9 Accessories You Need in Your Closet

Basic wardrobes are simple enough to build. However, the clothes in your closet are just the start of building a truly fashionable, versatile wardrobe.

You need to enhance your clothing selections with accessories that help tie your outfits together, add texture and color, and elevate your looks to the next level. This list includes some of the basic accessories you should have on hand to help create stunning styles.

1. Stockings or Tights


Stockings may seem old-school, but they are a simple accessory that can elevate your favorite looks. Make sure to choose a transparent pair, as well as an opaque black pair. You can choose different colors or patterns that match your style, too.

2. Scarves

Scarves are essential for winter months, but having scarves you can wear with your summer looks is important, too. Make sure to pick up a few silk scarves, handkerchiefs, and more. Choose a few different print varieties and solid colors to match your best outfits.

3. Rings

Of course, everyone owns a ring or two. To truly make your ring collection an asset to your wardrobe, invest in a few large costume rings, small statement pieces, and more. You can choose to wear multiple rings if that’s more your style, and some women choose to put a ring on every finger!

Plus, rings are the easiest option when shopping for women’s accessories online. As long as you know your ring size, you can pick up a few rings in different styles without worrying about the fit.

4. Sunglasses


When it comes to fashion, sunglasses change style constantly. One year, all-black aviators are in style. The next, it could be rose-tinted cat-eye frames.

Instead of opting for cheaper options to keep up with everyone else, choose a few essential sunglass styles that you love. Choose options that work best with your outfits and that you’ll see yourself wearing. Avoid cheaper disposable options and use these core sunglasses season after season.

5. Watches

Watches are incredibly versatile. You can choose from an extremely wide range of styles, colors, faces, and bands. With so much to choose from, it can be easy to get carried away.

Instead of going off the rails with watches, choose one or two statement pieces with faces, bands, and patterns that you like. Then, make sure that you have a dainty classic watch in gold and one in silver. Together, these options can fill out your wardrobe nicely.

6. Stud Earrings

There are so many types of earrings you should be keeping in your collection. Stud earrings are simple, understated, and work perfectly for more formal occasions. Make sure that you have several pairs of studs on hand. Choose universal options with shiny stones or pearls. A few pairs of classic studs from adinaeden.com can get you through most occasions.

7. Statement Earrings


While we’re talking earrings, you should also make sure to have some statement pieces on hand. These earrings are large, in charge, and eye-catching. While your stud earrings are uniform, statement earrings should be unique.

You can try hoops, enamel earrings, or any other large dangling style to get your point across. When you’re feeling bold, a statement earring is all you need to pull your outfit together.

8. Wide Belts

The best way to break up your silhouette when you’re wearing a long dress is with a wide belt. While some dresses come with matching belts, most will need a little help.

Make sure that you have a few wide belts in your collection. Having one in black and one in tan is a good way to start, with large rings that can help cinch the dress around your waist.

9. Thin Belts

On the other hand, having a few thinner belts can be just as useful. Make sure to keep some slim leather belts on hand, along with chain belts or belts with interesting buckles.

Choose a tan option and a black option to kickstart your belt collection – you’re going to want to purchase more when you realize how versatile they are!


There are so many types of fashion accessories you could invest in. However, starting by going overboard is the quickest way to surrender closet space and ensure you’ll never wear half of what you buy. Instead, focus on a few simple pieces that can be worn with the outfits you already own.

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