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Why Your Business Needs To Have A Social Media Footprint And Which Networks Are Best For Your Needs

Published on: January 25, 2023

Last Updated on: May 8, 2024

Social Media

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In 2023 if your business isn’t making the most of social media channels, then you are missing a trick. In the modern age, there is pretty much no excuse for not using these networks to assist your business, whatever the size or industry you operate within, and the opportunities and revenue streams you’ll secure from these avenues are significant and relatively easily accessed.

The sheer size of the audience you can reach via the leading social media network channels should be enough of a reason to adopt a robust strategy in this area, but even for more targeted campaigns, the benefits are obvious and, perhaps more importantly, measurable.

Ideally, if your company budget covers it, you should outsource these operations or have an experienced in-house team dedicated to your social media operations. This will help you identify trends, secure much-needed virality, or perhaps help you with more specific tasks, such as working out how to add sound to the TikTok videos you are putting together.

To help convince you of the many advantages of making good use of social media channels, here are some ways to make the most of this path, as well as some tips.


If your business is relatively new or perhaps opening a new branch or franchise in a specific area or territory, then using social media channels to secure vital exposure is a great way to expand your marketplace.

If used correctly, social media can be used to give your business a voice and help you to speak directly to an audience. It can be harnessed to promote a new product, to deliver the news of the latest update, or simply to tell people you’ve moved into the area, and it’s the kind of tool that can be hugely advantageous.

Customer Interaction

If you want to know what your customers and clients are thinking, then using social media to track opinions and get an immediate response to critical queries and questions is invaluable to your overall business model.

You can look to encourage engagement and seek out views about what you are doing well on and what you may be falling behind with. You can secure an immediate, almost real-time response that can help shape what you do.

This kind of interaction can also help you to develop trust from your audience, especially if you actively seek to engage with them as well as deal with any issues or problems they may highlight in the process.

Data Capture

Data Capture

Once your social media channels are up and running, you’ll find that you will be able to access key data that can be used to your advantage.

Whether this takes the form of important information related to your audience’s age range or their location, or a deeper dive into more specific results based on polls you might conduct, this can all be used to better target and manage those who have a genuine interest in the products or services your business offers.


Many businesses actively use social media channels to drive sales, and it’s an area you can significantly benefit from. Driving followers and users to either your own site or a relevant e-commerce platform will more than pay for any costs associated with effectively running these channels.

Getting traffic from social media channels is a hugely profitable undertaking when done correctly and organically. In other words, avoid any push to bring in ‘paid’ followers or likes, as many can see through these processes, and in the end, they fail to secure actual value for you and your business.

Improve Search Engine Visibility

Every business needs to be present and visible on the internet, and regularly using your social media channels will help improve your ranking and presence on Google and other search engines.

Whatever it is you provide as a service, being easily located online is crucial. Whether that means ranking for relevant searches or just so that people can follow up on their social media association with you in order to find your website. In 2023 it’s no longer acceptable for a company to not look to pursue such a presence.

Learn From Competitors

Learn From Competitors

Seeing how your rivals use social media to push their wares is an excellent way to see how you might make strides in this area. Clearly, you should not look to mimic or replicate how they behave, but you can certainly look to take pointers from their efforts, especially if you can see they are working well in this area.

Choose The Right Platform For Your Needs

No two social media platforms are the same, and each of them has a potential benefit to your business. You can use LinkedIn to get an idea of your company’s standing in the industry as well as to aid your HR push. Instagram may be more relevant for those in the creative fields, but it is pretty much relevant for all.

Facebook is a drier platform, but one where sales can be secured and data can be easily secured. Twitter is a conversational area that can be very handy for tracking judgment on what you have to offer. TikTok is useful for a more youthful crowd, and YouTube is a longer-form video platform with an audience of billions.

Each of these may have a part to play, and you can look to run paid advertising on the relevant channels and, once again, do so with the help of trained professionals. Do not try to wing it in this area.



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