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TriNet: A HRMS Software Review 2023 – Let’s Find Out

By Shahnawaz Alam

June 19, 2023


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  • TriNet is a PEO offering a complete suite of HR services to medium and small businesses.
  • Its application in diverse industries like technology, marketing, life sciences, education, and e-commerce makes it a viable option for different types of businesses.
  • The platform’s easy and intuitive self-service portal makes it worth it at a reasonably affordable pricing point.

Running payroll is one of the key responsibilities small businesses often struggle with. Yes, there are multiple payroll services available out there. But choosing the one that fits their business needs is difficult.

TriNet is a cloud-based payroll service provider that helps businesses get rid of HR-related hassles. On top of that, they can run payroll for different types of employees and contractors.

But is this payroll service a good fit for your business? Go through this article to find out if you should use this payroll service or not.

What Is TriNet?

TriNet is a payroll service platform and a PEO that helps you with all of your HR-related needs. They help you with an HR team at your disposal while you can utilize your time in planning the growth of your organization.

Users can easily manage their payrolls and tax filing with the use of TriNet payroll services. They also help with all of your hiring requirements and help you track, attract and hire the best talents as per your requirements.

Practice risk mitigation with the TriNet payroll service. You can rest assured knowing all employment-related compliance concerns are dealt with. The platform also supports compatibility with different types of tax documentation; W-2s and 1099s are just two such examples. Users will find most of the payroll service features other platforms like Gusto and Paychex Flex offer at a reasonable feature.

Who Is TriNet For?

Who Is TriNet For?

Some businesses and organizations often prefer to have an efficient self-service portal at their disposal. TriNet is just the payroll service they need in that case. Both employers and employees can easily manage their payroll using TriNet. A simple TriNet login process can also help employees request an employment confirmation on the go. Also, it gets issued within a matter of seconds.

Employees’ benefits administration features on this payroll service are admirable. Trinket has a good relationship with some of the notable benefits, such as Aetna, MetLife, UnitedHealth, Kaiser, and Blue Shield. This allows them to offer different employee benefits at surprisingly affordable costs.

Also, there are traditional health benefits such as dental and vision insurance. Employees are not stuck with unnecessary services they do not need. Instead, TriNet offers a marketplace where employees can choose the best insurances that suit their needs. If your business is looking for these benefits, then go for TriNet.

But the pricing plan is not clearly mentioned on their platform. This is where other alternative PEOs like Justworks Excel TriNet.

Features Of TriNet Payroll Services

Here are the features of the TriNet Payroll service –

✔ Easy To Use

TriNet has a smooth and user-friendly interface that almost just about anyone can use. It is easy to navigate through the different options available on the platform. Users need not be tech-savvy to access the self-service portals whenever they want.

✔ Compliance Concerns

Compliance Concerns of trinet

Trinet is equipped with a claims management team to ensure OSHA compliance. They can help you with workers’ compensation and other claims. The cloud-based software creates and files W-2 forms, so you will have no problems compiling with the State and federal tax regulations. Additionally, TriNet can also assist you with industry-related compliance concerns.

✔ Tax Filing

Tax Filing through trinet

The onboarding process is made easy to offer a smooth and comfortable experience to your new hires. They offer electronic W-4, I-9 forms, smooth data transfer, and electric signatures for a good onboarding experience.

✔ Time Tracking

Time Tracking in trinet

Time tracking is a crucial aspect for businesses when it comes to monitoring productivity and processing employee payrolls. TriNet offers simple and efficient time-tracking solutions to check and record employees’ clocks-in and clock-outs. They also help with tracking overtime and time off.

✔ Benefits Administration

Administration benefits of trinet

Benefits administration is one aspect where TriNet surpasses many of its competitors, such as OnPay or Gusto. They offer a vast selection of benefits in connection with their wide array of connections. Some of the common benefits employees expect from the TriNet payroll service include – workers’ compensation insurance, health, retirement plans, vision & dental insurance, 401(k) commuter plans, and wellness programs.

✔ Analytics And Reporting

Analytics And Reporting

Analytics and reporting are also easy with TriNet Payroll. Creating custom reports does not take much time. The reports can be easily imported in Excel, PDF, CSV, etc. Reports can also be turned into charts, graphics, etc.

TriNet Pros And Cons

TriNet Pros And Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of using the TriNet payroll service–


  • The PEO services offered through this platform are well-balanced.
  • The payroll and benefits process is simple.
  • The self-service portal is easy to use.
  • Expense management.


  • PEO solutions are well-balanced.
  • Customer support is not as efficient as other alternatives.
  • It is not possible to confirm employment by phone.

TriNet Pricing: How Much Does TriNet Cost?

TriNet Pricing

The pricing plan is where the TriNet platform might confuse some new users. They do not have clear and generic pricing on the platform. Users do not have a flat fee per employee every month. So, if you expect a complete suite of features for a flat pricing point, this might disappoint you a little.

Conversely, you can budget and pay only for the services you need. So, the pricing point can be both a reward or a loss on your part based on your preference.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for payroll services alone, then you can choose Gusto or similar payroll apps for a specific price range. However, if you want customizable plans with HR suites from a PEO, then Justworks or TriNet are more comfortable options. The benefits of the administration and self-service options of this platform are commendable. But do try to remember the pros and cons mentioned in this article before making your purchasing decision.

So, was this article helpful? Let us know through the comment section below. However, if you have any queries, you want us to answer; you can also take them to the comment section below.

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