9 Reasons Why Marketing Is The Most Crucial Business Function


When you own and run a business, every year brings different challenges. Especially now, since technology is advancing, things have gotten more complex. So, it doesn’t matter what you’re selling.

You need to know everything to run your business effectively and reap the rewards. But how? The answer lies in “marketing.”

The power of marketing is unimaginable. When done right, marketing can help businesses analyze the market, enhance their brand image, stand out, increase sales, and beat the competition. Additionally, marketing builds the foundation for a company, which is key to securing customers and being number one in your industry.

Here Are Nine Prime Reasons Why Marketing Is The Most Crucial Business Function

Without proper marketing, many businesses would cease to exist. You could offer the best service/product, but you need someone to acknowledge its value to make a single sale. Thus, making marketing a priority in your business plan is essential.

To further illustrate the significance of marketing, here are some key reasons why marketing is an essential business function:

1. Making Informed Decisions

Making Informed  Business Decisions

Every business must deal with issues like what to create, when, for whom, and at what cost. This complex procedure determines your company’s survival. To make these choices, firms rely primarily on marketing strategies.

Why would you need to rely on marketing strategies? They act as a dependable bridge between your business and society. They inform the general public, nurture people’s minds, and persuade them to buy.

To fully understand the potential of marketing and how it helps a business thrive, pursuing an MBA in marketing will prove worthwhile.

No matter your position in business, this degree program will serve you well and enhance your knowledge of countless aspects, such as advertising, product development, business development, and so on.

2. Reviewing Markets 

Another reason marketing is an essential business function is that businesses can use it to conduct market research and improve their business-related activities. Even small businesses can utilize software to evaluate customer behavior and choose the best future course of action.

You will better know how to defeat your competition if you are aware of what they have to offer your potential clients. For the best possibility of converting them, identify potential customers, what they might desire, and who they are presently purchasing from.

3. More Revenue Options

Since you’re typically short on funds at the initial phase, your choices are limited. As your marketing campaign generates more customers, you will have more options. 

Possessing options is like having a good angel investor. You’ll have the courage to enter new marketplaces if you have options. You’ll be free to start letting go of overly demanding clients.

4. Brain Space

Simply forgetting to keep coming back is one of the most frequent causes of customers skipping out on a business. Because of this, marketing is crucial. You would believe that Pepsi’s brand awareness is sufficient for them to require advertising no longer.

However, they still want consumers who haven’t had a Pepsi in a while to recall the crisp, refreshing flavor of the soft drink. In the eyes of your clients, this is what it means to live rent-free. You should constantly remind people of your existence to dominate their thoughts.

5. Promotes Trust

Customer Trust

Like any relationship, establishing trust with customers requires time and work. You must demonstrate your firm’s validity, integrity, ethics, authenticity, and social responsibility. After all, 46% of customers will spend more money with a brand they are familiar with. You don’t just magically become a “trustworthy” brand.

When creating your adverts and communicating with individuals, you must be deliberate. Consider putting social responsibility procedures in place, such as ensuring your items are obtained ethically.

Or take up a worthy social cause, like donating a certain amount of your income to charity. People will adore you for it and pick you over rivals when making purchases.

6. Gathering Customer Attention 

Engaging your clients is crucial for your business. A tool for sustaining customers is marketing. Pushing your offers is different from engaging clients. Giving your customers pertinent information about your products and company will engage them. It’s crucial to produce original material. Inform your clients about the information they need to be made aware of.

Ensure it’s worthwhile for their time and engaging. One of the best tools for engaging your customers is social media. Some businesses use humorous short movies and other techniques to engage their consumer base.

Marketing creates a sense of community among your clients by engaging them.

7. Social Media Development

Social networking is a new marketing horizon that many businesses have recently started to explore. Due to its low cost, social media is quickly evolving into one of the favored platforms for advertising.

You’ll be well on your way to experiencing a surge if you can figure out how to tweak your social media accounts to best cater to your audience.

Social media is a fantastic tool for advertising. Still, it also makes a direct connection with your target audience. Another crucial component that your company should always take care of is customer service.

8. Staying Relevant

Every marketer knows the necessity of upending a prospective customer’s perception of competing goods. Don’t, however, make the error of ignoring this opportunity. Since the customer has never complained, most companies think they will always be the preferred brand.

So, instead, devise strategies for retaining the client’s attention. Every relationship must be maintained. By keeping your company relevant, marketing enables you to maintain positive client interactions. Only concentrate on attracting new ones after recognizing the need to keep your current consumers.

9. Growing Your Business

Growing Your Business

You can use data analysis to determine the best future steps for your business once you’ve run your marketing strategies and started gathering information on what your clients react to the most favorably.

If you have the resources, you should aim to grow your business depending on the kinds of things that your clients prefer. You will probably have some concept of this. If entrepreneurial, it might be in your best interest to unearth ways to grow since many business owners are constantly doing so.


Marketing is one of the most crucial functions of running a business. You cannot do so despite having a product to offer until people know it is accessible. These suggestions are a wonderful place to start if, like many others, you are a business owner without a formal degree or a team of employees.

However, promoting against your rival doesn’t have to be questionable. Perform research about the expectations of your target market and then look for ways to provide superior services or products.

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