Is Ticket Center Legit? The Truth Behind Popular Online Ticketing Platform

Is Ticket Center legit?

Is Ticket Center legit?

Whether you want to visit the next Taylor Swift concert, enjoy a great movie night, or a football game, you will probably purchase tickets online. Ticket Center is one of the go-to platforms for purchasing online tickets for any event. However, is this a legitimate platform? Most users trying to buy tickets have asked this question online.

Also, does this platform offer reliable customer service? If you are eager to know about Ticket Center, please give this article a read. Here, we have taken a deep dive into how this platform operates and provided customer reviews to help you understand if this is a platform worth using or not. You will have all your questions answered.

So, is Ticket Center right for you? Let’s find out –

About Ticket Center 

Here is what we know about Ticket Center –

Ticket Center is one of the most popular platforms for buying tickets online. Customers from different parts of the world can access tickets for different types of events through the Ticket Center.

The platform markets itself as one of the most secure and simple-to-use platforms for purchasing tickets. Users from at least 160 countries can access tickets for sports, movies, concerts, theatre shows, family events, and more.

More so, this ticketing company has a reputation for providing tickets for the lowest prices compared to the market rate. Also, many customers have shared positive overviews of their services on several platforms.

In addition, they offer comprehensive customer support and service. They provide both online and phone ticketing services. Customers can directly contact the staff on their customer service front. They can reach out via phone call or through email and put in their queries and ask for solutions.

Ticket Center Background

Ticket Center is among the major players in online ticketing companies. They have been around since 2003. An individual named Bob Alexander is responsible for creating this company. But Is Ticket Center legit? Or is it a scam? We found it crucial to run a little background check to confirm if this platform is legit or not.

You can look at the history and find out if it is a scam or not. The platform is said to have sold more than 200 million tickets worldwide. Accredited with BBB, Ticket Center is one of the key players in the online ticket-selling business.

Ticket Center Pricing

If you are buying tickets from the Ticket Center, you must consider their pricing for each ticket. Fees for different tickets vary according to different factors. Customers may have to pay for convenience fees, order processing fees, etc., and a 5% admin handling fee is also applicable for specific purchases.

Also, special events like weddings and other private events may require the buyer to pay extra fees. But what are some common payment methods for Ticket Center?

Well, users can pay via the following payment methods –

  • Money order
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal

You can also pay via the major credit cards most people in the US use. In some cases, they also accept money orders. Also, selected events may also have financing systems in place for payment. However, customers need to clear their payment before the tickets get issued to them.

Ticket Center Pros & Cons 

Here are some of the pros and cons of using Ticket Center to purchase tickets for a movie you want to watch or a concert you want to attend.


  • Users can check out ten events in their area, always visible on the platform.
  • The website is organized according to different types of events. So it is easier to track and navigate through it. You can easily find the event you want to attend.


  • The platform hardly communicates with the buyer once they have completed a purchase.
  • Also, sometimes the buyers end up with the wrong tickets. In those cases, the platform blames the buyers and not the sellers. There are also issues with overpriced tickets, deceptive tickets, and more.
  • There are issues related to ticket payment and refund. Many customers claim that they are often charged more than once. Also, they do not get refunds for the wrong payments made to the sellers.

Is Ticket Center legit?

Yes, the website does claim itself as a reliable and trustworthy ticketing platform. However, we have looked around and found too many negative reviews not to consider it as legit. Some customer reviews share mixed feelings. But, some of the customers say that they had to pay more than what the tickets are worth in the market. It has a rating of 1.86 out of 5 on

Some customers have claimed that they were ripped off and had to pay more than what the actual price of the tickets is. Trustpilot also rates Tickets Center 1.1 out of 5. Most customers claimed to have faced issues with credit cards, payments, customer services, and some related to the face value.

The site ranks 19th among the top ticketing websites. Even if this site may seem legitimate, the growing number of negative reviews makes it a platform that is good to stay away from.

Tickets Center Reviews 

Here are some reviews –

Review 1

They pose as the venue where the event is held and put graphics on that say tickets are selling fast and supply is limited. It’s a total lie to get you to overpay for the tickets and the enormous fees that they charge. I took the bait hook, line, and sinker, so that’s on me, but I’m going to let everyone else know about these scam artists and put them out of business.

Review 2

Yes, I should have been more diligent in being sure it was the actual site. I thought I was on the web page to get baseball tickets. I have been to the site before, and it looked identical. By the time I realized, on seeing the jacked-up fees at the end, I had already paid with PayPal. Total rip-off of over a hundred dollars. No actual tickets either, so far. Do not use them!

Final Words 

Are Tickets Center Legit? Well, the answer is no. Most of the trusted platforms have reviews and issues raised by users across the world. A majority of the users have raised a red flag against this platform. If you want to use it to buy tickets, you must use it at your own discretion.

Hopefully, you have found your answer. However, if you have any queries related to the same, please let us know through comments.

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