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What Is A Shipping Exception Fedex

What Is a Shipping Exception Fedex

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Have you ever wondered what is a shipping exception fedex? Have you ever tried to track a package just to see the status “shipping exception?”. In the shipping world, both major players, FedEx and UPS, use the term shipping exception. 

They use this term to describe a situation where an unexpected event can easily disrupt normal package delivery.  

It either causes a delay or prevents it from being delivered as planned. The reason can be a flat tire, bad weather, a natural calamity, or vehicle issues.  

However, these exceptional events may vary from time to time. One common occurrence is that they deliberately delay a smooth operation. As a result, they disrupt the delivery of your package from point A to point B.   

This article will explore the entire concept of shipment exception FedEx (sometimes known as FedEx delivery exceptions). We will dive into the definition along with the shipment exceptions.  

Together, we will illuminate the shipment exception delivery to gain a clear understanding of shipping and logistics.    

What Does Shipping Exception Mean?

What Does Shipping Exception Mean

In parcel delivery, the shipping exception mainly occurs when a specific unexpected event disrupts the usual delivery process.  

The US shipping giants FedEx and UPS use the term to describe a temporary hold on your package’s journey. These delays and unexpected snags can arise from various reasons, like natural disasters or flat tires, but some are completely out of FedEx’s control. 

Whenever a shipping exception occurs, the carrier company always ensures that they make the utmost effort to resolve the issue and complete the delivery process as quickly as possible.  

In some cases, the recipient may be required to provide additional information, contact the carrier, or arrange a pick-up at a local facility. However, these only occur due to some exceptional issues.       

Reasons For Shipping Exceptions

Reasons For Shipping Exceptions

When we learn what a shipping exception is for FedEx, we first need to understand why that occurs in the first place. The shipping exception refers to the unforeseeable events that can occur during the delivery process and prevent the package from being delivered.  

The shipping exception FedEx can happen due to several reasons, and some of these reasons comprise:  

  • Weather-related issues: Mother Nature can cause real problems in shipping. Bad weather conditions like storms, cyclones, floods, torrential rainfall, or snowfall can disrupt shipping transportation and delay deliveries.   
  • Incorrect address or missing information: If the shipping label has your address corrected or incomplete, FedEx may be able to ship the products right to your doorstep.  

I suggest you always double-check everything before finalizing the delivery.    

  • Delivery attempt failure: What will happen if nobody’s at home? What if FedEx tried to deliver the parcel, but there’s noone at home who could pick it up?  

In these cases, FedEx leaves a notice about the incident, and later, they might expect you to pick it up from the local facilities.  

  • Customs clearance delays: In many cases, international shipping faces delays due to customs, thor rules, and import regulations. So, while tracking your package, you may notice a shipping exception during these times.  
  • Damaged package: Packages sometimes get damaged or lost during shipment, resulting in a shipping exception. FedEx might hold the damaged product delivery before sending it for inspection when such issues occur.  
  • Security-related concerns: Security snag cases occur rarely. But they delay the shipping process whenever they do, leading to a shipping exception.   

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The Major Causes Of Shipping Exceptions

The Major Causes Of Shipping Exceptions

If you are wondering what is a shipping exception FedEx, I can explain it to you using three broad categories: internal factors, external factors, and customer-related factors.  

🚚Internal Factors

 Internal factors are the main elements that a shipping company directly controls. These can be human errors, such as the wrong name, address, or incorrect labeling. 

Technological failures, such as tracking system issues, are also considered internal factors. 

🚚External Factors

On the contrary, outside elements mostly influence external factors and create issues for the shippers. These can be heavy traffic congestion, road accidents, bad weather conditions, and other incidents.  

During these times, the shippers face a delay in shipment processing, so you constantly see a shipping exception in the tracking system.    

🚚Customer-Related Factors

Customer-related issues contribute the most to delivery exceptions. For instance, Imagine someone provided FedEx with the wrong address, and now they cannot deliver the package to your doorstep. 

