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A doctorate online allows you to become an expert in your field, but it is a mistake to assume that all doctorates are the same. There is a massive difference, for example, between doctoral degrees that allow you to become an expert within academics, but there are also doctorates for those who intend to become executives and want to be able to conduct leading industry research that will help them further their career and their business goals. 

Traditional, academic Ph.D. degrees have long been a great career move for those working in STEM fields and in academia, and now with this Doctorate in Business Administration, you too can make an excellent career investment, only you can do it easily online with this guide: 

5 Qualities Of A Stellar Online Doctorate 

5 Qualities Of A Stellar Online Doctorate 

There are a few qualities that you need to look for when it comes to where you enroll. The online doctorate degrees are specially designed to make your progress steady but without wasting your time. In 2021 all the courses are designed for the professional doctorate online.

Here are five qualities of a stellar online doctorate degree.

1. Offered Part-Time 

The online DBA must be offered on a part-time basis. This means it will take between four to six years to complete, but when you consider that you are able to continue with your own professional career ambitions during this time, the trade-off can seem minimal. 

You are progressing professionally through two avenues, after all. First, the online doctorate degrees are all specially designed for professionals as you do not have to quit your job for the study.

2. Designed For Online 

Distance learning means nothing if the resources are not there to replace on-campus learning adequately.  There is also no excuse for the quality of programs available today. The distance learning option you choose to apply to should be over a comprehensive virtual learning environment that includes everything from podcasts and vodcasts, to direct reading, to online tasks, online quizzes, and of course, video conferencing and live discussions. 

Earning a doctorate online should give you every opportunity to succeed, especially when it comes to your Research Methods Course (RMC), where you will be taught in management research. The goal of this RMC module is to develop your skills as a professional researcher and help you develop and complete your final research report. 

3. Talented Staff 

Check to see who the professors are. As a big part of your doctorate online, you will be working on your RMC, which means you need staff who are experienced in the topic that you are considering focusing on. 

Typically, universities work hard to pair their doctoral students with the right supervisors, but if there isn’t a good option, then you won’t get the best helping you and leading you with your research project. 

4. Well Regarded By The Alumni 

If you can, always try to see what the consensus was from the doctorate online alumni for your program. If there are no public reviews, then find those who have graduated and earned their doctorate from the program you are looking at and get in touch with them to learn more about their experience. 

Try to get a few opinions to get a more balanced understanding of the quality of experience as a whole. 

5. How To Enroll With A Doctorate 

To enroll in a doctorate program, you will need a few qualifications. With a DBA, you will need a master’s degree in a relevant field, an undergraduate degree certificate and transcript, a copy of your passport for home students, your CV or resume, your personal statement, and two references (ideally from an academic institution). 

On top of these standard qualifications, you will also need to know in advance what your research project will be. This is standard for any doctorate program, and oftentimes, you will be chosen based on the project proposal that you make. 

You will need to submit a research proposal, therefore. This doctorate online research proposal should include the topic you are interested in, and what you intend to investigate/take your topic further. Your topic should ideally be into a new subject, rather than something done before. A new take on existing research or a new look at an overlooked area of your field is great areas to consider. 

3 Building The Right Routine for Your Doctorate

3 Building The Right Routine for Your Doctorate  

Your doctorate will inevitably include plenty of self-research and require an extreme amount of discipline with a doctorate online.

1. Be Consistent In Your Readings 

Whether the readings in question are given to you by your educators or readings you have selected for your research project, one thing is for certain – your doctorate will require copious amounts of reading. You, therefore, need to be consistent in how much you read per day. This could be two or three papers or a certain number of pages. 

There are multiple programs and online tools that make this easier. You will also want to create a reference list, which can either be in a document on your computer or with an online doctorate tool that will keep everything together and saved on the cloud. 

2. Attend Relevant Events 

Reading isn’t the only way to learn and develop your research doctorate online project. There will be numerous talks hosted by your university and other academic institutions that will be of interest to you and your field. In most instances, you should automatically have the ability to attend as a student. Most universities offer access to these talks for free, primarily if they are hosted online or a video stream of the event. 

Be creative about the topics you invest in as well. There is a lot that business executives can learn from delving outside of the business field. Anything that relates to the natural world, for example, can be of interest to those invested in supply chains. Those interested in consumer behavior should look into psychology and sociology topics, and so on. 

3. Fit Your Doctorate Into Your Routine 

Try to be consistent with your routine. Juggling an online doctorate and your other responsibilities takes a lot of work, and you, therefore, need to be on top of your schedule. The best way to do that is by doing a little every day. Build that work into a routine, and you will be able to make progress consistently. 

Wrapping It Up:

When reading, always take notes. Notes can be best taken down in quotes that help sum up the ideas you want to save. When doing this, always add the reference next to the quote/note. This way, you won’t have to hunt down the source later on when compiling your research project of the doctorate online. How are you completing your project? Do not forget to share your strategy in the comment sections.

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