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Published on: July 26, 2021

Last Updated on: April 13, 2022


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Businesses of all shapes and sizes have come to realize that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can prove to be immensely helpful. In the last few years, SEO has become one of the most credible and result-oriented digital marketing strategies for law firms looking to-

  1. Improve client conversions
  2. Create and build credibility
  3. Engage in personal branding
  4. Reach out to wider audiences
  5. Start meaningful online conversations

Apart from the above, SEO can also help in establishing relationships, build networking and engage with other stakeholders in the industry.

According to Constellation Marketing, an agency that specializes in representing law firms, SEO offers 360-degree benefits for legal businesses as well as individual attorneys.

In this article, we are going to discuss some important ways how SEO can help your business. If you are a lawyer or a law firm looking to understand the applications of SEO for your business, please read this article till the end.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Law Firms and Attorneys: What you need to know

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Law Firms and Attorneys: What you need to know

For the longest time, law firms and attorneys have been dependent on word-of-mouth and traditional marketing strategies to increase their client base.

Offline models of marketing were something that was too expensive and from which the ROIs could never be calculated. The advent of digital meant that brands and businesses in different niches found something that was credible, result-oriented, and measurable. While other industries were quick to take the first-mover’s advantage, lawyers and law firms played the wait and watch approach.

It was only the last five years that saw the legal industry wholeheartedly embrace digital strategies like SEO and SMM (Social Media Marketing).

They saw that this was a strategy that appealed to changing consumer behavior, could be measured in real-time, and generated great ROIs for the investments.

The goal of an SEO strategy is to rank the law firm website higher on search rankings. For example, if you are a Law Firm of a lawyer that specializes in Personal Injury cases in New York, then your target audiences would be trying to find you with the following keywords-

  • a personal injury lawyer in new york
  • a car accident lawyer in new york
  • how to claim compensation in personal injury cases

If your website is able to rank (in the first three positions) for the above keywords, you can expect people to click on your website link, visit it and get in touch with you. To know more, read this law firm SEO guide.

List of 5 Ways SEO can help your Legal Business

1. Emerge as an Industry Leader-

The first and foremost goal of SEO is to help you rank your website. This ranking determines how good or a website you have. For example, if you rank within the first ten search results on the first page, you are automatically deemed as an authoritative law business If you rank in the top three search results, you are classified as an industry leader.

2. Drive Targeted Traffic to your Business Website-

As compared to other industries where people can do a lot of window shopping, in the legal business, you get targeted traffic. No one looks for divorce attorneys until they really need one. This is where SEO steps in and allows you to drive targeted traffic of individuals looking at hiring or consulting with legal professionals. You can also think of these as qualified leads.

3. Higher ROIs based on SEO Investments-

One of the strongest reasons why law firms and attorneys need to invest in SEO is because of the ROIs. Not only are you going to get numbers beyond your imagination, but you will be able to track and measure the progress with your SEO agency. From looking at ranking keywords to measuring month-on-month web traffic figures, you can calculate a lot.

4. Increase in Client Conversions and Revenues-

The logic is simple. SEO helps you with a higher ranking for your industry keywords. The higher you rank, the more clicks you generate and the better your chances get when converting those leads into actual clients. Secondly, SEO also helps in building brand credibility, knowledge, and awareness. This too helps in improving conversion rates by pushing brand positivity.

5. Generate Leads from GMB and other Digital Ecosystems-

Law firms and attorneys need to realize that SEO is a 360-degree digital marketing strategy that influences all platforms. For example, a sizable focus on Local SEO is on Google My Business pages. This helps in driving an increase in phone calls and helps you tap into the local population in your area. This also helps in signing more clients and improving digital presence.

How Law Firms and Lawyers can Improve SEO Performance

In this section, we are going to help legal businesses with some pointers to help them improve the performance of their SEO efforts-

  1. Law firms and attorneys should try to steer away from concepts and wordings that are too technical and complex in nature. You need to appeal to consumers who have legal problems in a language that is simple, direct, and effective.
  2. Getting positive, recommendations and ratings on various digital platforms like GMB, social media pages, and brand websites can help in building credibility. The more people see that others have given a positive vote to your brand; they will feel encouraged.
  3. SEO is all about working with the right targeted keywords that audiences are using to find legal services. The role of an SEO agency becomes very important in this respect. Using the right keywords can make a world of difference to your SEO results.
  4. Lawyers need to start working with videos and then push the same through a well-planned SEO strategy. Video marketing on YouTube is a great way of boosting the results of your SEO strategy. We mentioned how everything works in an ecosystem.

The Bottom Line

SEO helps in garnering organic and long-term clicks for your website. This is a digital strategy that will help you in establishing your digital roots and foundation. Working with an agency that has prior experience in handling legal businesses is what you should be looking for.

If you want any more information on SEO processes for legal businesses, let us know in the comments section below. We will try our best to answer as many of your queries as possible.

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