5 Things To Think About When Choosing a Blog Name

By mashum.mollah

March 15, 2022

Blog Name

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Blogging can be a great way to make some side money as a freelancer or drive traffic to your company website to boost your business profits.

One of the most crucial elements of a successful blog is a dynamic name. You may think that the content of your blog is the most important aspect of success, and while it is essential, so is the moniker of the website. The name of the blog is what will convince people to read your content, so coming up with the perfect moniker is crucial. Here are five things to think about when choosing a name for your blog.

1. Content


The name of your blog should tie into the type of content you produce. For example, if you run a blog with parenting advice and tips, the title of your website should reflect the content in some way, so you may want to include words like “parent”, “kid” or “mom” in the blog name.

People need to know what your blog is about before they engage with its content. A name generator such as Namify allows you to find blog name ideas based on your content.

2. Length

Long blog names are typically not as effective as shorter, catchier ones. The title of the web page needs to be long enough to convey what the content is about, but it needs to be short enough to pique interest. You may find it helpful to make a list of all the words that could convey the types of content you publish on the blog and then use them to create a short, catchy title.

3. Uniqueness

3. Uniqueness

New readers won’t recognize your blog if it has the same name as another website. One of the most important things a strong blog name does is define the role of your web page in the industry.

It sets your blog apart from others. Before you launch a blog, do some research so that you know what other blog names are already taken. Namify can help you create a strong, dynamic blog name that is also unique.

4. Memorability

The name of your blog has to be memorable if you want people to keep visiting it to engage with new catchy content. Blog names are typically easier to remember if they are catchy, so consider your target audience when thinking of an appealing moniker. Namify can help you create a blog title that appeals to your niche market. 

5. Brand

5. Brand

Viewing the title of your blog is the first way people will engage with your brand, so make sure the moniker matches your brand values. Most name generators, including Namify, provide a space for you to plug in brand values to generate potential monikers that reflect those qualities.

Coming up with a suitable moniker is an important aspect of launching a blog. There are several things you need to think about to come up with a name that fits and will help your blog thrive. If you are having trouble thinking of a good moniker, think of these five aspects of a good blog name.

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