Shipping companies like FedEx also need help with issues when consumers refuse to accept the delivery, which can lead to shipping exceptions.  

It is vital for shipping companies, as well as carriers, to address such issues proactively. In this way, they can find ways to mitigate such exceptions and deliver the parcels promptly.  

If the problem is technology, which is considered an internal factor, then companies like FedEx need to address such situations with trained support.      

Actions To Take When A Shipping Exception Occurs

Actions To Take When A Shipping Exception Occurs

When you try to track your parcel on FedEx, and suddenly there is a shipping exception, you might wonder what a shipping exception is. Well, here are some tips that you can follow to get your package back on track.  

📦Make Contact With FedEx Customer Service. 

FedEx has its own customer service and is efficient and capable of resolving customer queries with prompt replies.  

If you encounter any issues with the shipping, contact FedEx customer service right away. They will take further measurements, investigate the problems, and advise you on what to do next.  

📦Be Prepared With Your Tracking Numbers And Shipment Details. 

FedEx customer service will ask you to provide the tracking ID and shipment details so everything is ready with you.  

These details can help them pinpoint the exact issues as a top priority.  

📦If Necessary, FedEx Might Request That You Pick Up Your Own Package.  

Customer service will provide detailed addresses and directions to the facilities. This only occurs when FedEx cannot solve the exception issues immediately. You can also contact the shipping company to learn more about such services.  

If you follow the steps properly, you will be on your way to resolving the shipping exception issues with FedEx and getting the package delivered as soon as possible. 

Ups And FedEx Policies For Handling Exceptions 

Ups And FedEx Policies For Handling Exceptions

Shipping cannot always ensure smooth sailing. There can be some unforeseeable circumstances that can cause a package delay or can go missing entirely. 

But there is nothing to worry about; FedEx and UPS both have some policies that can help you navigate such exceptions.  

One of the most common shipping exceptions is late shipping. The companies FedEx and UPS both offer a money-back guarantee for such services. However, this money-back guarantee can exclude extreme factors such as bad weather or the wrong address. 

Now, if your package is truly lost without any proof of delivery or NPOD, do not hesitate to call FedEx customer services.  

They will take your complaint as a top priority and investigate the matter for an early solution.  

As for the damaged packages, UPS and FedEx share a similar process. You will have to make contact with FedEx customer services to file a complaint. Once the complaint is filed, you might have to wait some time until FedEx asks you to provide evidence of the damages.  

They may ask you for photos or videos of the damaged products. 

Always remember! The quicker you address a shipping exception and make contact with FedEx, the faster they will resolve the issue for you.   

Time Limits And Process For Filing Claims

There can be times when you face a shipping mishap. But don’t worry, you can file a claim to get back the things that you lost. However, the process can vary depending on the services that you are using and the specific terms and conditions related to the shipping.  

The only key to mitigating shipping exception issues is to act as quickly as possible.  

There are two kinds of main-time limits that you need to remember:   

Purpose   Time limit   Cause of shipping exception  
To file a claim  


21 days from delivery date   For lost, delayed or any kind of damager deliveries.  
Nine months from the initial shipment date   The package is still not delivered or misdelivered.  

You must always ensure that you have met the deadlines or get accurate information. To do so, you can check FedEx’s official website or contact FedEx customer service.  

There can be instances where these claims and complaints file processes overwhelm you. In such cases, you can opt for the services like Sifted. These third-party applications specialize in handling claims to save you from hassle or time waste.  


Shipping exceptions can cause your annoyance. But if you can properly understand how the situations work or how to address the issues, you can feel empowered to handle the situations effectively  

You will have to effectively use all the FedEx resources, including their customer service or online services. In this way, you can ensure a smooth delivery experience.  

Always remember that proactiveness is the key. So, be attentive and overcome shipping exceptions so that the products can reach you easily.  

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