YouTube Channel Tracking: Quick Guide

Published on: January 23, 2024

Last Updated on: January 24, 2024

YouTube Channel Tracking

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Running a successful YouTube channel and uploading videos that get millions of hits is no easy task, that’s why YouTube channel tracking is such an important part of staying on top of your public account. There are many different parts of the analytics tools that you need to look at and compare to other YouTube channels in order to gain insights into your own accounts.

In this article, we will cover all the things that you need to track when uploading a YouTube video, let’s start!

1. The Essential Analytics You Should Know

There are five main analytics that you should get familiar with, and they are traffic source, watch time, unique viewers, average view duration, and impressions click-through rate. The YouTube Studio app can tell you about all the things that influence your videos and channels. The YouTube analytics tool is a great way to see all the important YouTube channel statistics, so what do they mean?

Let’s break them down.

Traffic Source

When it comes to YouTube analytics, the traffic source can tell you where and how someone has come to watch your video. YouTube Studio can tell you where your video has been the most popular if you have uploaded it on another page. This is a great tool so you can determine where to advertise your YouTube channel and content in the future to gain more subscribers.

Watch Time

Watch time is one of the YouTube channel statistics that you should be keeping an eye on. It may not seem that important but watch time can tell you which videos your subscribers have watched until the end. The YouTube video that has the steadiest watch time should be your blueprint when it comes to making other content, as you will know which clips your subscribers and viewers like the most.

Unique Viewers

Unique viewers are one of the great key metrics you can find in the YouTube studio that tells you just how many of your subscribers are watching your content. It can also show you how many of these viewers are subscribers. It’s a great way to keep tabs on whether the content you are uploading is of any interest to those who are already subscribed to you.

Average View Duration

When it comes to YouTube metrics and analytics, average view duration is key to knowing what content your viewers find entertaining. For YouTube to count a view, someone needs to watch your video for more than 30 seconds. Great analytics tools can give you some insights such as the average view duration as to what content your subscribers may enjoy or dislike based on the amount of time they spend watching your video.

Impressions Click Through Rate

The impressions click-through rate as a YouTube analytics tool can tell you just how many people have opened your video. It’s a great way to track if your thumbnails are eye-catching if people subscribe after opening your videos, and want to watch your video content.

2. Advanced Tracking Techniques

There are some YouTube channel tracking tools that you may not have heard of. While YouTube Analytics is great, a lot of big creators have turned to using a third-party tool that can give you more than just the average stats. Views4You has a flawless and free video analytics tool that can help you understand the analytics behind your YouTube videos and account.

It’s an amazing way to get all those YouTube insights without having to do the hard work.

3. Optimizing Your Video Content For Better Numbers

Now that you understand how YouTube channel tracking works, it’s time for you to start optimizing your videos in order to bring those numbers of views higher up than ever before. If you take into account your YouTube analytics and your stats, you can easily see which popular videos you need to continue using as content.

You can look for video ideas on your own channel, or you can search for inspiration on other YouTube pages as well. The goal is to maintain audience watches and retention, so try not to fill your videos up with ads, as they are the reason most people exit watching. Another great tip when trying to increase video views is to add your content to relevant playlists. They are a perfect way to make sure that people come across your videos.

4. How To Know What Your Audience Wants

While YouTube analytics can tell you a lot, most people forget that their subscribers are real people who have real opinions and thoughts. You can track metrics all you want, but comments and subscribers speak for themselves. If you really want to know what your viewers and audience want, if they want some kind of specific video made, the best way to go about this is to get in touch with them either through features such as YouTube Live or through other channels.


How Many Videos Should I Be Uploading To Increase My Subscribers And Viewer Stats?

When it comes to increasing subscribers on your channel, there is no set amount that you should be uploading. When it comes to YouTube analytics and channel tracking, the data suggests that those who post on a regular schedule seem to grow more rapidly than those channels that upload infrequently. Consistency is key when you want to increase your total number of views as well as the number of subscribers you have.

Can I View The Demographics Of My Audience Using The Youtube Analytics Tool?

Yes, YouTube analytics provides the data needed in order to see the age, gender, and location of the viewers subscribed to your channel. This is a great way to identify who you should be targeting your content and ads towards.

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