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International Shipment Release – Import | What Is It? [Explained Here]

By Subham

December 12, 2022

international shipment release - import

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So, What does International shipment release – import mean? If you have come here, that means you want to know about International Shipment. But what does it mean exactly? Is your shipment facing any problems? If that, then what to do next? If you are using FedEx as your overseas delivery, then you will definitely get an International shipment release – import update.


Before coming to the topic, let’s look into the source. FedEx Corporation (Previously Federal Express) is an American multinational conglomerate, and the focuses of the company are transportation, business, and e-commerce services. The company started its business in Memphis, Tennessee. Currently, FedEx is well-known for its air delivery service.

The company was the pioneer in starting the overnight delivery service. After that, the company started different services like FedEx Office, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, FedEx Supply Chain, and various other services. In addition, the company has contracted with the United States government. And it also assists the United States Postal Services with its Air Cargo Network contract.

FedEx And International Shipment

FedEx And International Shipment

So, this United States based multinational shipment or courier agency is the top contender when it comes to international shipment or sending parcels abroad. Though you can compare this company with a local courier company, it is internationally wide and sends and receives packages.

Suppose you live in the United States and want to send a package to someone who lives in a country in Europe. Then you will need a transportation company, and for this, you can take the help of FedEx Smartpost, FedEx Ground, or FedEx Express. When you book FedEx for your delivery, you will get a tracking order. And with this tracking order, you can track your package until it is delivered.

FedEx International Shipment Release Import: How Does It Work?

How Does Fedex shipment Work

There is no miracle or extraordinary process that FedEx does. It works like any other company. First, you need to hand over your package to FedEx. After that, your package will go to the receiving country. Then the customs department checks and does all their duties. If there are any additional charges or taxes, those will be applied. After checking the necessary things, the package will be delivered to FedEx again. And then FedEx will deliver the package to the delivery address.

FedEx International Shipment Release Import

FedEx International Shipment Release Import

Now, it is time to know about International shipment release – import. People who have been sending packages through FedEx are already aware of the term. But if you are taking help from FedEx and have heard the term for the first time, then you must not know what is this mean.

Simply the term means that the package has been received and checked by customs. Then it dispatched. If you get this message, it means your package is ready to depart your country. Clear through the customs department of your country. If you don’t get the message, that means there is some problem with your package being dispatched.

What Does International Shipment Release Mean?

International Shipment Release

International Shipment Release or International shipment release – import are the same thing. FedEx shows the tracking status, and the above two things are the same. But, if there is a suffix called “export,” then that will be a different meaning. If you see Export, then that means the package has left the country for international delivery.

There is also a different meaning if there is the term written “in transit.” This means the package has reached the final delivery address. And it will be delivered soon to the delivery address. So, in case you use FedEx as your delivery partner, then you will be notified by email. You will also get tracking details from time to time. The status of the package, where your package is, and you will also get all the tracking information.

FedEx International Shipment Release – Export

FedEx International Shipment Release - Export

The import and export both show that your package is delivered smoothly. And there is no problem related to it. But there is a difference between these two things. And the export is less frequently sent. And it means that your delivery is successfully cleared customs in the delivered country. Then it will be released for international transit. FedEx does not send this information too often to customers who have been using FedEx for delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are questions that most people are curious to know. You may find these questions and answers interesting.

1. How Long Does International Shipping Release Take?

Ans: The delivery process consists of different processes like shipping services, customs clearance, shipping prohibited items, and potential delivery issues. So, these things are behind the time of the delivery. So, your delivery will take between 1 to 10 days. If you are using FedEx, USPS, or UPS, then this is the average timing.

2. How Long Does It Take For FedEx International Shipment Release?

Ans: If you are sending packages to Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico, then it will take a maximum of 2 or 3 days. FedEx has a reach total of 215 countries, and the company takes a maximum of 5 business days. If you want to import an item, then you can do that from 90 different countries.

3. How Long Does Import Clearance Take?

Ans: After the package is delivered to the country where the package will go. Before the delivery, customs clearance does not take more than 24 hours. Sometimes, it takes a couple of days or weeks to be inspected, but this depends on the goods. A customs clearance is necessary if someone is delivering an item to the United States. And it can take time.

Further Words

International shipment release – import simply means the tracking update of the package that your delivery partner, FedEx, is delivering. So whether you are sending an item or receiving one, FedEx will always keep you updated with the tracking status. It also means that the package is cleared through customs and has reached the destination country. And finally, the delivery will reach the final delivery address, you will also be notified.

If you have any further queries, then feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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