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Small business owners and employers can use Toast Payroll to maintain and manage employee payrolls. The platform provides different employee management features such as running Payroll, employee management, benefits management, quick employee onboarding, etc.

If you have already adopted this software as your employee payroll software, here are a few things to help you. In this article, I have provided step-by-step processes regarding how to set up your account, how to do Toast Employee login, and more. 

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Toast Payroll Features

Toast Payroll Features

Here are some of the features of the Toast Payroll application –

For example, if you are a restaurant owner, the app provides you with a feature to display the payroll summary of your employees. Both the employees and the employer can see the payroll summary on this app. 

Team Management Features

The app provides the users with full control over their team with the team management feature. They can manage their employee leaves and add other essential elements to their payroll profile. 

Easy Onboarding

One of the most challenging jobs is to onboard your employees on your Payroll. They can easily set up the banking and employee details thanks to the application’s quick onboarding feature. There is no need to do everything manually. 

How To Install Toast Payroll App?

How To Install Toast Payroll App

Before you learn how to do Toast Employee login, you must learn how to install the app on your device. Here is your step-by-step guide for installing the app on your phone and getting it running. 

  1. First of all, you have to download the app. You will find an APK file on Google with ease.
  2. Now, run the APK file on your smartphone. You can simply tap on the downloaded file and click on the Install button to start the installation process.
  3. Once you have followed the steps shown on your screen, wait for a few seconds for the installation process to finish. 
  4. When the installation is done, click Open the app and run it on your phone. 

When you have successfully followed all the steps mentioned here, you will easily access the Toast Payroll application.

What Do You Need To Run Toast Employee Login On Your Phone?

What Do You Need To Run Toast Employee Login On Your Phone

It is pretty simple to log in to your Toast Payroll account. All you need is your phone to access payroll software and your Toast payroll login details. What does the login include? 

You will need your username and your password to log into your Toast Payroll application. Do you have this information? You can contact your HR department to get your Toast Employee login. 

Now, you are ready to view your employee payrolls and run them. As an employer, you can oversee and manage the different employee benefits and salaries your employees gain.

Also, once you have the Toast Payroll username and login info, you can also change it. Should you need any assistance regarding your login, you can visit their customer support center. They are open to your queries 24/7.

How to set up login & management features on Toast? 

You can easily set up your login and management features on Toast. All you have to do is follow the different steps mentioned here –

  1. First, log in to the Toast Pos App. You can also go to the Toast Pos website.
  2. Now that you have signed up on the app or the website, you are ready to start managing your employee salaries and benefits. 
  3. The managing part would require you to simply take the email address of the person and enter it on the app or website.
  4. After entering their email, you have to sign in with their system. 

If you have recently adopted Toast Payroll to your company, then it might be a little difficult for you to use it. However, the software also provides you with an account as soon as you integrate it with your business.

This is easy because the software will give you an account to access your payroll data. Also, you necessarily do not have to have an online business to be able to use the Toast Payroll. This payroll software allows both offline and online business owners to manage their employee information. Also, your user info remains completely secure and encrypted. 

How To Start Using Your Toast Payroll?

If you are reading this, I should assume that you did not have much trouble setting up your Toast Payroll account. Now, are you ready to start using it? Keep reading this article to learn how to use this application –

  1. First, visit the app or the Toast Payroll web application from your device. 
  2. Register or sign in using the account you created after the adoption of the application. 
  3. Done with your sign-in? Now, you are ready to manage the Payroll of these individuals. 
  4. Just click on the profile of an employee and start managing their Payroll. You can update benefits, salary, or other important information added to their Payroll.

How To Do Toast Employee Login?

Have you created your account? If yes, you are now ready to proceed with Toast Payroll. You can use both your Facebook or your Gmail account to log in to your Toast Payroll account.

After you use your username, you have to set up a password for the website. Once you are done setting up your username and password and provide your email address, you are ready to register on the platform. Later on, you can use the same username and password you used when setting up your Toast Payroll account to log in. 

But if you already have an account and do not need to set up one, it will be easier to do your Toast Employee login. Just use your email or your Facebook account to access your Toast Employee login page.

Bottom Line

The Toast Payroll app is great for small restaurant owners or coffee shop owners with few employees. The platform lets you easily manage your employee leave, attendance, Payroll, and more. 

You will have to pay them $110/month + $4/employee for POS to use the application. Hopefully, the tips mentioned in this article were helpful. Do you have any additional queries related to the same? If yes, please comment them down below. Thank you.

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