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Shipping Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Published on: June 11, 2022

Last Updated on: June 13, 2022

Shipping Mistakes

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Shipping mistakes won’t just ruin your shipment. It could lead to a whole host of consequences, including a major loss in profits.

Read this to find out what shipping mistakes you shouldn’t make and how you can avoid them.

Here Are Some Crucial Shipping Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make:

Mistake 1: Picking The Wrong Shipping Container

Making the wrong shipping container choice could be terrible for the products inside. They may not make it to their final destination in good condition. You’ll end up wasting a lot of time and money on this mistake.

For instance, heat-sensitive and perishable products will need to go into a “reefer” container. A reefer container is an insulated and refrigerated container designed to keep these types of products safe throughout the shipment process.

The grade and size of your shipping container will also matter. If you’re going to use your container for shipments instead of storage, you will want a one-trip or cargo-worthy grade.

If your products are dense and heavy, you will want to choose a 20-foot container size over a 40-foot container.

How can you get the right pick? Go to this online portal to buy shipping containers with the appropriate specs for your shipping needs. They will have guides describing what container grades, sizes, and types you can choose from. Go through the handy guides and find the best picks for your business.

Mistake 2: Forgetting Wooden Pallets

You will want to put your products on wooden pallets inside your shipping containers. Why? Without those pallets, your products could shift and move around during the journey and get damaged.

Remember — trips overseas won’t be completely smooth. Your products will move about as the ship travels across the ocean waves. Pallets will add a bit of stability.

Mistake 3: Not Fumigating

When you’re planning on shipping natural materials like wood, you will need to have the contents fumigated and get a Fumigation Certificate. This applies to wooden pallets as well.

Why is this important? Small pests can infest natural materials. These pests can survive the trip in the shipping container. Once they arrive at the shipment’s final destination, those pests could get released into the local environment.

This can lead to a lot of environmental destruction. For instance, many countries are concerned about the spread of the brown marmorated stink bug across the border because it can damage multiple crops.

What happens if you forget to do this? Fumigation is compulsory when you’re shipping raw wood items internationally.

If you skip this crucial step, your cargo might not get sent to the destination. If it does get sent to the destination, it may be liquidated or quarantined.

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Mistake 4: Not Getting Insurance

You will want to get cargo insurance to protect yourself from any of the troubles that can happen during the shipment process. Shipping containers can fall off cargo ships and into the middle of the ocean.

You don’t want to deal with the financial ramifications of that disaster all on your own. You’ll want some insurance coverage to help you with this unfortunate loss.

Insurance is a safety net. Don’t try to run your business without that safety net firmly underneath you. Now you know why you should never make these shipping mistakes. Follow these tips to avoid them altogether!

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