if you market your company using engaging articles, you can generate more leads to your site and stay ahead of the competition.


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