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5 Ways To Make Your Factory Floor Safer According To Experts

Published on: December 11, 2020

Last Updated on: April 19, 2021

Factory Floor

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In the past few years, several international studies, which have been conducted around workplace injuries rank the manufacturing sector third. At first glance, the same might appear to be obvious given the risks involved in operating heavy engineering machines.

However, such businesses, which come with risks ought to have done better in dealing with safety and security issues of workers on the factory floor.

For a business, an injury can not only lead to the suspension of production but also involve complicated lawsuits. This is why many experts are of the opinion that business owners should pay proper attention to safety issues on the factory floor. Attending proper training like the osha 10 online classes is imperative to keep up with the safety standards.

This is important not only for the safety of workers but also to ensure that the business’ interests are protected at all times.

List of 5 Ways to make your Factory Floor Safer according to experts

1. Injuries from Equipment Damage-

Factory workers work on equipment, which might be running for twenty hours straight. Without regular maintenance, there is a chance that they can break down or cause serious harm to the employees working on them.

Factory owners should ensure that regular maintenance work is being carried out at all times on the equipment. This will not only improve the longevity and efficiency of the machine but also prevent it from becoming dangerous for the workers and causing injuries.

2. Protection against Fire Hazards-

If you have ever visited a factory, you might have seen the thousands of hanging wires, fuel, and the friction of the machines at work. Factories, especially the ones, which specialize in heavy manufacturing are prone to fire accidents.

Most factory owners follow a standard fire safety guideline. They close off the sections with the help of roller shutters, which prevent the fire from spreading to other areas. Evacuation is carried out and extinguishers are used. As a business owner, you need to get a roller shutter quote in Sydney to install them in your factory.

3. Prevention against Slip and Fall Accidents-

With so much grease, raw materials, and the movement of heavy machines, factory floors are ripe places for slip and fall accidents. It is important that the management pays attention to cleaning up aisles, putting out warning signs, and spreading effective communication.

Slip and fall accidents can prove to be a costly affair for businesses, as employees can file Personal Injury Lawsuits for lengthy compensation. It is important that inspections are done at regular intervals throughout the day in this regard.

4. Employee Training and Orientation-

As employees are trained to operate and run their machines, so too should they be trained for accident-related drills. What they should do, how they should evacuate, what are some things, which need to be shut off are all important components of training.

Every employee should be made to go through these drills and the same should be done at regular intervals of time. This can go a long way in ensuring the SOPs or ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ are established and known to everyone in the event of an accident.

5. Proper Disposal of Waste-

Care should be taken to ensure that the waste, which is getting churned out as a by-product is getting disposed of in a safe and controlled manner. In some cases, this waste can be inflammable in nature and highly reactive. This is true for industries dealing with chemical components.

There should be a proper structure for the storing, processing, and removal of waste from the factory floor. A business also needs to be environmentally sensitive and should ensure that the same is not getting dumped in water bodies or the earth.

The Final Word

By following all the above-mentioned points of the article, business owners can ensure that-

  • Their employees are safe and sound and can work to their best
  • The business is not at the receiving end of any lawsuit or litigation
  • Production processes do not suffer adversely because of accidents and work hold-ups
  • The business’ licenses are up-to-date and do not get canceled because of the accidents

In other words, ensuring that the factory floor is safe, is something, which has its own advantages for businesses. Rather than seeing the maintenance as some form of liability, business owners should look at it as an investment and insurance.

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