Top Tips for Better Mobile Marketing Results 

Published on: June 16, 2021

Last Updated on: June 17, 2021

Mobile Marketing

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The average American spends 5.4 hours on their mobile phones every day. If you are a marketer who wants to reach people on the platforms that they use most, this makes mobile marketing a must. However, not every mobile marketing effort is going to hit it out of the park. These tips, from choosing the right mobile marketing platform, to creating ads that get action, can help you get the results you want.

1. Make mobile a priority:

1. Make mobile a priority:

Years ago, Google planned for a tipping point where most traffic would be coming from mobile devices. If you did, too, you are already ahead of the game.

ECommerce from smartphones grows every year, and will only continue to do so as the technology improves. Be ready to meet people where they are by putting your message on the platform that they use most.

2. Choose the right mobile marketing platform:

Mobile marketing has come a long way since simple SMS messages were the only option. Today, there are platforms that allow richer content like videos, colorful images, and even two-way interactions with your audience. Look at your mobile marketing platform options to see which provides the features you want at a price that looks right to you.

3. Catch attention quickly:

Text messages that sound like they were written by and for a machine will make people navigate away. Instead, reach out as a human being and start the conversation. This means enticing, natural text. Make it clear what the offer is and why it pays for your audience to open the message and look inside.

4. Use color:

Our eyes are drawn to bright, vibrant colors. Use color, either in the form of created graphics or arresting photos, to draw the eyes and get your audience engaged.

5. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly:

5. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly:

If any of your mobile marketing efforts will be leading to your website, make sure that readers will have an easy time with it once they get there.

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your website looks great on mobile devices is to use responsive design. Responsive design switches a website’s appearance depending on the device being used to access it. It is customized to a wide array of popular browsers and screen sizes. This means your site is easier to read and easier to interact with.

6. Make sure your website is up to speed:

If your site doesn’t load quickly, you will lose your audience before they’ve read a word. Go through your site to ensure that every element loads like it should. Common culprits for slowing down websites are images and videos that are too large and scripts that take too long to load.

By speeding up your site’s loading time, you can be more sure of bringing in visitors and keeping them there. Removing friction between your audience and the content you want them to see is key to increasing conversions and loyalty.

Make sure that your campaigns work well on the devices that your audience is most likely to use. This can mean buying research devices. Or, it can mean putting multiple people in your department to work receiving and analyzing ads. By taking the time to look at your ads as your audience will see them, you can be sure that they are having a flawless experience.

8. A/B test your results:

8. A/B test your results:

You’ll never know what works with your audience until you check for yourself. Make sure that your mobile marketing platform gives you the analytics you need to see which campaigns are most effective. Changing wording, an offer, a color scheme, or another element can show you what sorts of things make your audience respond the way you like.

Only change one element at a time. If you change multiple things, you’re less likely to be able to pinpoint the change that makes a difference.

Mobile marketing takes the same sort of commitment and research as any other marketing effort requires. By taking the time to figure out what works and using the best tools that you have available, you can dramatically improve your results. Keep experimenting, work with a platform that gives you powerful tools, and continue to build your lists to expand your reach.

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