Sporting Chance: How Advertisers Can Reach Out To Sports Fans 

By Sumona

March 9, 2022

Sports Fans

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As things become increasingly digital-driven, research done on the number of screens sports fans are using as they watch games reveals that fans don’t just want to watch games, they want to participate and engage with what they’re viewing. 

Whether that’s through betting, having conversations, or watching multiple games at once, it’s becoming clearer that in order to reach their target audience, advertisers have to rethink their tactics. 

4 Ways To Reach Out To Every Sports Fans

Want to reach out to the sports fans? Here are four cool tips for you. Which are not only helping you to reach out to the other fans. These all are going to help you to build up very faithful fan engagements.

1. Fan Engagement Through Celebrity Endorsement

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One of the ways that advertisers are reaching out to sports fans more recently is through celebrity endorsement. Arguably the biggest endorsement deal of the modern era is NBA’s Stephen Curry’s deal with Under Armour.

With already being one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, the $42 million extra endorsement income that Curry rakes in is of little impact to him directly, but his mere presence is extremely valuable to Under Armour as a brand name. 

What’s so good about celebrity endorsement is that advertisers aren’t limited to a single platform to capture potential fans. Celebrities themselves use many mediums to engage with fans – social media, television adverts, physical signage, etc., and advertisers can take advantage of these multiple platforms when trying to reach more people themselves.

2. Video Portals And Digital Advertising

Fan video portals offer fans more options when it comes to viewing games, focusing more on when fans want to see games rather than when the broadcast is available for them.

Alongside this, channels that offer behind-the-scenes footage and other ‘hidden’ content enable a more immersive experience and drive sales. These types of channels provide opportunities for advertisers to reach sports fans in new ways and often for them to develop sponsor communications, too. 

Another super effective way to reach people is through digital pub and bar advertising. This is especially valuable because it initiates conversations between ranges of people. Venues feature vast swathes of different types of people, from sports lovers to families to regular colleagues to young adults out for a good time. Digital adverts are hard to miss and even harder to ignore if everyone around you is talking about them. 

3. Instagram 

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From research into sports fans, Instagram has found three core types of fans when it comes to sport. 

“Matchday Maniacs” are types that are most likely to respond to breaks in the game like halftime by grabbing their phones, giving popular social media sites an ideal opportunity to lure them in. 

“Homeland Heroes” are more interested in the community of sport than catching every game, so content for these types should be geared towards announcing their loyalty to others. 

“Social Supporters” respond majorly to society and social engagement around sports events. Often these types are keen social influencers, and so advertisers can use this to encourage them to seize and share the memories of the day. 

Because of their short but snappy nature, Instagram stories, in particular, are powerful tools when it comes to engaging users. There are options for polls, reactions, and comments that further encourage sports fans to interact with brands. 

4. Second Screen Concept:

For sports fans, two-screen features always create more enjoyment. The two-screen features are keeping your audiences engaged. And give them the impression of active participation. We often see fans communicating with other fans, even those who are from other countries. These levels of experience are constantly giving every fan an excellent and engaging atmosphere.

The fans do not want only to watch the game. They want to be a part of the game. The second screen initiates the knowledge and understandability of the fans. This is the reason if you like to reach out to maxim numbers of fans, the second screen concepts are going to be one of your best selections.


Each and every tip is improving your fan’s engagements. So if you like to build a very trustworthy fan base, then these tips are always going to help you. From every corner of the earth, sports fans are having the same type of favorite sports. This is the reason every sports fan wants to share their game thoughts and game experiences with the other members of the group. These are the simple steps to do it.

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