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Types Of Property Taxes Foreigners Face In Thailand

Published on: February 16, 2023

Last Updated on: May 20, 2024

Property Taxes Foreigners Face In Thailand

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It is important to first consider what property tax is. The tax that is paid on properties which can include real estate investments that are owned by either individuals or commercial organizations is known as property taxes. Unlike rent tax, property taxes are calculated based on the value of the properties in question.

It is also important to note that these taxes are calculated by the government and differ in price depending on the location. Thailand is one location that is known for various options for real estate investments for every class with high affordability. Apartments for sale in Thailand are of various configurations and are very well available for citizens and foreigners alike.

Types Of Properties In Thailand

The question ‘what can I buy?’ is one that should be answered before one can start with the consideration of other things which may include property taxes. Thailand, a country in Asia, is one that has proven its uniqueness in the availability of properties that can be acquired both by its citizens and foreigners alike. These properties are available in various locations around the nation and are available in large numbers which can give everyone a guarantee that there is something for everyone.

What is available? Commercial buildings, residential buildings, and every other kind one may have in mind. The residential building available in Thailand ranges from different configurations to suit the needs of prospective buyers. There are luxurious villas that are in a very beautiful and tranquil environment that can give great comfort to its residents. The acquisition of these villas, whether for commercial purposes or personal use, gives the buyer the opportunity of being a prestigious owner of such a villa in such an environment and of course, provides great and just perfect luxury that is just needed.

There are apartments that can also be acquired by prospective buyers. Just like villa, they are located in various locations around the nation. All are available for whoever picks interests in this location. These apartments are of various types and configurations ranging from one bedroom to various bedrooms that suit the taste of the buyer. Investments made in this location are known and promised to give high returns on investments and that is something that every investor looks to explore.

Owning Properties In Thailand As A Foreigner

Thailand being a beautiful place with rich cultural significance in Asia as evidenced by visitors, foreigners have then shown interest in owning properties in Thailand. By law, foreigners are not allowed to own lands in Thailand, however a person can own a land in the country only by meeting some requirements.

Some of these requirements involve becoming a citizen by naturalization and owning a percentage of a reputable company in Thailand. Usually less than 50% and then owning the land through the company. It is important to note that owning property or properties as a foreigner in Thailand is no piece of the cake.

Types Of Property Taxes In Thailand Faced By Foreigners

Property taxes in Thailand are taxes that are calculated and determined based on the value of the property. These values include the land and structures that may be built on it. The charges are done by the local government in the area where the property is located and by law are usually charged annually. The property taxes on each property can differ and it is dependent on what the property is being used for. Property taxes can differ depending on the use of the property. So, you need legal support to meet local tax regulations whether you want to become a resident or open a business in Thailand. The property taxes and charge rates are highlighted below in these few points.

  • Properties used for commercial purposes are known to have tax rates that do not exceed 0.5% of the assessed value of the properties, both landed properties and land value.
  • Properties used for personal residential purposes are known to have tax rates that do not exceed 0.1% of the evaluated property value.
  • Properties used for agricultural purposes are known to have tax rates that are around and not exceeding 0.05% of the evaluated value.

As of this moment, these values are known to be the highest values to be charged annually in the location. Due to this reason, It is important to note that the charged tax rates differ by district and area as there are areas that would have lesser rates depending on the criteria used for determining the property taxes in the area.

Returns On Investments In Thailand

Investments in real estate are something one should give great thought to as to how lucrative it can be and make sure to do comparisons in order to choose where is best for such investments. Thailand is a country known to be one of the first tourist locations in Asia and till this point is considered a place of dream for interested visitors and a place that one must visit again for those who may have visited this location in the past.

Despite the taxation on properties, it is still a place that has proven to be very lucrative for investors as returns on their investments are really high compared to some other locations in Asia and even in the European regions. The net returns on investments in Thailand have been known to be as high as 7% to 9% per annum.

In Conclusion

The fact that there are various kinds of properties that are available for acquisition in Thailand gives everyone the assurance that there is something for everyone. Is it for investments? Or if it is for commercial purposes, there is something for you. With reasonable property taxes, you and yours can get something that suits you, and you are sure to get extra comfort and class in great luxury that one can probably not get anywhere around.

When it is for rental purposes, one does not have to start thinking too much about how their investment will bring in profits. Thanks to the beauty and tourist relevance spread wide across the nation. One is sure to get good mouthwatering returns on whatever type of investment a person chooses to venture into. Read more on the official website Thailand-Real.Estate.



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