How Can your Career Grow After an MBA in Ireland?

Published on: December 16, 2021

Last Updated on: February 11, 2023

MBA in Ireland

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Most students prefer to pursue their management studies abroad as it gives them a more holistic perspective and international exposure. Pursuing a business degree from a foreign university also provides them with the advantage of meeting and interacting with new people.

While the UK and the US are renowned for their reputed business schools, the high cost of education is often a deterrent for many students. They seek countries that can offer similar education standards yet don’t push them into student debt.

Ireland is one such country that can be an ideal destination for your MBA studies. Post-Brexit, Ireland is the only English-speaking country within the EU which makes it quite attractive for post-MBA careers.

Additionally, Ireland has attracted many major MNCs like Bank of America and Google, who have set up offices in the country. This ensures you a steady stream of job opportunities once you complete an MBA in Ireland.

Let’s dive into some of the top ways an MBA in the country can make sense for your plans to study business abroad.

1. Ireland is extremely welcoming to international students:

1. Ireland is extremely welcoming for international students:

Ireland is extremely welcoming of international talent and is one of the leading European countries to issue the maximum number of student visas. It also offers a 2-year graduate work visa for MBA students which allows them to have a career during their MA studies. International students are also eligible for applying for a green card which allows them to stay and work in Ireland.

2. Ireland is a fast-growing economy:

Ireland is one of the fastest-growing economies within the EU and regularly attracts the top international companies from every professional domain. In fact, Ireland serves as the European headquarters for seven out of the top ten global software companies. The bustling economic activity in the country makes it easier for international MBA students to find their dream jobs and employers.

3. An MBA in Ireland can offer you scores of exciting job opportunities:

3. An MBA in Ireland can offer you scores of exciting job opportunities:

Apart from major market players, there are plenty of smaller companies and start-ups in Ireland that hire qualified MBA graduates. This can ensure MBA students a lot of career diversity and plenty of job opportunities.

4. Dublin is an emerging start-up hub:

If you want a leadership role within the start-up atmosphere, Ireland can provide it for you. The Irish capital Dublin is dubbed as one of the fastest-emerging start-up hubs in Europe with more than 1500 start-ups. Ireland is also given a good rank in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor which makes it a good place to start a career for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Apart from these advantages, pursuing an MBA in Ireland allows you to experience the natural beauty and cultural diversity found in the country.

Choosing a business school of repute in the country can ensure you acquire the relevant business and managerial expertise for a corporate career. Additionally, since Ireland is an EU member, a student visa for Ireland can allow you to check out the beautiful locations in the rest of Europe.

Invest in a good MBA program from a reputed Irish university today to establish a successful business career in Ireland.

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