Trends in Managed IT Services that are Remodeling the Industry

Managed IT Services

IT budgets are increasing across the globe as businesses are replacing their outdated technology. In 2020, 44% of businesses plan to allocate more budgets to IT, rising from 38% in 2019. With the increasing demand for information, ways it can get accessed, used, and passed, businesses are working to strengthen their IT infrastructure. The digital space is changing rapidly, and recent trends in the managed IT services are here to remodel the industry.

Below are five of the significant trends in managed IT services:

1 – Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things has entirely changed the way businesses work. IoT involves everything from your smartphone to electric thermostats to Bluetooth operated dog collars; all such devices collect user data into a massive set of data, also known as big data. As a business owner, you can use IoT to study the behavior of your customers. But businesses do need assistance to deal with such a high volume of real-time data that gets fulfilled by managed IT services.

2 – Cloud services 

Cloud services refer to setting up your IT infrastructure and services virtually, it doesn’t consume physical space, and you have online access to manage your business operations. It saves you money, increases efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. But, 32% of businesses are unable to utilize cloud computing due to a lack of knowledge. If you want to get benefitted from the cloud services, then managed services can serve your purpose.

3 – Big data

Many businesses are relying on big data to make decisions about development, sales initiatives, marketing, engineering, etc. The big data is present in such a large volume that conventional ways of saving and processing the data fall short to get the desired result. Indeed, big data can spot business trends and enable you to make the right decisions. But it also requires more hardware, software, and knowledge to compute everything, and that’s where managed services can help businesses.

4 – Security 

Mobile, social, and cloud technologies are pressurizing the IT industry to have a cautious approach to security due to its ever-changing nature. The new technologies get developed to fulfill the increasing demand for information, but business and their service provider’s needs to come up with new ways to keep the data protected. Many businesses are willing to spend on the managed services to keep their data safeguarded from security threats mainly.

5 – Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are almost everywhere, even if you don’t notice it. For example, the ‘people you may know’ list on socials, printers telling you that it’s out of paper, etc. The AI and ML can indeed increase business efficiency; help operate big data, cloud services, and so on. And maybe that’s why; the usage of AI-based technologies by businesses will triple by 2021.


Those were the five trends in the managed IT services industry. One out of four businesses is increasing the IT budget in 2020, owing to the recent security incident they experienced. While security is the primary motivator for increasing the IT budget, the latest tech trends, as mentioned above, are also positively changing the industry.

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