6 Types of Marketing You’ve Likely Never Heard of

By mashum.mollah

November 28, 2020

Types of Marketing

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There are some types of marketing that everyone is aware of. Telemarketing, digital marketing, blogging, etc.. Yet there are many more different types of marketing that you’ll never have heard of.

You’ve only got a limited marketing budget: you need to manage it well. What should you be spending your money on to get the most bang for your buck?

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some novel types of digital marketing and other forms of marketing that you might not know about. Why not see whether these could work for you?

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1. Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video dominates the internet. A massive 60 percent of downstream traffic is made up of videos: this means that it can be a powerful marketing tool when used well.

Using video to promote your products doesn’t start and finish with traditional adverts like you see on TV. Video marketing is all about making interesting videos that highlight your product or service’s uses while increasing engagement with your customers.

Think about those catchy Facebook videos that you can’t help watching. Those are the perfect examples of video marketing.

You want your marketing videos to be interesting and engaging, whether they’re evergreen content or if you’re trying to hook yourself onto the latest online trends.

If you can make your viewers share your video then that’s even better! It’s effectively free advertising.

2. Scent Marketing

Scent Marketing

Scent marketing is a very abstract idea but there is good science behind it. Scent, emotion, and memory are all intertwined, and taking advantage of this neurological link can give your company some great boosts.

Think of it like this: if you walk into a store and there’s a bad smell like rotten eggs, are you likely to go back? We’d be willing to bet that the answer is no.

Scent marketing is the practice of using pleasant scents to create a good atmosphere in your store that your customers will appreciate. You can use it to imprint a great smell on your products, use it in your store, or on your packaging.

However you use scent marketing, you’ll be creating a memory link between your company and your products and a pleasant experience. This kind of subtle marketing works on an unconscious level and can be highly effective.

3. Ambush Marketing

Ambush Marketing

Ambush marketing is all about taking your customer’s unaware and creating a sense of excitement. For instance, if you’re a coffee company and you want to get people excited about your product and get them to try it, why not create a pop-up stand at local festivals.

You can also go to coffee shops and try to market your coffee: cold calling taken to the next level, basically.

Put up posters, hand out pamphlets, and set up stands at high-traffic areas. You want to appear when customers least expect it but still want to try your product: for instance, with the coffee idea, you could offer free samples to thirsty and tired people walking to their offices.

4. CTA Marketing

CTA Marketing

How can you make your customers take a certain action? Well, by telling them to do it. This is the essence of CTA (call to action) marketing.

This kind of marketing is very common on blogs, but you can use it anywhere. We used it in the intro to this article when we said “read on.”

By encouraging your customers to take a certain action, they are more likely to do it than if you leave them to their own devices. For instance, let’s say that you make a video that promotes a new product from your company. If you show off the benefits of the device and that’s all, you may get some orders; if you then say “why not check it out yourself,” you’re more likely to get orders.

This is because people are very susceptible to suggestion. You need to harness this by using calls to action in your media.

5. Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Getting attention online isn’t as easy as just putting content on the internet. If it were, we’d all be stars of the internet: search engine marketing is a way to channel searches to your site rather than competitors.

While SEO is a great way to get attention to your site, it can take time as you still need to make content and have Google index it, and so on.

Search engine marketing, like pay-per-click advertising, is a way to shortcut this. You can specify a keyword, and, when people search for it, your site will appear at the top of the results. The more popular the keyword, the more expensive it will be per click.

This means that with a bit of keyword research, you can find highly-searched but non-competitive keywords and get seen by more people every day.

6. Humanistic Marketing

Humanistic Marketing

Do you think that digital marketing lacks that human touch that you want your company to represent? Then humanistic marketing might be exactly what you’re looking for.

This kind of marketing depends on reaching out to people and talking to them face to face. You need to get in contact with them in-person and ask them what they like and don’t like about your company.

Instead of dedicating your time to studying datasets and analytics, you instead ask your customers directly. Depending on your industry, this could offer a more clear picture of what your customers want.

There Are Many Types of Marketing You Could Use

There are so many different types of marketing: think outside the box and consider whether your current strategies and methods are giving your customers what they need.

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