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Philz Coffee Review: User Review, Business Turnover, Rating, Prices

Published on: January 9, 2023

Last Updated on: May 6, 2024

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A good day starts with a good cup of coffee. Everyone at Philz Coffee is working to give you a quick headstart before the day starts.

It started with Phil Jaber, the founder of the Phil’z coffee– he believed in making people’s day better. The smell of their coffee makes you feel at home. It all started with Phil’s idea of putting his customers first. 

Here is a small story, rather than a review of Philz coffee. Keep reading if you are interested in coffee.

About Philz Coffee

In 1978, Phil purchased a small convenience store at the heart of the Mission District. The key was to be nice to his customers and treat them with a humble smile and respect. He always paid attention to what they needed.

philz coffee

He made it a habit to put people first. But when he was not busy, he used to make himself busy by tasting and learning to brew the best cup of coffee. The experimenting and testing went on for 25 years. Then he took the kitchen table into his convenience store  – that is how Philz Coffee was born. From day one, he made it his habit to tend to people with warmth and kindness.

The interior of the coffee shops reeks of the smell and flavor of coffee – even in visual aesthetics. The color and the decoration of the shop have a mix of warm colors and contemporary design. People of all ages are welcome to have a good time.

How Philz Coffee Serve You The Perfect Cup Of Coffee?

They take good care of you by taking good care of your favorite cup of coffee. Here is the process:

  1. They let you pick the blend you want to have – just the way you want it. 
  2. Then, your friends at Philz Coffee would grind the coffee, making them super fresh and smooth.
  3. No, they don’t brew all the cups together. But this is what makes Philz the best place to have a cup of coffee. They brew every cup separately with care and love.
  4. Now you are ready to take your sip and make sure it is just the way you wanted.

Philz Coffee: The Coffee

Philz coffee will never disappoint you. You get just the flavor and the taste you want. There are different types and different flavors of coffee ready just for you. The wide range of selectable coffee only shows the years of experience Phil had creating them.

I can recommend a number of these flavors. However, Tesora is by far the best among them. You will love the aroma that it spreads. Its aroma has the flavor of caramel, nuts, and an undertone of butterfly.

But, if you want, you can choose from the different types of blends. For example –

  • Darker Blends
  • Medium Blends
  • Lighter Blends
  • Decaf
  • Single Origin

You don’t want to run out of coffee if you have to run away for work every morning. You need the coffee to keep you running. But it does not mean that you have to come to Philz coffee to get your cup. Philz can reach you.

You can order a bag home and get it shipped right to your door. So, for example, you can get yourself a bag of Tesora for $19.50 / 1lb or Dancing Water for the same price.

If you love chocolates, nuts, and a smoky flavor in your coffee Jacob’s Wonderbar could be worth the try. But if you are more into caramel, nuts, and butter, Tesora is more of your type. Ecstatic is another blend made with syrup, chocolates, and caramel. Similarly, there is Ethar, Greater  Alarm, and more flavors to choose from.

Philz Coffee Locations

Are you, by any chance searching for “philz coffee near me?” in that case, you should know that they have stores in Chicago, D.C. Metro, Los Angeles, Orange Country, San Diego, and San Francisco.

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Aside from the original coffee blends, they also serve different featured creations. For example, you might love ICED MINT MOJITO +$1, ECSTATIC ICED COFFEE, ICED COFFEE ROSÉ +$1, etc.

Philz Coffee Review

We mostly had a good experience sipping their coffee. However, here is what some customers have to say –

Review 1

“I always go here when I’m in SF for the mint mojito! It’s amazing! I just wish they had a point system like Starbucks but definitely a must try!”

Review 2

“My top 3 favorites would definitely have to be the Philtered Soul, Mint Mojito and Rose! If I see a Phil’s, I’m FOR SURE buying myself a cup. It’s not as prevalent as other chain coffee shops so whenever I pass by one, I make it a point to get myself a caffeine treat no matter what time it is.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

If you are thinking of going to Philz, first, you should check the flavor you want first. First, however, here are some questions and answers; hopefully, you will find them helpful.

1. What Is Special About Philz Coffee?

Ans: At Philz, everything is about care, warmth, and humbleness. They serve each cup of coffee with care and complete attention. Each cup of coffee is made by grinding the beans separately for each customer. They are extremely gentle and careful about serving the best cup of coffee.

2. What Kind Of Coffee Is Philz?

Ans: Philz Coffee is a coffeehouse chain based in the US, San Francisco. They have shops across different states in the US. It is considered the third-wave coffee. They focus on making pour-over coffee.

3. Is Philz Coffee Really Strong?

Ans: You can have a cup of coffee, and each cup can deliver 60-150 mg of caffeine for each 5 oz of serving. So each cup has 144-360 mg of caffeine.  But you can also opt for less amount of caffeine. This means that you have to stick to the half-caff mojito.

Bottom Line

You can pay them a visit in San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, D.C. Metro, and other places in the US. have a cup of coffee at Philz coffee and decide for yourself if they really taste as they say.

Was that all you needed to know about the Philz coffee? Please share your feedback. Also, leave your questions if you have any. We will answer them as soon as possible.

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