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How To Choose Used Shipping Containers?

By Sumona

May 23, 2022

Shipping Containers

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The container shipping business requires a substantial investment. One of the solutions to reduce costs is to buy used shipping containers.

Depending on the year of manufacture, its current technical state cost in Wichita is different.

At the selection stage, it is important to determine the degree of wear. In this article, we will consider the benefits of used containers and reasons to buy used shipping containers in Wichita.

Benefits of used containers

Despite the reduced price, used shipping containers usually have sufficient resources to operate them for their intended purpose. The increased interest for used large-tonnage cheap shipping containers is due to the long service life laid down in the manufacture of containers.

The key to reliability for a long period is anti-corrosion treatment of the outer part of the body, strong stiffening ribs, and easy-to-repair door leaves.

Even heavily worn specimens are used as a mini-warehouse. Used containers are converted into shops and garages. But the operation for its intended purpose, the carriage of goods by sea, is not excluded.

What can affect the price

Saving money forces the buyer to be more attentive to the technical condition of used containers. If the new container is under warranty, it is recommended to carefully inspect the used version.

When selecting a used container, the following criteria are checked (they affect the price):

  • year of issue – the older the container, the lower its cost;
  • appearance – defects on the outside of the case may indicate a violation of tightness;
  • the integrity of the anti-corrosion coating – during the operation of a used container, chips and other damage is possible, and only timely restoration will extend the service life;
  • the condition of the floor, ceiling, walls – dents are undesirable, in such places corrosion centers appear more often (through holes in used containers are unacceptable);
  • serviceability of doors – in addition to free play, you should check the quality of rubber gaskets.

The container should allow you to safely transport, and store goods. Otherwise, the price will be compared between similar options. Containers that have undergone repairs, if they were required, are usually released for sale.

How not to make a mistake with the choice

The selection of a used shipping container is carried out depending on the purpose. If the long-term operation is planned in the conditions of transportation by sea, the requirements are the same. When it is only necessary to ensure the safety of the cargo in the warehouse, the criteria are different.

You can buy a well-used container by choosing from the categories:

Group I – containers do not require repair, the appearance corresponds to the original, the walls are even (with shallow dents), and there is no corrosion;

Group II – minor repairs for containers are needed, there are small dents, without breaking the tightness of the container, and traces of corrosion are visible from the outside and from the inside;

Group III – repairs have already been carried out, the appearance of containers is satisfactory, there is rust on the outside or inside of the case, and there are medium or large dents.

The first category in terms of the technical condition is as close as possible to new ones. Such goods are suitable for various purposes (storage, transportation of goods). For the second group, the appointment is determined depending on the type of product. With high requirements for a dry microclimate, it is recommended to buy used first class shipping containers.

The third category of quality is suitable only for storing products inside port warehouses when the impact of precipitation is excluded. When placing a used container in the open air, it is utilized due to the presence of closable flaps.

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Scope of application

The strength of the container frame and the possibility of lining with various materials allow a broad look at the use of shipping containers. When installed on a flat area, the buyer immediately receives a clean floor, a reliable roof, and the ability to close the container from strangers.

Misuse of used containers:

  • sale of goods “from the warehouse” (dimensions allow you to place a small counter and close the mini-shop after the end of the working day without dismantling it);
  • a utility room for installing a power plant, and other equipment, and storing any tools (no alterations to a used container are required for this);
  • a small house – you can cut window openings and modify the door, additionally insulate the walls, ceiling, and floor, as a result, you will get a temporary house for living, for example, during the construction period.

Sometimes shipping containers serve as a frame for subsequent lining with bricks and finishing with other decorative materials. In terms of area, it is enough for the construction of a gas station building, and a cafe. You can carry out communications inside it (electricity, heat, water supply).

Disadvantages of used containers

When evaluating whether a shipping container is suitable for certain purposes, it is recommended to take into account not only the advantages but also the disadvantages. They exist if you count on non-standard applications. So, the metal case is very hot under the sun. It will be hot and stuffy inside if you do not provide thermal insulation for the walls and ceiling.

The same will be needed if it is planned to make a mini-cafe in the container, another place where people will be all year round. The metal conducts cold well, and with temperature fluctuations, abundant condensate appears on the walls. This is corrected by a layer of a heat insulator.

When using used shipping containers and their full serviceability, the owner receives a completely ready-made tool for transporting large consignments of goods. This only confirms its durability in harsh conditions (high humidity, mechanical impacts during loading and unloading operations, when placing containers on top of each other).


Shipping containers have long been a hot commodity. Anything can be made from these multifunctional modules – from shops and garden houses to mining farms. Pelican Containers is engaged in the sale of cheap used shipping containers. You can buy the desired one in Wichita.

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