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 5 Types Of Advertising

By Sumona

April 13, 2022

Types Of Advertising

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Most major brands today have a marketing budget where a certain percentage of those funds are used toward advertising their products and services.

But in today’s competitive business world, where companies are trying to win over customers left and right, it can be challenging to figure out which types of advertising medium is the most effective. 

This is where hiring an experienced ad agency is a wise investment for brands looking to get as much exposure to customers as possible.

There are five modern types of advertising mediums many brands use today to display their products and services to consumers. They include display, video, native, mobile, and social media advertising. 

5 Types Of Advertising Techniques

There are multiple types of online advertising platforms. Some are good for the small-term goals, and some are designed for the long-term target.

Each of these different types of advertising platforms is unique and will provide different results depending on the ad campaign a brand decides to run and for what length of time.

1. Display Advertising

Display Advertising

According to a recent pew research study, over 85 percent of Americans are online on a daily basis. Companies know most consumers can be acquired through digital means, so advertising strategies have become tailored around the internet. 

Display advertising is one of the different types of advertising techniques. For example, it promotes a product or service through visual elements on web pages and social media platforms.

It’s an ideal method of attracting a target audience to take a specific action, like clicking on a horizontal banner on top of a website or a vertical banner that is displayed on the sides of an e-commerce store.

2. Video/Visual Ads

Video is perhaps one of the most effective methods to showcase a product or service for several reasons: 1) video is easy to digest, 2) video can be optimized for handheld devices, and 3) it gets the point across quickly. Many marketing experts say that video advertisement is set to dominate the marketing industry for the next decade. 

Some common types of video ads include:

  •     In-stream video ads – videos that appear before, during, or after video content.
  •     Out-stream video ads – videos that are integrated into an article or blog content.
  •     Reward or Shoppable video ads – videos that showcase the product on a website.

There are many benefits to video types of advertising techniques. These advertising techniques can offer to brands when it comes to creating an effective ad campaign.

They are very effective in capturing the attention of consumers, and video can also convey a lot of product information in a short period of time. This helps increase brand awareness, plus – videos can be easily shared and increase consumer outreach. 

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3. Native Advertising

3. Native Advertising

When it comes to native advertising, these ads function a little differently than display advertising because they are paid ads designed to match the look, feel, and function of the media format in which they appear. 

These types of advertising are meant to be non-disruptive and blend into the overall content of the page on which they are displayed.  

Some examples of native advertising include:  

  •     “In-feed” ads: ads that appear in the news feed of social networks.
  •     Search and promote through the listing: ad listings that appear on the top of Google search engine finding results or on the side of the search bar.
  •     Recommendations For Content: The recommended products that appear below the product you just viewed on a webpage. 

4. Mobile Ads

The majority of consumers spend a lot of time navigating the web through their mobile devices and so many brands today optimize their ads for smartphones. Mobile ads can be in the form of video, app, display, search, or social ads designed to fit a small display area. 

Very often, mobile ads are types of advertising which are specialized for the consumer based on the content they periodically see and are also known as location-based or geo-targeted ads.

5. Social Media Ads

5. Social Media Ads

Everyone is on social media today, which means advertisers are one of the types of advertising that do all they can to get their most popular products in front of as many people as possible. 

Large social platforms like FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat are taking the advertising world by storm, with brands spending millions in ad spend to acquire potential customers. 

Social ads are great at driving engagement and conversions due to their eye-grabbing content custom-tailored to the social media user. Today, many brands chose to do social media ads for the products they sell in their e-commerce store.


All of these five types of advertising mediums always do the work in a faster way. But every business requirement is different. So you have to find the most suitable one by comparing the company’s needs. So which one are you going to pick? Let us know through the comment section.

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