5 Best Online Video Conferencing Platforms

Video Conferencing

Communication is the key to success for any modern business organization. It’s not just about business but also about any institution that needs engagement.

We have worked and also worked with the email process for a long time, and we know that it is pretty efficient and fast to send and receive important conversations.

But is that enough?

It might not be as good as the audio-visual conferences. The importance of online video conference these days is sky-high.

When the world and technology have something better to provide us, we should not neglect the fact. Video conference software is not our niche anymore. It is now the very need of people around the world. Whether it’s an individual to a company conference, you will need a medium like a video conference.

Sending emails will need something to push, and that is what a video conference can do. Whether it is a hybrid company or a remote company, video conferences can be beneficial for all organizations all over the world. In addition, VRI services have revolutionized the way businesses conduct video conferences by providing high-quality language interpretation services remotely, allowing for seamless communication between participants who speak different languages.

What Makes A Video Conferencing App Great?

Facing call drops or connection issues is no more the niche problem but is the real communication back draw for a business. Waiting for the recommendation is a waste of time, and thus you need a good video conferencing app altogether.

The quality of a video can differ from the internet connection. But that is not all.

We have to consider other issues, including face time to ensure the fact that we are leading the business with an appropriate video conferencing app. It takes a lot to judge a video conferencing app as great.

Video Conferencing
  • High-quality video can be a niche. Adding to that part, better audit reliability can be a better option for you.
  • Direct collaboration features beyond screen sharing and chat are what make a video conferencing app great.
  • It should be smooth and easy to start the conference and deal with the joining process.
  • Recording the video of the conference becomes hectic for people from outside the app. It should be inside the app where with one click, you can make it possible.
  • You know your app, but when you are conferencing with others, they should also feel it’s easy to go.

Best Online Video Conferencing Platforms To Look Out

It’s time to dig into the best apps available in the market for a better video conferencing experience. You never know what you are going to experience until you have used that. We have the experience, and thus you are here to get the solution.

Don’t worry! It’s time to fetch the best for you, and we have picked up the best options with unique qualities.

1. TrueConf (For Cutting-Edge Video Conferencing Experience)

TrueConf is a self-hosted team messaging platform. It helps you communicate effectively with all the participants. TrueConf server guarantees secure and reliable communication and seamlessly integrates with VoIP and video conferencing. There is also a full fledge free version that can be used effortlessly by a small team of 12 members.


Let’s explore the free features of this master conferencing platform.

  • It delivers 4K video conferencing with scalable SVC architecture.
  • It’s deployed on your own premises and guarantees security.
  • It works cross-platform (Android, iOS, etc.) to ensure your availability on any device.
  • It’s an all-in-one unified communications solution structured around video meetings and team messaging.
  • You can add up to 12 users and 1 SIP/H.323 connection in the free version.

Apart from the above-mentioned steps, TrueConf is quite easy to set up and use.

2. Google Meet ( For Google Workspace Users)

Millions of people are working with Google, and thus they use Google workspace. Collaborating with Google workplace is best possible through Google Meet. So, the crucial benefit of it is that you will get deep integration with other apps of Google.

Google Meet

3. Zoom (Large And Reliable)

Zoom is already a very popular video conferencing platform, and for organizations that use large video calls with a large number of people, it is bliss for them.


There is something more you can do with it. You can simply connect it to Zapier to keep your important meetings away from important work by scheduling it.

4. Microsoft Teams (Video Conferencing And Combinations)

It’s easy to trust Microsoft. An already popular technical team is always reliable, and thus you will be getting simply the best platform with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams

It’s easy to combine the team and chat through videos here. You can use one-on-one chat as well as being in the group.

5. Cisco Webex (A Lightweight Option)

This unified communication system is quite efficient in managing the scheduled meeting and prime host for upto 100 people. You can also record your meeting and share your necessary content with the people you are in conference with.

Cisco Webex

Choose One, Depending On Your Niche.

We have delivered you a list, and it’s your responsibility to choose the best option depending on your niche. Do you want to get cutting-edge video quality or a decent platform or an easy-to-go platform?

It totally depends on your choice.

However, do not go for the best but go for the perfect one for your organization.


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