Reliable Vs Dependable – Know The Differences With Comparison Chart

reliable vs dependable

When it comes to the English language, there is no shortage of words having different meanings but are confusing enough. Basically, these types of words come in pairs and are closely linked to each other. One such pair is Reliable vs Dependable, which is our topic of discussion today. 

I am sure you are also stuck in the loop of these two words that seem to be supplementary to each other, right? Well, this is what the guide will talk about today – reliable vs dependable, the key differences between both.

What Is Reliable?

What Is Reliable

Before we directly jump onto the reliable vs dependable discussion, let’s clear the concept of “Reliable.” In simple words, the word reliable is an adjective. It actually defines the quality to be trusted. When it comes to human qualities, a reliable person refers to one who is of trustworthy nature. 

Nevertheless, in English thesaurus, reliable vs dependable are more like synonyms to each other instead of a comparative nature. In professional sectors, the word reliable is more suitable. For example – The chief manager of the bank is very reliable. It means that you can trust that person and get your needs fulfilled.

What Is Dependable?

What Is Dependable

We are another step closer to the reliable vs dependable debate. Dependable is another adjective and is often used as a synonym for ‘ reliable. ’ To define dependable, it is a characteristic that denotes someone, or something’s nature is dependable as a whole. You can remember them in an emergency situation.

Dependable persons usually stay loyal and stable. Generally, leaders are dependable persons in any institution, organization, country, or province. Problem-solving capability under pressure is one of the primary personality traits associated with the term Dependable. 

Are the reliable vs dependable differences coming under your attention? For more clarifications, check the comparison chart in the following section.

Reliable Vs Dependable – The Key Differences

Reliable Or Dependable

The English Dictionary considers this reliable vs dependable pair as synonyms. In sentences having appreciative senses, these two words are used. Also, dictionaries refer to them as synonyms. Then, is there any difference? The answer is Yes! Reliable and Dependable are two different words and also differ from each other in certain respects; although the line of difference is pretty thin, it’s still there,

So here, the battle of Reliable vs dependable begins!

Point Of Difference




The meaning of reliable in English is a person with trustworthy qualities within. 

The meaning of dependable is a person on whom you depend to meet your needs


Application in professional life 

In professional life, a person is reliable refers to the fact that reliability is one of his qualities.

On the other hand, a person who is dependable means his overall character is dependable as a whole.

Application In Personal Life

In terms of personal traits, reliable persons have only one skill, that is, they are capable of relying on.

On the other hand, a person who is dependable usually is committed to their responsibilities immensely. Hence, as a whole, their nature is dependable.


One example of using Reliable in a sentence is:
  • You are so reliable that I can close my eyes and allocate you any responsibility. 

One example of using Dependable in a sentence is: 

  • I need someone really dependable to take care of my children when I am not at home. 

Correct Usage Of Reliable

Here are some more examples that would enhance your understanding of reliable vs dependable:

  • DHL is extremely reliable in terms of its courier service.
  • He is so reliable that I can tell him any of my secrets
  • The research results will come accurate as we have taken a reliable dataset. 

Correct Usage Of Dependable

What about some examples of the word dependable? Check them out below:

  • I need someone dependable for taking this responsibility
  • She is loyal and dependable at the same time
  • He is a dependable source of information for this news agency.

I hope by now, the reliable vs dependable differences have become clear to you. 

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Tips To Use Reliable And Dependable Accurately

Reliable And Dependable

Was the Reliable vs dependable comparison chart unclear to you? Don’t worry because we have highlighted some tricks here to help you apply “reliable” and “dependable ” accurately. Check the bullet points below:

  • If a person, a group, or community, or even equipment is trustworthy, use reliable. 
  • When a person, group, or community has the ability to fulfill all the work requirements, use dependability. 
  • In terms of the workplace, the word dependable is more appropriate. But while describing personal characteristics, you can use reliably.

Common Qualities Of Reliable Vs Dependable People

It is always a blessing to have dependable or reliable people in your life. They are actually helpful in multiple ways. It is not always possible for humans to do everything by themselves. Having someone who is reliable enough for you to depend on is very important, both for your personal lives and professional lives as well.

However, for that to happen. You need to first identify a reliable or dependable person. No one would ever claim that they are unreliable or that you cannot depend on them. Everyone will always claim the positives, but it is your responsibility to figure out if they are being honest or not.

Here are some of the shared qualities of a reliable vs dependable person that would help you be a better judge of character.

They Have The Golden Words

The most common and popular characteristic trait among reliable people is that their words are embedded in gold. You would probably know a lot of people who would give you half-hearted promises. That is the exact opposite of what a reliable or dependable person would ever do.

When they say that they will do something, commit to a course of action, or make a promise, you can be assured that they will do it under whatever circumstances.

They Take Responsibility For Their Actions

This is by far the easiest and most visible characteristic feature of a dependable person.

Dependable people take accountability very seriously. They understand the importance of taking account of their actions. If there is a case where they have messed up or their actions have caused any trouble, they will get up and own every bit of it and not try to put any blame on others. The same happens when they do anything good. They will equally take the account of their accomplishments.

They’re Flexible When Needed

Reliable people are popular for being flexible when needed. Whenever you are in a situation where you are in desperate need of help, and you turn up to someone who is reliable, you will notice how they change their own schedule in order to solve your problems first.

They are honest with everyone around them Other than being flexible and accountable, reliable people are also very honest with everyone around them. They don’t believe in making up false stories to get out of trouble. They will always choose honest and clear communication techniques, which makes them more dependable to begin with.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ): 

Q1. What Is The Difference Between Reliable And Dependable?

The word reliable involves a sense of trust, and it is also a single quality. Whereas dependable is the summative characteristic of a human, a system, or an object who will fulfill all the responsibilities on time. Therefore, dependable vs reliable are two different words closely linked to each other.

Q2. Who Is A Dependable Person?

A dependable person is someone on whom you are and will be dependent for your needs. They are both responsible and trustworthy.

Q3. What Is The Reliable Person Meaning?

A reliable person is trustworthy, and you can count on him/her. A person like this completes all tasks on time, provides accurate results, and is action-oriented.

Signing Off

The meanings of both the words reliable and dependable are somewhat similar to each other. You can surely use them as synonyms, considering the intended meaning of the sentences. There are some sentences where the word reliable would be more suitable than dependable and vice versa. We have explained these aspects in the above section with examples and a reliable vs dependable comparison chart. 

Is there any question regarding dependable vs reliable debate you would want us to address? Let us know in the comment area below, and we will be replying back to you as soon as possible. You can also read our similar articles like Imply vs Infer, Payed vs Paid, Sell vs Sale, etc. 

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