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Is Yayoins Genuine Or Fake? A Detailed Review In 2022

Published on: January 25, 2022

Last Updated on: April 7, 2022


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Are you a shopping freak just like me? In this era of pandemic situations, online shopping has become the lifeblood of everyone out there. But there are several disadvantages involved in internet shopping and one among them is Scamming. I hope you have heard about and that’s why you are here today, looking for its review.

Well, the products are definitely cost-effective. However, there is something more important that you should know before purchasing anything from them. We have found out the real face of Yayoins in our guide.

Keep reading these clothing reviews to know more!

What Is Yayoins?

What Is Yayoins

Before starting with the Yayoins reviews, features, pros, and cons, let’s reveal what this site is all about? It is a web-based clothes and style store that sells shirts and short sets, extras, shorts, bottoms, covers and jackets, female sets, pullovers, laidback sets, and so on.

The most attractive thing about Yayoins Clothing is their huge product collection which fulfills the modern fashion criteria. The price of each product is relatively cheaper than standard market prices while various payment methods are accepted here also. The parent name of the company is Hangdong Trading Limited.

What Are The Key Specifications Of

Key Specifications Of

Has the above description of Yayoins amazed you already? Wait, take a pause and sit back. We are not done yet with our review. Here are some key details of it that you must be aware of:

Web Address

Official Email

Payment Options

All kinds of online payment options are available.


Inside the US, shipping usually takes 5 or 7 business days.

Returns And Refunds

There is a 30-day refund policy

Contact Number

There is no contact number available on the Yayoins website


There is no physical address mentioned on the website

Examples Of Some Products Sold By Yayoins

Some Products Sold By Yayoins

There is nothing to deny that Yayoins product categories and stock are quite impressive. Nevertheless, they hardly update their catalog, but the existing catalog is manipulative for the buyers. If you have a passion for shopping, leaving aside everything, its product categories will draw you like a magnet.

Let’s see what do they have in their stock:

  • Sports Seats for men and women
  • Male, female jacket set
  • Men, and women sweatshirt
  • T-shirts for boys, and girls
  • Plush pants
  • Casual sets for men, and women. 
  • Bottoms for males, and females

And many more….

What Suspicious Features We Have Found On Yayoins Clothing?

Suspicious Features Yayoins Clothing

Till now, whatever impression you have got about Yayoins clothing site is going to change a lot. There are several factors you should be aware of before choosing it as your shopping destination. Precisely, we have found some suspicious things going on the site that can cause harm to the customers. What are those?

1. No Physical Company Address

The parent company Hangdong Trading Limited’s address is Suite 18 Bridge House, 6 Waterworks Yard, Croydon, United Kingdom. This location is not available on Google Maps. Also, there is no business in the name of Yayoins or Hangdong Trading anywhere near the mentioned location. This proves that the company is hiding its location.  

2. Unrealistic Sales And Discount Offers

It is selling things at ridiculously low prices that are impossible to find on any legitimate website.

3. Plagiarized Content

The product photographs used in its product catalog aren’t original. This implies that this site has either copied the image from another website or is just reselling apparel or other items.

4. Numerous Customer Complaints

According to complaints received from customers, customer service and delivery time are likewise quite poor. The most noteworthy fact is that several customers after making online payments have never received their orders. 

5. No Cash On Delivery option

Except for cash on delivery, there is every other online payment option. This seems really fishy as any shopping site must have a pay-on-delivery feature.   

6. A Brand New Website

The legitimacy of the Yayoins is intensely questionable since it’s just a 1-year-old website. It has not yet got the chance to win trust from the customers.

7. Same Old Product Catalog

The website rarely updates its product catalog. One possible reason for this might be the copied content. As they steal it from other scam websites, they can’t update the categories often. 

Pros And Cons Of Yayoins

Pros And Cons Of Yayoins

The crucial pros and cons of Yayoins clothing are given below. Take a quick look:



Massive product catalog

Only a year old 

The products are up to the contemporary fashion trends

There is no cash-on-delivery option.

The site is encrypted with HTTPS

People have never received their packages after making online payments. 

There is an active customer service team

The product collection is infrequently updated

Different acceptable online payment methods

There is no physical store location, nor is there any telephone number. 

The site’s content is plagiarized from other fraudulent websites.

What Are Some Yayoins Reviews?

Some Yayoins_Reviews

It’s evident that customers are quite upset. They are the best ones to give you the ultimate Yayoins Clothing reviews. Basically, the stolen product images, fake addresses, no contact, made-up customer service team, and old catalog have started to come under the notice.

Additionally, there is no Google presence of the company; so the customer reviews are not noticeable. Many customers have a complaint they never received the product even after making the full online payment.

We have managed to get some Yayoins reviews from the Facebook page:

 Review 1:

Review 1

 Review 2:

 Review 2


I am repeatedly telling you to be aware of this website if you don’t want to be scammed!!!!! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. Is Yayoins Com Legit?

Considering the reviews, disadvantages, and suspicious features of Yayoins, it is possible to state that it’s a SCAM company. Moreover, there is no actual location and hence no correct data. Many people have complained about low quality, fraudulent schemes, etc. So, it’s not a legit as well as a recommended site.

Q2. Where Is Yayoins Located?

Yayoins is located at Suite 18 Bridge House, 6 Waterworks Yard, Croydon, United Kingdom. However, the parent organization’s name of Yayoins is given as Hangdong Trading Limited. However, Google Maps is unable to track down this location.

Q3. Are Users Happy With Yayoins?

Users are not really satisfied with the products and services of Yayoins. There are issues like numerous customer complaints, copied content, fake location, stolen photos, hazardous sites, etc. Also, most of the reviews are negative which indicates customers are seeing it as a scam site.

The Verdict – Is Yayoins A Legit Or Fraud?

Now that you know every bit and detail of Yayoins, we are here with our closing words – Is Yayoins a legit or fraudulent website? It’s pretty clear from the above explanations that the shopping site is a bluff. None of its characteristics match the criteria of a reputable and trustworthy website.

Not only is their location in the UK trackable on Google Maps, but also there is no review on social media. In addition, you will find no contact information, such as phone number or Fax. Thus, it’s a SCAM Website; we recommend you not to purchase anything from them.

Do you have any more viewpoints to share with us about Yayoins or any similar suspicious site? Do let us know in the comment area below.

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