3 Ways to Keep Your Branding Consistent

By Mashum Mollah

January 22, 2021

Keep Your Branding Consistent

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There are many aspects involved in managing the image of your small business. Nevertheless, doing so is a crucial part of projecting to your current and future clients precisely what your company is all about. The last thing you want is for there to be any confusion at all about your business and the type of brand that you are trying to build.

There are a number of things to do in order to manage your brand in the right manner. One important piece of the puzzle is a focus on consistency. A consistent brand sends across a clear message and helps to avoid any confusion. Moreover, it helps you to attain a certain level of professionalism about your company that your customers will respond positively to.

If you are looking for ways in which you can achieve a more consistent brand for your company, here are three things that you should start doing as soon as possible.

1. Start with Your Communications

Any time someone answers the phone at your business, or if you send out an email to a potential client, you want there to be a sense of clarity and professionalism about the matter. If someone is attempting to reach your company with an inquiry or with the desire to do business with you and they are not able to know precisely that they have reached the right channel, then they might be put off from pursuing the matter further.

This is why it is important for your employees to have a standard script with which to answer the phone. They should immediately indicate the name of your business so as to avoid any confusion. Moreover, you should look to utilize an email signature manager so that all of the internal and external communications at your company will close with a uniform and on-brand signature

2. Clear Out the Old

If at any point throughout the course of your business, you have made any changes or alterations to your branding materials, it is vitally important that the older materials be removed and updated. By leaving older materials hanging about, you risk confusing the public about your brand overall. Even if the change in question is something as small as an update to one of the colors that you use in your branding materials, it is important to do a general sweep to ensure that no outdated material is left behind.

3. Get Everyone on Board

One thing that can be detrimental to the consistency of your branding is a member of your team or even a consultant that you work with not being on board with any changes you have made. Furthermore, if someone is unaware of a change that has been made to your branding, something will surely slip through the cracks. Take the time to ensure that everyone is on board and aware of your company’s new priority of consistency. This is going to be an important step in building a clear and consistent brand.

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