The voice is yours: what marketing difference can audio communication make?

By Mashum Mollah

January 25, 2021

audio communication

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Audio communication, telephone calls, P2P, whatever you might call it, are not as utilized in businesses as they once were. As technology has developed, the number of alternatives to traditional phone calls has increased.

Alternatives include texting, emailing, and live chat. Perhaps the most direct alternative, live chat, can be operated by a live person or a virtual chatbot. Both options allow users to receive answers to their queries in real-time.

Though telephone calls might be going out of fashion, there are certainly some benefits. Here is how you can use your company’s audio communication as a tool to market your business.

Personalized customer service

A phone call, as opposed to something like a message or an email, is entirely more direct and personal. This is because, with a call, the customer can get a reply from a real human being straight away, rather than waiting for what could be an automated reply.

Whilst the customer is on the phone, this allows the company to make sure that the customer is okay and help them through any steps that might be required for their query. This means that the customer service can be fully personalized to the caller and problems can be fixed in real-time.

Voice searches

Another aspect of audio communication can be voice searching. Voice searches can be used instead of typing a question into a text-based search engine. Not only is it quicker for some people to ask a question out loud, but this can also make your service more accessible.

Some people who have a disability might struggle to use a mouse or a keyboard, and things like dyslexia can limit the speed or fluency at which someone can type words and sentences. Therefore, voice searching can be a great way to make your company more accessible for both your staff and your customers.

Immediately redirect to the appropriate department

Traditional phone systems are connected to a local network for your office, and this is no different when it comes to cloud-based phones. cloud phone systems by Gamma connects all office devices to a virtual network, allowing you to easily transfer any calls to other departments.

This can be useful if you need to escalate a situation, need someone to take over, or are forwarding a customer to the appropriate department to tackle their query. This will make customer service more efficient and raise productivity.

Improve customer satisfaction

By utilizing audio communications, can lead to a boost in customer satisfaction. It goes without saying that a phone call takes a little extra time than sending off a quick instant message and this could make all the difference to how your customers perceive your company. It shows that you are willing to go that extra mile to help your customers with what they need.

Overall, the best thing in any business’s arsenal is to be able to show potential customers just how satisfied their clientele is with their services. Using your implementation of audio communications as a marketing tool, can make your business look more efficient, productive, personal, accessible, and show your customers you care.

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