What Is Shared Workspace? How Do You Get Benefit From It?

By mashum.mollah

October 26, 2021

Shared Workspace

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With the continuous development of workspace landscapes, flexible work environments are increasingly becoming popular. Also, multiple ideas keep popping up on a regular basis regarding adaptable workplaces. Especially, after the COVID 19 pandemic, the concepts of workspaces have changed drastically. 

However, several questions arise oftentimes regarding Shared Workspace. So what are shared workspaces? Is it a single place for different workers? Is it the place where different employees work several times? Why is shared workspace advantageous? Today’s guide will answer all these questions; so stay tuned with us and keep reading till the end. 

What Is Shared Workspace?

What Is Shared Workspace

I am sure you must have heard about this term, Shared Workspace, at least a couple of times in your life. But do you know what exactly this is? Well, to be very precise, a shared workspace is a highly popular alternative to the traditional work environments. The most common misunderstanding regarding shared workspace is that a large number of individuals share it at the same time. But the truth is that it is a space sharable to many at different points in time. 

This trend of workspace sharing has progressively increased during and after COVID 19 Virus outbreak. As it allows social distancing and is also engaging at the same time, embracing shared workspaces is getting common. 

What Are The Different Types Of Shared Workspaces?

Types Of Shared Workspaces

Now that you know what a shared workspace is, you must be thinking about how many types of them there are. Undoubtedly, this is an excellent alternative for remote employees who want to leave their houses. So, let me tell you that there are 2 different types of shared workspace or shared office space. These are as follows:

1. Physical – Shared

  • A shared workspace like this includes sharing spaces on multiple bases, although individually. 
  • Instead of vacation rentals, think of it as a time-share for business space. 
  • What’s the best thing about a shared physical workspace? The room is intended for a variety of persons at various times and for various reasons.

2. Virtual – Shared

  • This shared workspace is basically an integrated digital world developed using digital mediums.
  • You can share information and insights with your colleagues anytime. 
  • Not only information collection but also information usage, storage, handling, and coordination are done virtually.
  • One very popular example of a virtual shared workspace is Google Drive. 

What Are The Benefits Of Shared Workspace?

Benefits Of Shared Workspace

I hope it’s already clear to you that a shared workspace is a more advanced and flexible working environment. As per the opinions of different social researchers, it facilitates the coworking industry and promotes knowledge sharing. But is this the only benefit you can receive from a shared workspace? Absolutely not! There are many, and let’s check them out in the below segment:

1. Greater Work-Life Balance

This is highly practical when it comes to the virtual workspace. You don’t have to go to the office every day at a particular time. Also, you can go outside anytime you want and avoid late night or early morning shifts. 

Once you are ready to sit with your system and work, you are good to go! Therefore, a shared workspace allows you to maintain an equilibrium between professional and personal life. 

2. Improved Mental Health

A shared workspace gives an improved mental health condition. How? You can spend time with your family and friends, have no traditional workplace restrictions, and also can work at your own pace. What else could you ask for good mental health? 

3. Reduced Financial Expenses 

A shared workspace reduces massive operational costs. Shocked right? But it’s true. Surveys have found that in a virtual shared workspace, there is absolutely no need for a physical office setup. On the other hand, for physical shared office space, all you have to do is rent an area as long as you want. In this way, the total maintenance costs get lowered. 

4. Better Work Culture 

Workspace sharing develops a sense of collaboration which leads to better work culture. Employees tend to motivate each other, share thoughts, work summatively, become supportive, and give their best. 

5. Increased productivity

Due to all the reasons above, a shared workspace augments the overall productivity of an organization. It’s pretty obvious, right? When employees have a better work-life balance, good mental health, better work culture, and healthy work relationships, per capita output would automatically rise. Also, the business would expand fastly.

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Shared Workspace Vs Collaborative WorkSpace – Are They Both Same?

Shared Workspace Vs Collaborative WorkSpace

In this regard, there has always been confusion: is shared workspace or collaborative workspace the same thing? From our research, the answer is NO! There is a very thin line of difference between them, and it’s important to understand that. Many individuals use shared office space at various times where the workplace is fixed, but the employees aren’t. On the contrary, a large number of individuals use a collaborative workspace at the same time in order to collaborate.

Is There Any Shared Workspace Near Me?

Shared Workspace Near Me

The existence of shared workplaces in the real world is not very uncommon. However, the concept is still growing, especially after the pandemic. However, we have come across multiple queries like where is the best-shared workspace near me. Here we have jotted down some of the top-notch shared office space systems in different provinces of North America.  

Shared Workspace Santa Monica

Which shared Workspace Santa Monica Is Famous? Here they are:

  • One piece work
  • Beach House Cowork
  • The Satellite Centers
  • The Office
  • WeWork Santa Monica

Shared Workspace Los Angeles

What is the best-shared workspace in Los Angeles? Check them out:

  • WeWork Los Angeles
  • LAX Coworking
  • The Muse Rooms
  • Drop Desk
  • NeueHouse
  • Village Workspaces

Shared Workspace Dallas

Is there any shared workspace Dallas? Definitely, there is. Some best-shared coworking workspace in Dallas are:

  • Worksuites – LBJ Freeway
  • Good Coworking
  • Industrious Dallas – Plano
  • Common Desk – Deep Ellum
  • Novel Coworking
  • Wax Space

If you’re located in the Colorado area, there are some great coworking spaces in Denver too, such as one of the Venture X Franchises. This contemporary, comfortable space is ideal for you and your team, providing the perfect environment for productivity and collaboration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

Q1. How Much Is A Hot Desk At WeWork?

WeWork appears to have a higher average cost than comparable shared office space facilities. A We Work hot desk costs $550 per month on average, whereas a dedicated workstation costs $797

Q2. How Do I Organize Shared Office Space?

To organize shared office space, all you have to do is follow a few steps:

  • Order the organizers, accessories
  • Remove the piles of files
  • Utilize the dead spaces
  • Develop a storage cave
  • Create ambiance, sitting arrangements
  • Make sure the workplace is your home

Q3. What Are Shared Desks? Why Is It Called Hot Desking?

In the Shared desks arrangement, the office gives a single workspace to various team members. So that one person at a time occupies the shared desks. Those team members alternate working various shifts or working remotely. The practice of “hot racking” in the military is thought to have inspired the term “hot desking.” This involved sailors from different shifts who used to share the same bunks.

Q4. How Much Is A Shared Desks Workspace?

On average, a shared desks workspace costs around $650 – $750 per month. This rate may vary based on the desk type. Shared workspaces are ideal for startups

The Verdict:

To summarize, startups and nimble businesses can keep their overhead expenses low with shared office space. This is an excellent idea when it comes to developing a workspace environment, refine work-life balance, and boost productivity. Nevertheless, it is expected that in the coming years, the popularity of shared workspace or shared office space will continue growing.  

I hope the guide was helpful in answering your queries regarding shared workspaces. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comment area below.

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