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How OKRs Can Help Your Business Grow

By Mashum Mollah

January 18, 2021


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Building a business is one thing but getting it to grow is another thing altogether. To scale a business requires a lot of consideration. You need to think about your employees’ dedication, your company’s goals, vision, and your capital. Getting these variables to enhance your business to get more customers for your business and increase your sales considerably is the challenge.

The Growth of Startups

Growth of Startups

As far as startups are concerned hard work and focus are needed to get a business to grow. Scalability is how well a business can manage despite the pressure for a great outcome. So if the production increases, will the company be prepared for the workload?  This means that there is a need for a great deal of dedication.

This is not hard for startups; as long as there are effort and ambition from employees’ teamwork does get the job done. Company growth requires the need for additional resources to obtain more revenue. It is a decision that the company has to make not necessarily due to an increase in demand for its product but because there is an opportunity for the company to expand.

There is a lot of deliberation when it comes to startups. The business has to be established and the company is branding, messaging its target audience, refining its product, figuring the competition, and minimizing its costs. OKRs as well as SEO OKRs allow businesses to prioritize their goals and establish a system that can guide their employees to set their goals in order to actualize the company’s vision.

How OKRs Help Businesses To Grow


OKRs is an acronym for Objective Key Results. They enable businesses to define specific goals that are measurable and time-specific. Managers’ outline to their teams what is expected of them, and it is up to the employee to set their targets and measure them. It is a process, and team leaders should allow their team members to grow and define their goals according to the outlined company strategy. The goal-setting and allowing of employee creativity and ambition make OKR a successful management framework for business growth.

The following are the benefits of OKRs for companies:

  • They enable employees to stretch themselves by using their creativity to achieve their goals. The idea is to encourage individual obligation to the contribution of the success of the company.
  • Transparency allows the team to work towards the same goal and realize how their output contributes to the organization’s growth.
  • It also allows for accountability. This is whereby a specific team is assigned an OKR, and they get to account for its success. The same OKR can also be assigned to different groups to allow for flexibility in collaboration.
  • OKR methodology is straightforward. It allows companies to reduce time spent on strategizing and a shorter cadence is employed to enable a company to implement and assign their goals in a short period.

Setting OKRs benefits the company if the emphasis is on effort, performance, and ambition. A company does not necessarily need to go by the OKR handbook; it should be flexible in its adoption of OKR methodology according to the company’s specific needs.

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