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4 Clever Holiday Promotion Ideas For Pet Businesses

Published on: November 24, 2021

Last Updated on: December 2, 2021

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The holiday season is here! Pet trainers, retailers, photographers, vets, and sitters should take advantage of this festive season to build rapport with their current clients and market their services beyond their current audience. When done right, you may just gain new regulars and continue expanding your pet businesses from there.

4 Creative Holiday Promotion Ideas For Pet Businesses

Holiday Promotion Ideas For Pet Businesses

By carefully planning your pet businesses, promotions, and crafting unique shopping experiences, your pet business will surely thrive during and beyond the holidays. 

To get you started, here are some promotional ideas you should consider adding to your strategies during this time of the year:

1. Holiday-Themed Gifts

The holidays call for pet apparel, treats, and toys that sport festive designs. These include turkey-themed pet costumes for Thanksgiving, pet-themed stockings for Christmas, and pet-friendly monster-themed treats on Halloween. However, as mentioned earlier, other stores will most likely be stocking up on these types of products as well.

Gain an edge on the competition by offering customized pet products, such as custom dog bandanas, tailored holiday costumes, and pet name embroidery. If you have a pet bakery, consider offering personalized pet-friendly cakes and treats that will surely make any pet owner smile. 

If you’re a vet or trainer, consider businesses investing in practical pet promotional items like keychains or clickers to give to your current and prospective clients.

When it comes to holiday-themed gifts, the sky’s the limit, so don’t be afraid to explore your options and offer only the best ones to your customers this season.

2. Sell Pre-Assembled Gift Bags

When there are so many products to choose from, even customers can experience something called shopper’s paralysis. Put simply. This is a state of mind wherein they struggle to settle on which item to buy.

Make it easier for them to decide what to get by assembling and selling holiday gift bags. Indeed, pre-assembled pet businesses gift bags are lifesavers for last-minute shoppers. Busy pet parents and their friends can easily order one and have all the items placed in fun pet- and holiday-themed packaging.

These bags usually contain just a little bit of everything, including pet food samples, toys, and treats. These items can then be placed inside of a pouch and sealed with a pretty ribbon. Fragile items can be stored inside a box filled with packing material. The box can then be decorated with wrapping paper, ribbons, and gift tags.

Make sure to start accepting orders as early as possible so that you can accommodate more shoppers. You’ll also want to produce a few extra units of these gift bags in case you receive any last-minute orders.

3. Prepare Holiday Packages

This season is the perfect time to tap into your network and partner with other local businesses in the area. For example, if you have a pet daycare, you can recruit a pet trainer to come up with your own co-branded holiday package. 

You can then offer your daycare customers an exclusive coupon that will allow them to try your pet trainer partner’s services at a discounted rate. Meanwhile, the pet trainer can also offer their customers exclusive discounts on your pet daycare’s services. This will encourage your pet businesses and trainers’ customers to check out your daycare, and your customers will be more likely to give the pet trainer a try.

In this manner, you’ll be able to offer a more holistic service experience to customers and anticipate their other pet-related needs—even if they haven’t realized what they are yet, much less realize that they had said needs in the first place. 

Hence, make sure to properly market these collaborative deals through email blasts, social media posts, posters, and flyers so that you can get the word out before your promotion ends.

4. Set Up A Photo Booth

Pet owners love taking photos of their pawed pals, especially in themed locations. So, when it comes to attracting pet parents, never underestimate the power of a unique holiday-themed photo display.

This season, consider putting up a specially decorated photo booth in or near your store or office. Furthermore, make sure to place the booth in an area where your target audience can quickly notice it. 

You can even raise the bar by hiring a pet photographer and offering photoshoot deals with discounts on select items in the shop. If you have the connections or equipment for it, you can even print these photos onto custom pet products and sell them for expanding your pet businesses on the spot!


The holiday season is an exciting time for businesses operating in the pet industry. However, given the many profitable opportunities that this time of the year can offer, don’t forget what the holidays are all about. While a boost to your pet businesses and brand awareness and profits is undoubtedly always welcome, remember that you’re also offering these promos as a way of giving back to your loyal clients and their pets. Rest assured, your customers will appreciate it!

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