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What Time Does Sonic Close? Opening And Closing Time

By Shahnawaz Alam

December 16, 2022

what time does sonic close

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What time does sonic close? First, let me tell you about Sonic, then we will discuss more.

If you love American food, you will never be disappointed. Your loved ones ( the delicious foods) are scattered across the country through different popular restaurant chains. Sonic is one of them.

No matter which town you are in, you can easily trace a restaurant close to you. Sonic is one of the best evening restaurants you can go to.

They boast more than 3500 restaurants across the country. However, some eager customers have trouble pinpointing their time of service. This article should be a massive help to them.

About Sonic

The sonic Restaurant chain was founded by Troy N. Smith Sr. After World War II; Smith Sr. started to work as a milkman. However, milk is heavier than bread, so he started to deliver bread instead. Soon Smith purchased a cottage and started his own cottage Cafe. That is where he started Sonic. Later he expanded Sonic and brought it to the customers as a drive-in restaurant.

The restaurant chain came was officially established in 1953. They have established 3550 franchises across the country ever since. You can order different snacks, sodas, hamburgers, hotdogs, and more.

Typical Hours Of Operation: What Time Does Sonic Close? 

So, what time does Sonic open? How long does Sonic drive-in remain open? You can get a tasty treat every week. You can expect them to open at 7:00 and leave the door open until midnight. Also, good news for fast food lovers. You can have the store open until 2:00 on Friday and Saturday nights.

But is sonic open on Christmas? Many fast food lovers love to order during Christmas, but sadly, they remain closed during Christmas and Thanksgiving almost yearly. Nowadays, you can even order using the Sonic Drive-in. So when ordering online, you don’t have to worry and ask – what time does sonic close?

Hours Of Operation OF SONIC

Also, you can pay from the phone, browse their menu and see different offers and rewards. You can also find out about new offers and browse from the menu. Here are the different benefits of ordering from the drive-in app.

  • You can now order ahead of time. Also, Happy Hour is available all the time. Also, they charge you half the price for slushes and drinks when you order through the app.
  • You will get exclusive rewards and deals you can redeem when Ordering Ahead.
  • How late is sonic open? To know that, you should check out the opening and closing times of the Sonic store near you. The time might be different at different locations.

How Do I Find Sonic Store Near Me?

You can always find a Sonic store by going around the town and looking for the big logo. But that wastes a lot of your time. Especially if you are new to a town, you cannot go around looking for Sonic Drive-in Stores. There are easier ways to find the Sonic Store.

Find Sonic Store Near Me

1. Sonic Website 

The best way to locate a sonic store in your area is by heading to the official sonic website. You should head to the official Sonic website and click on the location option. On their location search bar, you can look for the different locations, their addresses, and hours of operation.

2. Google Maps 

Sonic is a reliable place to go if you want to have dinner at the nearest drive-in restaurant. Google Maps is a pretty handy app when it comes to looking for something on the internet

All you have to do is to toggle on the location tool on your phone and then search with the restaurant’s name. For instance, you can search for “Sonic Drive in location near me.” But what time does sonic close? Google map has the answer to that as well.

From the search result, tap on the red mark on the location near you and look for directions to go to the nearest Sonic Store.

3. Use The Sonic App

If you are wondering what time sonic close, then you should use Sonic Drive in the app. The app has a store locator. You can use it to locate a Sonic Drive store near you. Also, the app lets you order your favorite snacks and food from Sonic drive-in.

Sonic is famous mainly for its snacks. If it is your first time ordering something from the store, you should take a look at their menu. Of course, you can check them out from their official website or app. But here are some personal favorites I recommend to most people–

Sonic  Popular Menu 
  • Cherry Limeade
  • Hot Dogs 
  • The Sonic Blast
  • The Soft Pretzel Twist
  • Onion Rings
  • Corn Dogs
  • French Toast Sticks
  • Burgers
  • Tater Tots
  • Ched’ R’ Peppers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some popular questions people unusually ask about Sonic drive-in.

1. What Is Sonic’s Secret? 

Ans: They make the burgers just the way you want them. No, the menu might not have what you have just ordered. However, if they have the ingredients and the sauces needed to make the burger, they will make it in no time and deliver it to you.

2. What Is Sonic Known For?

Ans: Sonic Drive-in restaurants are known for their different snacks. Some of their Menu items are the best there are. You should try their extra-long cheese coneys, Hot dogs, toaster sandwiches, and other snacks.

3. Is Sonic Owned By Mcdonald’s?

Ans: Mcdonald’s doesn’t own Sonic drive-in. The Sonic Drive-In is currently under the American brand named Inspire Brand. Inspire Brands is the parent company of Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Final Words 

What time does sonic close? Most US citizens know the answer to this question. If you are going to order food from this popular drive-in restaurant, you don’t have to worry about their hour of operation. You can order at anytime between 7: 00 in the morning till midnight.

I hope you have found the answer to your query. You can reach out to us through the comment section if you need any further help.

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